5 Best Sampler For Beginners

A few years ago, the idea of putting together a detailed list of the 5 best samplers for beginners would have been laughable because nobody fancied visiting the market to shop for samplers.

Nowadays, producers and performers have seen the importance of samplers and some of their benefits and have decided that owning a sampler comes in handy when creating music without using a computer.

As the saying goes, you do not buy a Harley Davidson bike when learning how to ride a bike. Hence, these review options are lower-cost models that will deliver excellent professional and beginner gig results.

When the idea of sampling hits your head, the process seems straightforward, but it can get tricky for anyone. If you are giving recording music and producing your music a trial giving samplers a shot, then be prepared to be faced with the decision of not knowing where to start.

There are numerous controllers and samplers for you to choose from on the market, but the tricky part is knowing what brand or the right product to pick. Questions like, how many buttons do I need?, where do I start? Why are there many buttons on this sampler, Is there a need for so many controls? And more questions begin to pop up.

These questions can make it difficult for you to find the proper sampler for you, and since you are new to sampling, you need a guide that point you in the right direction. Pointing you in the right direction is what this review is here to do.

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Best Sampler For Learners – Buying Guide And Recommendations

What Is A Sampler

As you already know from our introduction to the best beginner samplers, samplers are digital instruments that track record samples from another actual device to lay down a track or compose music. You can obtain samples from ambient noise or already recorded tracks.

The ambient sounds here might be the sound from traffic, and obtaining samples from such a situation is done with the intent of making you hear otherwise. After a user records a sampled sound, he can play it through any of the following;

  • MIDI keyboard
  • Specialized program
  • A device or instrument designed to trigger sounds
  • Sequencer

Composing or performing music is what a sampler does, and the beauty of this instrument lies in how accessible and playable the sounds you obtain can get.

For example, you just received a recorded song sample, and accessing this sample doesn’t only take few seconds, but producing an enhanced version and shifting pitch is a possibility.

Creating a piece of electronic music is another aspect of sampling, and some of the features used in modifying sounds on a sampler include;

  • Effects unit
  • Filters
  • Low-frequency oscillations

An essential feature you should know about a sampler is they are polyphonic. So what does being polyphonic mean? Being polyphonic means you can play more than a note simultaneously using the best sampler.

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Top 5 Best Sampler For Beginners Reviews

1. Akai Professional MPC X | Fully Standalone MPC

best sampler for beginners

The Akai Professional MPC X Fully standalone MPC has a high-quality setup and an impressive studio-grade capture. It comes with about 10Gb of already installed sounds with a 10.1-inch high-resolution screen, which is the largest screen you will find on a sampler today.

Its MPC 2 software is a “cutting edge production suite” thanks to its sequencing capability and enhanced editing skills. You can seamlessly integrate this sampler into any digital workstation, and what features we like most about this sampler include digital audio workstations, Ableton access over Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi.

What this means is you do not have to plug this instrument into a computer. Instead, this sampler’s exciting feature connects you to so many sounds, and some of its notable features are eight CV gate outputs, four MIDI outputs, and two MIDI inputs.

It also comes with a USB drive and SD card slot for plugging in more sounds. In addition, 16GB of storage, OLED display, 16 touch capacity Q-links, and a multi-display are several other exciting features.

The Akai product is one of the best samplers on the market as you can tell that it comes loaded with so many exciting features, and you can trust all of its features to make working with it comfortable and easy.


  • Brand – Akai
  • Item Weight – 12.48 Pounds
  • Screen Display Size – 10.01-inch

Key Features

  • MIDI outputs
  • MIDI inputs
  • MVP Loops
  • 16 MPC pads

What We Like

  • Solid construction ensures it survives on the road
  • It has a portable music production system
  • Versatile and powerful
  • It comes with several learning resources

What We Don’t Like

  • Difficult to output files to computer software for editing

2. GoXLR – Mixer, Sampler, & Voice FX for Streamers

For online broadcasters, music producers, and streamers, this instrument we have here is one with excellent versatility. GoXLR equipment users will add effects, bleeps, silent voice, change voice, and mix audio in real-time.

With this sampler, making live recordings is easy, and loading or pre-recorded audio files with a few extra additions is also possible. In addition, control the volume of your background music, microphone, the game you are playing, or even chats.

The importance of its volume control option is for users to find the right balance in their streaming style. Thanks to its numerous inputs and outputs in connecting consoles, headphones, and mic, you will find it interesting to work with this equipment.

With its vocal effects, you can bring that studio experience right to the comfort of your home, and you can solve sound production problems as this sampler will work on your voice to create sounds your audience will find engaging.

This intuitive and sleek package can achieve what dozens of samplers can’t do, making it the best option for music producers, gamers, online broadcasters, and streamers.


  • Brand – GoXLR
  • Item Weight – 4 Pounds
  • Hardware Interface – USB 2.0

Key Features

  • GoXLR app
  • MIDAS preamp
  • Voice FX feature

What We Like

  • This sampler comes with an intuitive setup.
  • Beginners will find it easy to learn.
  • It cuts down on the use of cables and cords.
  • Simplified setup

What We Don’t Like

  • Does more of gaming and streaming than music


3. Roland SP-404SX Linear Wave Sampler with DSP Effects

With the Roland SP-404SX Sampler, you will get three control knobs, twelve trigger pads, and twenty-nine DSP effects, which combine to provide a hands-on and intuitive user experience. The effects found on this sampler include looper, subsonic, delay, filter, seamless transition, and switching.

Thanks to its 16-bit linear sampling, users will obtain impressive sounds, and a comment made by so many past users about the Roland SP-404SX sampler makes users not rely on their computers anymore when it comes to making sounds.

You can obtain significant effects and make beats using this sampler box. Material-wise, this sampler features the use of premium materials in its construction. Its high-quality material construction ensures it lasts long and withstands road use and trips.

Its super portability also makes moving around fun and easy, as it would not take up so much space. At 1.5 pounds, this sampler is exceptionally lightweight, and its design ensures that it runs on four AA batteries for operation.

This sampler comes with other additional features, including a 16GB SD card used in creating access to all of your files.


  • Brand – Roland
  • Item Weight – 1.5 Pounds
  • Battery Type – Alkaline

Key Features

  • Sub-paid for repeat triggering
  • Unique voice effects
  • In-built mic

What We Like

  • It is like a drum machine
  • It makes perfect loop beats.
  • Fun and not hard to figure out
  • Powerful and easy to use
  • User-friendly controls

What We Don’t Like

  • Its jack inputs are not 1/4 inch

4. Teenage Engineering PO-33 KO Sampler And Sequencer

The first thing you will notice about this sampler is its credit card size, telling how portable it is and how easy it will be to transport this sampler. Despite being compact, it houses so many effects that will make sound production and enhance an entertaining and straightforward process.

Its 16 different effects will tweak your sounds in about 40 seconds. Another exciting feature of this sampler is dividing its 16 buttons into two groups; eight buttons are used for drunk samples while the other eight buttons work for melodic and voice samples.

Its 16 buttons also represent the 16-step enhancer. Sampling is easy using this sampler from Teenage engineering. You can record your voice on this sampler using its in-built microphone, and you can also hear it back using its in-built speaker. Everything is simplified using this sampler.

You can plug in a headphone to listen to your voice if you do not intend to use the loudspeaker, and its design explains the handheld concept of a sampler. It weighs less than other bulky and heavy samplers, and just like the previous sampler we just finished talking about, the Teenage Engineering sampler runs on two AAA batteries.


  • Brand – Teenage Engineering
  • Item Weight – 2.89 Ounces
  • Connector Type – 3.5mm

Key Features

  • The chromatic playing of samples
  • Sync with multiple units
  • 40 seconds sampling memory

What We Like

  • Affordable
  • Unmatched and impressive size
  • Powerful analog drum synth
  • Best for remixing and sampling
  • Creates satisfying beats

What We Don’t Like

  • Complicated to use a bit

5. Elektron Digitakt DDS-8 8-Voice

This sampler is the combination of a MIDI sequencer and a sampling drum machine. Featuring a pure digital architecture, this is another impressive analog sampler to hit the market. The Elektron Digikraft brand is famous for making sequencing and triggering designs, and these designs use a plastic two-row button for control.

These buttons provide users with a click feel similar to the feel a vintage keyboard offers. You can divide its 16 channels into eight audio sampling channels and eight audio MIDI channels. You can load samples using audio inputs or internal memory.

You can count on this sampler to deliver a fluid and fast sampling process, and you can achieve this without pausing the sequencer. This sampler lives up to the standard the Elektron Digikraft brand has built for itself.

Despite all of its unique features and functionality, you can obtain this sampler at an affordable price. This sampler is one of the best samplers on the market, not just a box you underestimate.


  • Brand – Electron Digikraft
  • Item Weight – 4.55 Pounds

Key Features

  • OLED display
  • Overbridge enabled
  • Dedicated tracks control external MIDI gear
  • 8-voice drum machine

What We Like

  • Delivers awesome sounds
  • This sampler is a fantastic digital instrument with loads of abilities
  • Portable but powerful
  • Inspires creativity

What We Don’t Like

  • Its interface isn’t so intuitive

Most people believe that musical genres get more complicated with the invention of new technologies. The truth is music would remain stagnant, and there won’t be growth if these technologies don’t come to life.

Sounds would not get enhanced, and most people will continue sounding stale and ordinary using samplers. However, it will help if you got a high-quality sampler that guarantees to get the job done, despite being the first time you are trying out the instrument.

The samplers we have mentioned in this guide are top-notch and easy for any beginner to use. However, we advise that you move on to our beginner buyer’s guide below if you still find it a bit difficult to make up your mind on what sampler you want.

Best Sampler For Beginners Buyer’s Guide

One of the joys of producing music is discovering the benefits that come with sampling. Getting music created by another person and re-birthing, tweaking, mangling, and chopping delivers unbelievable rewards.

It will not be difficult for anyone to get started with the entire sampling process if there is the right equipment for the job. The truth is it isn’t that difficult for anyone to get started with the sampler. The problem lies in finding a suitable sampler.

The best sampler can come in different sizes and shapes, but each sampler you see on the market has its benefit or strength. For example, finding yourself at the base or beginner level would warrant using a sampler capable of accepting a signal from the internet, SD card, synth, or record player.

There are numerous and endless possibilities after discovering a way of sending the audio waveform into the sampler. For example, samplers can provide you with visual control over waveform and allow precise slicing and editing. Other samplers might require reward experimentation and are more tactile.

A simple tool used for processing are effects, and these effects could be the use of filters in sculpting out particular frequencies required for your mix. The effects could also be adding a grit for warming up sounds. Once they are processed, considering what to do with your sample becomes a thought you have to answer.

You could decide to enter sequencing, and with the aid of sequencing, you could create musical patterns using samples you have obtained. Moving on to MIDI, it functions using external control inputs or the unit itself. You can generate many tracks with audio collected from several sources. An essential factor is its connectivity.

If you look at some modern units today, you will discover that they offer MIDI connections and not USB connections. These modern units also come with the option of transferring audio from a smartphone or laptop.

You also need to pay attention to the working possibility between a computer and an external sampling unit. The computer might have a DAW setup, and to have an effective workflow, you need to be able to sketch ideas out of your sampler and later transfer them to any DAW system of your choice to apply some finishing touches. Connectivity has a vital role to play when considering what sampler to pick.

Conclusion – Best Sampler For Starters

The use of samplers has made music production more sophisticated and efficient. It doesn’t matter whether you use a hardware or software sampler version, but you will find integrating sounds into music easy.

You will not only incorporate sounds using a sampler, but you will also create unique sounds and play with audio sounds using simple modifications and experimentation processes. Samplers make music genres, and specific genres like rock, hip-hop, funk, Lo-Fi beats, and electronic benefit more from samplers.

When shopping for a sampler, finding one with the right capabilities is what you need to do. You should find it easy to use in the studio or during a live performance, so you should go for a sampler that you will not find challenging to use.

Try out as many samplers as you can before making up your mind on any, and since we consider the use of sampling for beginners as a learning curve, we are sure that you will enjoy the ride using any of our top-rated products.

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