5 Best Budget Chorus Pedal

Adding the best budget chorus pedal to your list of effects is one of the best ways you can add a bit of thickness and warmth to your guitar tones, and by adding a chorus pedal effect to your guitar tones, you also add a bit of life to any tone you are playing.

Combining a good chorus pedal with delay guarantees to produce spacey sounds, and when distortion is added, you will obtain thicker tones. So whatever you need to have of a chorus pedal, ensure that you are getting a good budget chorus pedal, and luckily for our readers, this is the point where we come in.

It doesn’t matter if you are a professional or a beginner; you are guaranteed to find a chorus pedal that will fit into your budget. However, some people might be new to using an acoustic or electric chorus pedal, so you need to steer yourself in the right direction.

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Buying Guide And Recommendation

best budget chorus pedal

It would help if you had this review to steer you in the right direction because we have compared the best products on the market, and even though these comparisons are a bit lengthy, they are worth the process.

Many chorus pedals are on the market, but each chorus pedal has a unique feature that makes it awesome. The availability of so many chorus pedals on the market might make finding the best one a bit demanding, but it will be great for you to know that it might be the minor features that will push a chorus pedal to the top.

Taking a step further, we have listed some considerations you should look at before making up your mind on any chorus pedal.

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What Are Chorus Pedals For Guitarists?

Chorus pedals are good at converting simple guitar tone sounds to a guitar chorus sound. Chorus pedals double notes partially out of tempo and tune, and they double original notes. Analog and digital pedals are the two types of pedals on the market, and each type of pedal has its benefits.

Chorus pedals have two types of controls, rate and depth controls. Depth control handles the number of effects received and the number of different voices produced. The rate control does slow down or speeds up wavering sounds, but other chorus pedals allow users to change the mix. These chorus pedals can also help with tonal balance, meaning they can generate a variety of sounds.

Purpose Of Chorus Pedals

The question here is, “what are chorus pedals used for?”. Dividing signals into two and de-tuning and delaying them is what chorus pedals do. Chorus pedals add modulation to sounds or can be applied in radical ways to create drastic effects.

Chorus pedals feature two knobs, the rate knob and the depth knob. Controlling intensity of modulation is what the depth knob does, while the rate knob handles the amount of milliseconds delay generated at any given time.

Chorus pedals have a mono operation, meaning they have an in and out signal, but modern chorus pedals are equipped with EQ knobs to control treble and bass. In addition, modern chorus pedal units feature an effect level control design that regulates chorus volume that mixes with straight guitar sounds.

It will be great for you to know that chorus pedals can run a mono operation if their first output jack is in use, while in its mono or stereo operation, low rate and depth knob settings add fullness to sounds. Likewise, cranking up a chorus pedal depth and rate knob control boosts shine and warble effects.

5 Best Budget Chorus Pedal Reviews

1. TC Electronic Corona Chorus Pedal

best budget chorus pedal

Injecting lovely shimmer and warble into tones you play is what the TC Electronic Corona Chorus pedal is capable of, and it comes with a toggle switch used in controlling its chorus settings. Users can select either the SCF pedal or Trichorus effect using its toggle switch, and having a broad dynamic range made the TC Electronic Chorus pedal famous.

If you are searching for expansive and precise tones, trust this chorus pedal to deliver it while playing, and it will deliver your choice of tones using its TriChorus option. This chorus pedal comes with impressive TonePrint settings, which offer a wide range of effects, making it a bit difficult to know what option you want to settle for.

The FX level, tone, depth, and rate are the four control settings this chorus pedal comes with, meaning you can tweak sounds while playing the guitar. In addition to all of these exciting features, you will be impressed with this chorus pedal’s build.

It is compact, robust, and has a metallic housing, which lasts long and ensures it uses up less space on the pedalboard. Customers who have tried out this chorus pedal before were impressed with the chorus pedal sounds it generates, and versatility is another feature that will intrigue you about the TC Electronic Corona chorus pedal. There are a lot of tonal potentials when using this chorus pedal for distortion.


  • Brand – TC Electronic Corona
  • Item Weight – 1.28 Pounds
  • Signal Format – Analog

Key Features

  • Bypass mode
  • Analog signal circuitry
  • 9V power source options

What We Like

  • Its TonePrint app helps in loading curated chorus profiles.
  • Works great with guitar and synths
  • Creates beautiful sounds

What We Don’t Like

  • Some of its box items are missing.
  • Weak volume

2. MXR M234 Analog Chorus Pedal

The MXR M234 Analog chorus pedal’s design spells versatility, and you can count on this chorus pedal to provide fluid and luscious effects capable of adding extra texture to your live performance. Featuring BBD circuitry, the guitarist will be amazed at the flawless tone this chorus pedal produces without losing its frequency.

You will obtain immaculate sounds from the MXR M234 analog chorus pedal compared to other chorus pedals on the market. Its bass filter and equalizer help tailor tones to user’s preferences, while its EQ feature creates effect-free sounds. Achieving the ideal texture you want for your tones is simple, using this chorus pedal for bass.

You can achieve your preferred tonal texture thanks to its level, depth, and rate control settings. In addition, high and low-frequency knobs serve for extensive tone sculpting, and you can operate this chorus pedal in areas with low lighting using its LED indicator light.

Durability is another notable feature of this chorus pedal, and users will find its blue metallic chassis casing attractive. In addition, its compactness makes it easy to transport, and guitarists will appreciate that this chorus pedal will not use up excess space on a pedalboard.

It has few outputs to expand stereo use, making it versatile when playing a lovely tone.


  • Brand – MXR
  • Item Weight – 1.2 Pounds
  • Signal Format – Analog

Key Features

  • All analog bucket-brigade circuitry
  • Ultimate tonal control
  • ECB003 adapter or 9-Volt power source

What We Like

  • Works impressively before distortion or gain
  • Improve sound quality dramatically.
  • Its sounds are organic.
  • Well built chorus pedal

What We Don’t Like

  • It took longer to deliver
  • Too subtle

3. Truetone V3H2O Liquid Chorus and Echo

Up next on our detailed review is the Truestone V3H20 liquid chorus and echo pedal, and what you are looking at is two pedals placed in a single enclosure. Its design ensures it takes up less space, and it is a guitarist’s best chorus delay pedal choice.

Fluid and soothing tones with low currents are what this pedal’s chorus and vibrato effects produce. In addition, users will enjoy warm and deep tones that simulate the mind and emotion to move into another world of creativity.

Unlike other chorus pedals on the market, the Truestone V3H20 chorus pedal comes with a patch cable that allows the use of separate output and input, or it will reverse orders to give you an insight into how versatile this chorus is pedal can get.

There will be no damage complaints as this pedal comes specially packaged, and its manufacturer has slammed a lifetime warranty on this product. Whatever you require a chorus pedal to do for you, the Truestone V3H20 chorus pedal will deliver an impressive performance, forcing guitarists to become more innovative with sound production.


  • Brand – Truestone
  • Item Weight – 1.46 Pounds
  • Signal Format – Analog

Key Features

  • Silent True Bypass option
  • Well designed forever footswitch
  • Pure Tone Buffer

What We Like

  • This is versatile and fun to use pedal.
  • It has a muscular build.
  • Produces lots of sounds from its compact body
  • It has an impressive effect adjustment.

What We Don’t Like

  • The Chorus side didn’t work, according to a customer review.
  • Not as warm and lush as expected

4. MXR M68 Uni-Vibe Chorus Vibrato Effect Pedal

Yet another pedal from the MXR brand to find its way to this review, and this pedal right here is the MXR M68 chorus vibrato effect pedal. Again, this pedal is compact and user-friendly, while its effective control will precisely offer the tone you desire.

For so many years, guitarists have explored the tonal and textural capability of this pedal. Even though this pedal has a more petite body, it serves as a housing for the best, high-quality, and exceptional melodies. You can create your imaginative effect using its primary triple knob interface, and you can program its sweep rate using its speed control.

Furthermore, Its level control controls the effect volume and using its depth control; users can control overall intensity. If you want a lightweight and small-sized chorus pedal, you have found what you have been looking for, and updates made by the MXR brand on this pedal will be beneficial for the guitarist performing at live gigs and concerts. Its lightweight and compact design make transport this chorus pedal reasonably easy.


  • Brand – MXR
  • Item Weight – 1 Pound

Key Features

  • True bypass switching
  • Three knob interface
  • Pedalboard friendly design

What We Like

  • Excellent chorus pedal with impressive controls
  • The best effect for soloing and full chords

What We Don’t Like

  • It has no pedal output.
  • It sounds a bit noisy and harsh.

5. BOSS Stereo Super Chorus Guitar Pedal (CH-1)

We are wrapping up this review with a chorus pedal from one of the world’s renowned pedal effect makers. The BOSS company has been making musical instruments and accessories for years, which gives you an idea of the quality of the product you are dealing with.

The BOSS CH-1 chorus effect pedal features a wide range of frequencies with high and low filters, and you can generate any chorus tone of your choice with ease. Producing clean chorus sounds is what this chorus effect pedal is capable of, while its unique stereo effect allows switching between left and right speakers.

The chorus tone can be adjusted with ease using its EQ function, while its mono and stereo inputs encourage dual amp connections. The BOSS pedals are famous for their sturdy, durable construction, and it also boasts of having a rubberized stomp area and base to eliminate the possibility of slipping.

You will be confident that this effect pedal will not get damaged whether you kick, throw, or drop because its design ensures it withstands knocks and bumps. You can depend on this chorus pedal, knowing it is built to last, and all of its features make it the best choice for keyboardists and guitarists alike.


  • Brand – Boss
  • Item Weight – 1.15 Pounds

Key Features

  • Unique stereo effect
  • Crystal clear highs
  • Stereo outputs
  • Mono inputs

What We Like

  • It makes users sound better than they are
  • Designed to soften sounds
  • Sounds clear
  • Versatile chorus pedal

What We Don’t Like

  • It’s on and off switch is dead.
  • Some users were not impressed with its sound quality.

Budget Chorus Pedal Buyer’s Guide

Factors To Consider When Shopping For A Chorus Pedal

There are some factors that we looked at from various angles to come up with the best products in this guide. These factors are listed below;

  • Price

Since you are shopping for a chorus pedal, you will not be spending a lot of money purchasing one. You should consider your shopping budget, but remember that you do not have to pay heavily to get a high-quality chorus pedal. Spending money on an affordable chorus pedal doesn’t mean it is of low quality, but ensure that you do not spend more than your budget when shopping for a good chorus pedal.

  • Versatility

Versatility is another factor that you should carefully consider when shopping for a good chorus pedal. When we talk about versatility, we refer to a chorus pedal that will fit into different musical genres. It doesn’t matter if it is rock, jazz, 80’s music, metal, country, bass, and more. It would help if you opted for a chorus pedal that will offer more than what you want from it.

  • Durability

A chorus pedal will require you to step on it when using it. Therefore, you will need a chorus pedal with a solid build to withstand challenging and heavy use. Going for a durable chorus pedal will also eliminate the possibility of going back to the market soon to shop for another chorus pedal.

  • Reviews

You should check around for reviews to get familiar with the chorus pedals that other famous guitarists have used. This way, you will have a good option in mind when shopping for a chorus pedal because you have been left impressed with the positive remarks and comments past users have made about a particular chorus pedal.

  • Size

When considering size, a compact and small chorus pedal is what you should have your eyes on. I don’t think it is a good idea for a chorus pedal to take up too much space on a pedalboard. However, attention to size is essential because a small chorus pedal will also be easy to travel with if you have to travel for gigs.

  • Ease Of Use

A chorus pedal’s design should not be difficult to comprehend. Users should work with a chorus pedal, especially when it comes to changing batteries and dialing tones. A chorus pedal’s ease of use also applies to its maintenance.

  • Sound

Lastly, whatever chorus pedal you want to settle for should have the best features to create an exceptional sound effect. If a chorus pedal cannot meet your expectation, the purpose of going for a chorus has been defeated. You should also consider the type of chorus pedal you want, whether it is a digital or analog chorus pedal.

Wrapping It Up

By now, you should be able to tell that there are many best budget chorus pedals on the market, but you should not let the thought overwhelm you. Instead, we propose reading this review a few times before listing down the best three that meet your expectation.

The best three you pick might not have the exact features or have the same price tag, but we recommend watching videos of the best three-pedal you have selected to see if any tickles your fancy.

There isn’t any incorrect or correct chorus pedal here because every guitarist’s musical taste differs, so you should settle for any pedal that sounds good to you. Also, guitarists have divided opinions about chorus pedals, so what works for you might not work for another person.

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