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Tweeters remain a very important part of any audio system, and it is even more vital if you are in search of a home audio system that will produce high frequency audio. Searching for the best horn tweeter remains a very difficult task to complete if you do not have the right piece of information, but that is exactly what this post is here to show you. So many audiophiles don’t know if shopping for horn or dome tweeter is the right choice, and this is one of the topics this post will be addressing today.

Understanding which one to settle for between the horn and dome tweeter means comparing them to know which one you should settle for. First things first, you need to know how tweeters are designed and also understanding how they work. The purpose or designing tweeters is for the production of high frequency audio in every sound system, and this means tweeters are responsible for sounds coming from guitar strings, vocals, or any other high pitched instrument. Tweeters are very crucial since no one is interesting in listening to muddy sounds.

Most people will tell you how horn tweeters are responsible for stirring up emotions in them, and it doesn’t matter if you are watching a movie or listening to music. With the help of a tweeter, you can easily relate with whatever music you are listening to or any movie you are watching. Stereo separation and sound staging is another importance of tweeters, and these are responsible for enjoy the best audio sound performance. Improving overall sound stage and enhancing your audio sound experience is what tweeters are designed to offer you.

Providing a balance between design and performance is what tweeters are also designed to offer, and you can see from the few things we have said how tweeters are an important part of any audio sound system or setup.

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How Tweeters Are Designed

Tweeters are designed to have a similar look to regular speakers, but the difference lies in the small size of a tweeter. Tweeters are designed to be made up of a diaphragm, multiple coil, and multiple magnets, but the type of tweeter you buy will determine how the tweeter is designed. Tweeters functions through a side by side movement that helps in producing sound waves when electricity generated from wires comes in contact with voice coils. Sound issues with the tweeter develops when you start cranking its volume too high.

Importance Of  A Tweeter Design

Tweeters can perfectly produce high frequencies in guitars, vocals, and horns, and this ensures that the music you listen to or the movies you watch are brought back to life. This tells you that the key to a proper sound stage and stereo separation is having a tweeter with the right design. There are several factors a manufacturer strives to balance when designing a tweeter, and we are looking at factors like sound quality, cost, and sound dispersion. This is because a tweeter’s cone must move quickly, but also stay stiff at the same time to maintain its shape.

Best Horn Tweeter – The Importance Of A Tweeter Design

Best Horn Tweeter

Another reason why a tweeter cone needs to remain stiff is to avoid sound distortion at high volumes, while tweeter damping is responsible for precise sound reproduction. There are several shapes and materials manufacturers adopt when trying to achieve the precise sound production, but better decisions can be made when you understand the characteristics of these shapes and materials. Trust me when i say understanding the characteristics of these shape and materials will help you make a very good choice.

How To Shop For The Best Horn Tweeter

When it comes to shopping for the best horn tweeter, there are couple of things you need to look out for that will help you make a very good choice. You do not have to pay attention to every factor listed on every blog, but our experts have narrowed it down to four of the most crucial factors you need to pay close attention to. Let us take a look at these four factors below;


This is one of the most important factors you need to pay close attention to because spending wisely requires you to shop wisely. That being said, you should know that expensive doesn’t mean original and cheap doesn’t mean fake. This is why you need to pay attention to cost when shopping for items generally, but spending more is required in some cases if you want to get something good. This is why you need to keep your eyes on the following;

  • staying updated with websites so you can be aware of special offers and deals
  • following sales and prices


Necessity simply means asking yourself if you really need the item you are shopping for. How useful will the product be to you? Most people end up buying items they don’t need, but you need to stop buying what you don’t need if you have intentions of saving money. Investigating an items value is very crucial, and you have to learn to shop smarter and spend wiser.


In order to find a great product, reading reviews is one of the right steps to take. However, reviews end up being meaningful if you can trust them, and verified reviews shares an idea as to how companies treat their customers. Reputable reviews gives you an insight on what product you should avoid, and you end up saving a lot of time and money on a bad product. This means reading reviews tells you a good part of the company and the product you intend settling for.


Brands also matter when you want to make a choice on any product, and having a good idea on brands saves time when making decisions on an item or product you need. It also makes a very huge difference, offers safety, and provides peace of mind when shopping for an item.

These are the top four factors you need to pay close attention to if you want to end up with a trusted and reliable horn tweeter, and you will be able to tell if the horn tweeter you want to settle for is worth your time and money.

Comparison Between Horn Tweeter And Dome Tweeter

Horn Tweeters

Generally speaking, horn speakers are designed to be similar like loudspeakers, but having a smaller size is where the difference lies. They have been in existence long before dome tweeters, and people consider horn tweeters to be more efficient than dome tweeters. People will always pick horn tweeters over dome tweeters because of the high sound output they offer compared to dome tweeter, while a horn tweeter’s design makes sure the cone stays in a large area while maintaining its small size.

Sound dispersion is more common with horn tweeters because of their design, and horn tweeters make way for improved sound output directivity. This is why they will easily direct high frequencies to a specific listening position.


  • They are ideal for outdoor use
  • They can endure heavy duty usage
  • They offer high volume with little or no distortion
  • They are very efficient
  • They offer dispersion control for better directional highs


  • They suffer fatigue easily
  • They have high coloration
  • They tend to have a higher price tag compared to dome tweeters

Dome Tweeters

The tweeters you will find in car and home audio stereo is the dome tweeter, and these dome tweeters are designed using aluminum, silk, plastic, and titanium materials. You can tell from their name that they have a dome shape, but dome tweeters can be classified under metal and soft dome tweeters. Soft dome tweeters are designed with a voice coil that moves inside of an electromagnetic field, and made using materials like fabric or silk is another reason behind their name.

Soft dome materials are more dampened compared to metal dome materials, making it possible for them to produce greater highs. The soft materials of the soft dome tweeter is also responsible for a wider sound dispersion and enhanced sound accuracy. From the name, you can tell that metal dome tweeters are designed using metallic materials, and we are talking about materials like aluminum and titanium. They produce more detailed highs compared to soft dome tweeters, but they sound harsh sometimes because of how stiff these materials are.


  • They produce impressive quality highs
  • They have a wider sound dispersion
  • They are not vulnerable to distortion
  • They are more affordable


  • There is a ringing effect because of their stiffness
  • They require more to function

Looking at both tweeter types, you can tell that the are both effective in different applications. You should consider going for the dome tweeter if you want something affordable, offers wider dispersion, and has a well balanced high. Horn tweeters are the best option if you want a tweeter capable of provides directional highs. We hope that this comparison of both tweeters will help you find out the best tweeter that will work for you.

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