Alpine iLX-W650 Review

So many car owners will find it difficult to make use of their car stereos, and this is because some car stereos might not be as easy as you think when it comes to setting them up. It can be very frustrating for every car owner to put up with the stress that comes with setting up their car stereo when they desperately want to listen to music. This is why you have this alpine ilx-w650 review as it will tell you what you should do and what you should pay attention to.

The frustration that comes with setting up a car stereo is the reason why so many car owners today will not want to put up with the standard car stereo that comes with their car model, and you might be considering taking another step further if you are a music lover like some of us. Taking things further in this context means shopping for another sound system in the market, and installing the alpine iLx-W650 shows you how important audio sounds are in cars.

For anyone searching for an easy to use car stereo but one that comes with an intuitive user interface should consider going for the alpine iLX-W650 car stereo, and being easy to use means this car stereo has no confusing buttons or ugly interface. It is the best stereo if you want something capable of producing amazing stereo sounds, and this is a massive upgrade for anyone with a car stereo that produces sounds like something coming from a tin can.

All the features required to make every ride better is what this car stereo is designed to do, and it has a goo compatibility with several apps and software. It is compatible with Google assistant and Siri, and this means you can access this stereo without having to push any buttons or take your eyes away from the road for one minute. It is compatible with Waze Voice Commands and Google Apps to make navigation very easy.

Furthermore, you will find this car stereo very simple and easy to install if you are a lover of good sound quality when going for a ride in your car. So many car owners today are of the opinion that this car stereo is the more reliable double DIN head unit that delivers the best in sound quality. Considering all we have said so far about the alpine ilx-w650, you might be wondering who this superb device is designed for.

Anyone that is looking to not spend heavily but still wants good sound quality from their car should consider going for the alpine ilx-w650, and this is because it has a very affordable price tag. However, this car stereo also comes with its shortcomings despite all the good things you must have noted down about it. This is because it is almost impossible for you to find a device or product that is designed to not have a flaw.

Providing cool and amazing music sounds is the importance and significance behind installing the alpine ilx-w650 in your car, and also remember this device comes with a double DIN slot.

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Alpine iLX-W650 Review

Alpine iLX-W650 Review

The interesting aspect of the Alpine iLX-W650 is it is best suited for hands-free since it allows connecting to both apple and Android devices, and this is a feature that is necessary for safety when driving. There are so many people that end up texting and driving at the same time which has led to so many accidents on today’s roads, and this means using this device with the help of siri helps you read and reply messages without touching your device.

Its music and radio sound production is extremely clean, and this makes it a very good choice for anybody that wants to listen to audiobooks and podcasts while driving. Trust the Alpine iLX-W650 to make every ride fast and enjoyable, and you can also listen to an educational content when driving. It comes with a seven inches wide screen, and this is one screen that you will find very easy to operate and navigate. This screen is very responsive to touch.

Some people have already compared its touchscreen to that of a tablet, and you can have a clear view of everything that is going on. What so many people find fascinating about this device is its double video inputs, but this video inputs doesn’t come with a camera. This means you have to shop for the cameras separately, and installing them in your car means having a dash camera and a rear view camera for driving purposes.

Shortcomings Of The Alpine iLX-W650

One fact we have never forgotten to mention in any of the products we have talked about is the possibility of the product having a flaw. Every product ought to have a flaw unless it is designed to be perfect. The fact is no product is designed to be perfect, so having a shortcoming is very possible. Therefore, expect the Alpine iLX-W650 to have some flaws of its own. Not being able to have its head unit customized is one of the flaws of this device.

This means it will be impossible to custom change its backlight and background colors, and its screen lacks transitions and animations. This means that what you see is what you get, and it has just one USB slot on it. This means you are permitted to plug in your USB stick or your phone, and there is no other way to go around it. It also lacks a CD player, so you should consider transferring your CD contents into a pen drive.

The head unit ends up being lighter when the CD player features is no longer available, and it becomes shallower which makes it possible to hide the wires right behind it. Its digital receiver has a slow startup action as it takes about fifteen to twenty seconds to start up, and its settings are quite difficult to alter when you are driving. One last thing you should be wary of is connecting its parking brake wire. Get a pro to do it if you can’t do it yourself.

Here are some of the pros and cons of the Alpine iLX-W650


  • It is perfect for families that make use of different phone types
  • It offers an outstanding sound quality
  • Its screen has no lag
  • It comes with a responsive screen


  • It takes so much time to boot or start up
  • It is impossible to customize its background or backlight colors

Final Thoughts – Alpine iLX-W650 Review

In everything we have said, the Alpine iLX-W650 is still the best digital receiver you can go for and have installed in your car. The good thing about this device is it functions like advertised, and this is the best family-friendly unit that you can have installed in your car. It provides users with the best audio experience and being simple to use is another of its amazing feature.

It comes with an app that is very easy to use, and you can navigate easily using the satellite view of google maps or waze.

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