Wireless Vs Wired Surround Sound Speakers

Which option do you think is better between the wireless vs wired surround sound speakers? The answers depend on so many things, and this is the truth even if you might find the response a bit annoying. The good thing is you will not have to search for the answers alone as this guide will provide you with detailed information so you can be able to find the best option for you.

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Wired Surround Sound Speakers

Taking a look at wired speakers, they have been around for quite some decades, and they are gadgets that you, your parents, and your grandparents will have in your homes. Providing a great audio experience is what these speakers have helped us achieve for so many years, but now might be the right time to replace them as they are getting more outdated by the year.

Wireless Vs Wired Surround Sound Speakers

Wireless Vs Wired Surround Sound Speakers

There are several reasons why anybody would want a wired surround sound speaker, and higher sound quality and stable connection tops the list of these reasons. Many households have a Wi-Fi connection in their home, and it is quite rare to witness a Wi-Fi connection experience an unstable connection. Wired speakers provide stable connections because of their connection to the receiver using a speaker wire.

The only time your music will stop playing is when there is a power outage or when there is a problem with the receiver. Wired speakers are high up the ladder when it comes to having a stable connection.

On the other hand, the model and quality of a wired speaker will determine its sound quality. Experts also think that wired speakers are known to provide a better sound quality than wireless surround sound speakers, which is because of the flow of data without compression.

Wireless speakers compress data, which tends to affect the quality of sound you get when using wireless speakers. In addition, pricing is another factor that makes people wired instead of wireless surround speakers.

The wired speakers are known to be very affordable than wireless speakers, and the reason why experts think they are cheaper is that they have older versions compared to wireless surround sound speakers. There are several other reasons why you should not go for a wired surround sound speaker, and these reasons are;

Desire To Keep Things Clean

If you are the type that doesn’t like cables or wires littering around the house, you will not be okay having a wired surround sound speaker in your home. However, cords should not be the only reason you will turn down using a wired surround sound speaker because cord concealers do a good job at hiding cables.

Furthermore, cable concealers cut down the chances of cable damage and increase the durability of your speaker cords. In addition, cable concealers are also good at protecting cables from pets.

Desire To Have More Placing Options

Wired speakers do not offer so many options when placing or positioning them in your house. First, you have to consider the wire length because it will have to be close to a power outlet or power source. If you end up hiding your speaker cords, then it might cut down on the possibility of placing the speakers close to a power outlet.

Wireless Surround Sound Speakers

Wireless surround sound speakers can send out signals using a transmitter, and the fact that they utilize advanced technology makes it easier to deal with them than the wired surround sound system. Before making up your mind between a wireless and wired surround sound speaker, here are reasons why you might want a wireless surround sound speaker.

Why You Should Opt For A Wireless Surround Sound Speaker

Few Cables

Wireless speakers might not be totally free from cables, and this is because they still come with certain wires that are required for them to function. The few cables a wireless speaker needs are for connecting to your television or a receiver, and this also helps in using extra cords.

Several Placement Options

With a wireless surround sound speaker, you can place them anywhere you want them to, and this isn’t the case with the wired surround sound speakers. However, you still need to understand that you do not have to place a wireless surround sound speaker far away from the power source, or you might end up facing some connection issues. However, some users claim not to have an issue with the distance limit.

It Cuts Down On External Damage

The fact is nobody is happy tripping over a cord lying around the house, and this tends to happen when you have so many speakers lying around the house. Have you ever walked in on your dog chewing your speaker wires, but you would never have these issues when dealing with a wireless surround sound speaker?

Why A Wireless Surround Sound Speaker Is Not The Best Choice

Wireless surround sound speakers are a perfect option, but they might not be the best choice. It is based on the fact that a wireless data transfer isn’t predictable, which will affect the overall sound quality of what you are watching or listening to. In addition, you will end up not having any sound if there is a break in connection, which might prompt you to reset the entire connection.

On the other hand, wireless surround sound speakers are a more expensive option than wired surround sound speakers. However, you might need to spend some extra cash if you decide to pick the wireless surround sound speaker, over the wired surround sound speaker.

Wireless Vs Wireless Surround Sound Speaker Bottom Line

Just like we stated at the beginning of this guide, going for a wired or wireless surround sound speaker is solely your choice, and we hope that you have found every piece of information discussed in this guide helpful.

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