What To Drink Before Singing High Notes

If you are a singer, you should know that there are drinks that will be useful to you, and what if i told you that there are drinks you could take which would aid you in singing high notes.

One mistake beginners make is not focusing on the right things to eat and drink, but what they focus on doing is practicing how to hit the high notes over and over again.

There are lots of things to take into consideration if you want to be a successful singer, and when it comes to singing high notes, do you know what to drink before singing high notes?

Interestingly, you should take a lot of water before singing, as it will come in handy in hydrating and lubricating your vocals cords. Lubricating and hydrating your vocal cords makes it easy for any singer to hit high notes when singing.

In addition to taking a lot of water, there are few drinks that you can consume to help you reach high notes. These drinks and teas have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that ensures your vocal cords stay protected from damage when singing.

Some of these drinks include lemon tea, honey tea, and ginger tea. Even though most people do not like to believe, singing is actually a way of life. There are people that have gotten successful from singing, but those who focus on just practicing to sing will eventually fail at their singing career.

As a singer, you are required to practice, work out, and eat a clean diet, because they help in providing an edge over competition.

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What To Drink Before Singing High Notes

what to drink before singing high notes

As a singer striving to be successful, drinking shouldn’t be just for fun, but you should take the possibility of hitting high notes when you decide to sing.

These drinks takes away stress from your vocal cords, ensuring that you do what you know how to do best. As a singer, hitting high notes consistently should be your thing, and not something you achieve once in a while.

Practicing with the proper technique and singing exercises will also be helpful in hitting high notes, but it will be great if you know that every singer doesn’t have the same build. In addition to drinks, consuming the right diet also helps with hitting high notes, and this means that drinks and foods go hand in hand.

No matter the magical drink you consume, if you do not eat healthy, you will not be able to reach your singing goals.

Avoiding sugar and caffeine drinks will also help you in reaching high notes, and this is because it has been proven that caffeine and sugar doesn’t help the voice in any way.

Instead, they stand in your way as a singer, and the temperature of the drink you are consuming will also affect your ability to reach high notes.

Drinks that are extremely chilled or with ice should be avoided at all cost, because after consuming a very cold drink, your vocal cords tend to contract, therefore altering your voice for about few hours. If your vocal cords remain contracted, you might not be able to reach high notes when singing.

Ginger Tea Drink

For singing aspiring to sing at high notes, the ginger tea will offer great help, and when you combine ginger with lemon and honey, you are increasing its effectiveness one hundred percent.

For several years, many singers have turned to ginger tea as remedy for their vocal problems, and they have proved to be very effective.

The reason ginger tea is very effective is due to its anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties, but it will be helpful for you to know that ginger tea doesn’t guarantee singing at high notes for hours.

Even though there are people that might want to try that out, they might end up causing their vocal cords more damage.

There are times when ginger teas do not act effectively. This is because most singers turn to ginger tea when they notice they might have hurt their vocal cords.

Even though consuming ginger tea during such periods helps in reducing inflammation and boosting recovery, it isn’t how you use the ginger tea to sing high notes.

Consuming ginger tea consistently is the key to unlocking the possibility of singing high notes constantly. To enjoy total healing and enjoy all of its properties, ginger tea should be consumed once daily.

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Honey Tea Drink

There are so many honey teas on this list, and this is based on the fact that honey teas have injury preventive properties, and also healing properties.

Injuries might arise because of singing high notes for longer periods, and you can count on the honey tea to handle the situation because of its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties.

For beginners that struggle to attain high notes, they might injure their vocal cords, but taking honey tea before trying to sing high notes will help in preventing these nasty injuries. Straining the voice might also cause infections, and honey tea takes away all of these vocal issues.

If you are not good at consuming honey, then taking a teaspoon of honey will do just fine. Eat or drink honey to repel inflammation of your vocal cords if you try hitting high notes.

Honey doesn’t just prevent inflammation, but it helps in speeding up recovery which is another reason why many musicians and singers trust it.

Warm Water Drink

If there is no honey or lemon tea available, you can make do with warm water. Trust me when i say warm water also helps singers in reaching high notes, but the trick here is consuming lukewarm water, and not water that is hot.

Hydrating the body is one of the benefits that comes with consuming warm water, and if there are any mucus on your vocal cords, the warm water will get rid of them. Lastly, it is very important that you consume the warm water slowly, but take few sips.

The aim isn’t to focus on the quantity of water you are consuming, and also refrain from adding sugar. Professional singers and musicians do not take in a lot of sugar because they know sugar doesn’t help but destroys their voice.

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