What Is Vocal Cry

What Is Vocal Cry – How Useful Can Vocal Cry Be In Terms Of Singing

What we want to talk about today is a singing exercise that is going to help you get better at singing and sound great. This might sound weird or strange but vocal cry is one of the best techniques any singer can make use of, but newbies will find this technique very difficult to understand since they are hearing it for the first time.

One of the benefits of this singing exercise is it ensures great chord alignment, making it possible for you to sing at full power. Vocal cry has proved to be very effective over the years, and this is one technique that so many singers have been making use of since it was first discovered.

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What Is Vocal Cry

What Is Vocal Cry

What is vocal cry? Vocal cry basically means being an old crybaby when you hit the stage to sing so you can maximize all of your singing ability and potentials, and you will definitely know how loud a cry can be if you have a little baby, or if you have looked after your younger siblings at some point in your life.

Trust me when i say babies can get very loud when they cry, but do you know you can adopt this same technique when you want to sing? One of the reasons why babies cry comfortable and conveniently is because they have found themselves in a state of perpetual mix, and this means they do not know how to cry the wrong way.

Babies can not cry the wrong way since they haven’t stayed on earth for long to develop some bad habits, and they have the perfect vocal technique for crying. Crying is a natural thing for babies, meaning it is completely difficult for them to fake it. This might sound strange to you, but it is simply the truth.

The point we are trying to make with all of these is for singers to cry their way during and out of every presentation, and you should know that singing involves the brain recreating something you must practiced for some time. Being able to make good use of your muscles and aligning your vocal chords has great benefits when you sing.

If you are not able to do this, you will end up sound rough, weak, and not as powerful as your voice would be on a good day. Doing what you continually know how to do or have always done is the same as being at the same spot where you have always been. It is time you give your brain something to do, and vocal cry is a very good idea to try.

One of the best ways you can create a new muscle memory is by trying out vocal cry, or trying out how to be a crybaby when you sing. One of the benefits that comes with being a crybaby is it works in bringing your tone forward, making it easy for you to sing with less stress.

Improving range, having more air, improving control, and gaining more stamina are some of the benefits you are going to enjoy when you cry while singing. There are few people that have been able to understand the vocal cry concept, while others keep insisting on not wanting to cry when singing.

Some people feel crying when singing sounds stupid or will make them look ridiculous, and it will sound strange to the ears when you first hear that you need to be a crybaby to sound good while singing. It is normal for your brain to repel the urge to cry when singing, but this is something that is necessary for all singers to try out some time.

Being able to fight your way through the embarrassment will help you realize something. What this means is you will find this technique very easy and simple to carry out at any time. You will no longer feel embarrassed at the fact that you have to cry on stage while singing, but you will be able to enjoy all of its benefits.

Benefits Of Vocal Cry

What Is Vocal Cry

Here are some of the significant benefits that you will enjoy when yo adopt the vocal cry method;

  • Good chord alignment
  • Good chord connection
  • Impressive lateral tension
  • Provides you with adequate air to sing with
  • Boosts control
  • Boosts stability

You do not have to belt when you adopt the vocal cry, and belting and yelling are similar. This isn’t something that is associated with vocal cry, as yelling will only cause more trouble to the vocal chords. Crying involves bringing the chord together, so it is very okay for you to try this experiment few times at home before proceeding to the stage.

Just like we said, crying might sound absurd, but you need to cry. Extending the cry is something you also have to do, and trust me when i say people are going to find crying on stage very funny. This is something you shouldn’t pay attention to, and you should be passionate about crying on stage.

Professional Tips

One piece of advice we want to leave for singers is trying not to go overboard with being a crybaby on stage. It is okay to practice this, but know the point where you are going overboard and try stepping back. You are not going to do this day in and day out, and you should avoid yelling in the process.

You can start with trying out vocal cry using some nursery rhymes, and you will be surprised at all the benefits you are going to enjoy each time you make use of this method. Don’t see it as crying, see it as trying out just another of those techniques that will make you get better at singing. Having the right mindset is pivotal for this to work.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do I Cry So Easily?

  • There are several emotions and reasons that could get you to cry easily at any point in time, and there are people with the opinion that being tearful has to deal with anxiety and depression. There are other neurological conditions that can force you to cry.

Why Can’t I Sing Without Crying?

  • When you get overwhelmed by emotions, you are forced to come to tears. It doesn’t matter whether you are singing or not, but you are definitely going to shed some tears. You can also cry while singing when you are emotionally connected to the song you are singing.

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Final Note

Working on various vocal techniques is what will make you an all round complete singer, so we will be looking forward to you telling us how this technique worked for you, and what practicing looked like. Good luck as you practice.