What Is The Best Fruit For Singers

What fruit can singers take that will help with their voice? Do you think it is okay for singers to forget taking beverages before hitting the stage? Should singers drink smoothies or juice before hitting the stage? There are so many questions that have been left unanswered when finding a suitable fruit for singers, and that is what this guide is here to address. What is the best fruit for singers? Are there fruits that singers should avoid before hitting the stage? What fruits will affect the voice texture of a singer? The best fruits for singers includes apricots, plums, mangoes, and berries, and you can count on these fruits to take away stage fright before hitting the stage. This means there are fruits that can be beneficial to singers and not just improving the voice.

There are no doubts that fruits helps to improve the overall health of anyone, but this doesn’t mean they are perfect for all singers. What a singer eats or drinks will have a significant impact on their performance, and there are fruits that will make singers feel better compared to other fruits. It might come as a shock to most people, but these fruits tend to go further than just improving a singer’s vocal health. Apricots are known to contain very high levels of magnesium which helps in dealing with anxiety, so apricots are highly recommended for singers that suffer from stage fright.

Apricots gets you ready for any performance, and the fact that the fruit is also rich in vitamin A means the body will be provided with anti-oxidants that prevents cell damage and repairs other cells. Apricots are the best way singers can get to protect their voice and increase their confidence levels before hitting the stage for a performance. Peaches on the other hand are known to have high water levels, and this is why they are considered as a good snack for singers before every performance. The vocal cords of every singer vibrates a lot and is put under so much pressure and strain, so keeping the vocal cords hydrated means they will perform absolutely great.

Just as how peaches have the yellow color, they are also rich in Vitamin A. This also applies for mangoes, so eating a peach before singing helps in keeping mucous production in check. Maintaining good energy without causing a spike can be achieved through eating fruits, so snacking on a fruit before a performance is essential. Preventing excess strain and keeping the vocal cords hydrated are benefits that comes with consuming a fruit before singing, but fruits that are rich in alkaline and water content are the best for singers.

It isn’t just about what you eat but how you eat it. Your fruit should be consumed at room temperature, and this explains why singers should stay away from consuming cold fruits as it tends to tighten the vocal cords. Before consuming watermelon, ensure it is at room temperature before consuming. Watermelon is a very good fruit because it contains about ninety percent of water that will help in keeping the vocal cords hydrated. Dehydration will make the throat feel tight, and this will not allow the vocal cords to vibrate freely.

What Is The Best Fruit For Singers

What Is The Best Fruit For Singers

Whatever fruit a singer takes depends on whether the singer is performing or not, and let us take bananas for example. They are good at making a person full, but the amount of mucous they produce tends to affect the vocal cords. Pineapples on the other hand have anti-inflammatory properties that helps in fighting off flu, and you can trust pineapples to help soothe the throat. The best fruits for singers is dependent on what type of fruit you are singing and how you eat it, and it is fine for anyone to eat fruit every day. However, consuming banana everyday isn’t ideal for a singer.

Apples on the other hand are good for providing the body with Vitamin C, and Vitamin C is great for singers. Vitamin C helps in enhancing the immune system, prevent fatigue, and enhance the body tissues. In addition to the benefits of apples for singers, they possess an increased water content that ensures the hydration of vocal cords. It is okay to chew apple rather than drink it if you are preparing for a performance, and since apples have lower sugar content, it is recommended for singers as excess sugar levels causes the performance to crash.

Oranges are good at providing the body with Vitamin C, and Vitamin C is great for aiding tissue repair and strengthening the immune system. The vocal cords tend to be strained if you sing a lot and you need vitamin C to help with repairing them. This is where consuming orange comes in, but oranges on the other hand are acidic which can cause excess gas that will affect a singer’s performance.

Singers are advised to be on an alkaline diet the day they have a performance, but they should have it in mind that high acidity levels can cause poor performance and damage your vocal cords. Whatever you eat before singing has an effect on your singing ability, because there are foods and drinks that will either impact your singing performance negatively or positively. Consuming good amount of water will cause lots of water will help in flushing phlegm down and clearing the throat, so water is recommended for every singer.

Finally, coconut helps in boosting your mood and energy, and it also makes sure you stay fuller for long. Being full and having a lot of energy is the best position you should be in before singing, and your body will be grateful to you for it. In addition, coconut also helps in eliminating virus from the body, and you know that virus will affect your vocal cords.

Now that you have an idea of the best fruits you can consume before singing, go ahead and start consuming them for their benefits. It is best to go for fruits that have a high water content and do not contain acids. Your vocal cords and teeth will always be grateful to you for the choice of fruits you have selected to boost your singing ability.