Subwoofer Box Design For 12 Inch For Home

When constructing a powerful sound system, it is allowed for people to get the best subwoofer to enjoy an excellent bass. Therefore, the subwoofer’s quantity is not mainly based on the woofer.

A gigantic, firmly constructed patio is needed to heighten the subwoofer’s performance and give it the maximum power that it deserves.

This is what it implies, in essence, to shed more light on it. Speakers that do not possess a well-good patio do not or cannot produce an excellent bass. The sound that comes out from the back of the speaker tends to eliminate the medium-frequency signals that come from the front.

In addition, an adequately designed subwoofer tends to enhance and shield the sound quality and the sound drivers from destruction.

The length of your subwoofer is determined by the volume of the space that is required around it. For example, the recommended volume space for a 12-inch subwoofer is 1.25 cubic feet.

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Subwoofer Box Design For 12 Inch For Home

Subwoofer Box Design For 12 Inch For Home

A subwoofer can be enclosed; for example, you can place a subwoofer inside a cabinet. Having said so, there are certain measures you have to pay close attention to make sure that your subwoofer gives it maximum capability in the absence of the resulting sound distortion.

The best enclosure for a subwoofer is MDF Wood. It is suitable for constructing subwoofer enclosures. This MDF Wood is very strong and long-lasting enough to limit sound waves might cause.

Another enclosure that is best for a subwoofer is plywood. If sealed, the plywood is lighter than the MDF but strong enough to form the best sound quality.

How To Make A Subwoofer Enclosure

Below are the steps to take when making a subwoofer enclosure;

  • • Know the minimum depth of the box.
  • • Know the minimum width and height of the box.
  • • Know the spaces available in the vehicle.
  • • Draw or sketch out your subwoofer box.
  • • Know the volume and the internal dimensions of your subwoofer box.
  • • Make use of cubic inches to calculate the internal box volume.

Types Of Subwoofer Design

The subwoofer design is divided into different forms. Below are the different types of subwoofer designs;

1. The Ported Box Design

The ported box designs are usually suitable for a subwoofer box design for 12-inch subwoofers. However, these boxes require much larger space than the sealed box design.

2. Free-Air Subwoofers

These subwoofers are mainly constructed to produce a deep bass using your car stereo. The woofers are either placed against the rear seat in a car trunk or on a board on a rear deck.

All I am trying to insinuate is that the trunk serves as a patio sheltering the subwoofer and leaving the sound coming from the back of the woofer.

The trunk sees the sound elimination difficulties that the subwoofers possess in the absence of a patio.

When this type of subwoofer box design is compared with other types of the subwoofer box design, you will know that the free air systems save space without using the bass response.

This form of subwoofer system seems more at ease to use as a result of the fact that it does not have a box. However, the downside to this type of subwoofer box design is that it has a minimum power handling enablement compared to the other boxed subwoofers.

3. Sealed Box Enclosures

It is an airtight box that shelters the subwoofer. As a result, it is one of the best subwoofer box designs for deep bass. It performs perfectly with any music that calls for the firm and quick bass.

Using an amplifier with adequate power wattage for higher performance is also beneficial. The enclosure requires additional power than that of a ported box.

When using this type of subwoofer design box, you look out for the deep bass extension and a good power handling enablement.

4. Bandpass Boxes

This type of subwoofer box design comes with a unique ported box design. It is a two-chambered box, sealed, and ported chamber. The sound waves can come out of the ported side with the sealed chamber and the ported chamber.

The sound from the ported side is usually very audible and transparent within a narrow density range.

The bandpass boxes tend to give deep bass a boom because they are very efficient within a small density range. Their powerful sound is ideal for several types of music. Although, you can use not all subwoofer boxes with

5. T-Line Subwoofer Boxes

This type of subwoofer box uses any acoustic transmission line design within the patio of the cabinet.

As a result of this design, the sound waves come out from the driver’s back into the materials that maximize the response of the bass system by taking a closer look at the control of the energy within the patio.

Best Subwoofer Boxes

Subwoofer boxes come in different sizes, and they are being arranged accordingly. They include;

1. 8-Inch Subwoofer Patio

This type of subwoofer patio is ideal for medium and small cars.

2. 10-Inch Subwoofer Patio

The 10-inch subwoofer patio is majorly used for medium-sized subwoofers. They are a little too big for small cars.

3. 12-Inch Subwoofer Patio

This type of subwoofer patio is used for larger subwoofers. They are therefore ideal for larger vehicles.

4. 15-Inch Subwoofer Patio

This type of subwoofer box is ideal for large subwoofers. You must know how large the space of your car is before purchasing just any subwoofer.

Benefits Of Making Use Of A Subwoofer Design Box

Ensuring that you have an adequate subwoofer design box is paramount because it goes hand in hand with the density response of the subwoofer and the crossover.

Subwoofers give sound from both the front and the back. In a situation where the subwoofer does not have a patio or an enclosure, the sound waves that come from the front and back will collide with each other, thereby terminating each other.

An adequate and original subwoofer patio does not allow any form of disturbance. Note that when working with subwoofer speakers, it is of paramount importance that you get all the necessary tools. The major tools you need for this type of project or construction includes;

  • • Speaker dust cap blue
  • • Screw gun.
  • • Drill and
  • • Circular Saw

Best Home Subwoofers

Below are the upgraded version of the best home subwoofers;

1. Polks HTS Home Theater Subwoofer

This type of subwoofer is very popular because it produces great quality sound products. In addition, the Polks HTS subwoofer gives a quality performance at a very affordable price.

When searching for a Subwoofer that adds extra bass to your home theater, the Polks HTS Home Theater Subwoofer is one of them. As a result of its powerful 200 watts amplifier, the subwoofer gives a high-quality bass.

This type of subwoofer is made available in both 10 and 12 inches. The subwoofer has an excellent design and is also reliable.

The advantage of this type of subwoofer is that it has a design that suits people’s taste, and it is also smaller than the majority of the subwoofers and has minimal distortion. The downside to this type of subwoofer is that it does not have enough full spectrum of more costly models.

3. BIC America F12

This type of subwoofer is popular due to the quality sound product it makes. The BIC is a company, and it is known for its ability to produce quality &reliable products.

The subwoofer has a strong amplifier that makes it produce deeper bass when compared to other types of subwoofers. The bass that it produces gives one the feeling of being engrossed in the fluid made of sound.

3. AudioEngine S8

This type of subwoofer is a wireless subwoofer that has a compact design. It can give quality beats when music is being listened to.

This type of subwoofer soon gives amendability and flexibility for the position; you can place it in a room due to its wireless audio adapter.

It amazes me that you can place it far from other powered speakers. The wireless adaptors can be easily powered with the AC outlet at the rear part of the subwoofer. This subwoofer changes the atmosphere of the home into a film theater.

4. Sonos SUB

This type of subwoofer gives a full deep low end. In the past, the Sonos SUB used the exact method of simplicity, producing a simple one-button setup that does not need too much stress to get it going.

This subwoofer comes with a wireless sound system. The subwoofer is a slim, stylish subwoofer that you can view on the slide inside the cabinet or the floor inside the system.

The force-canceling drivers placed face to face inside the cabinet give room for full bass response. In addition, you can wirelessly connect the Sonos SUB to the whole system.

One of the advantages of this type of subwoofer is that it comes with a modern design. However, this type of subwoofer is not portable and cannot be connected with another subwoofer.


Using the right box-building materials enables you to select your subwoofer patio. The 12-inch subwoofer patio is most ideal for large vehicles.

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