Sonos Arc Vs Bose 700

One of the best ways to enjoy that audio immersive sound experience is by making use of a soundbar, but searching for a soundbar that can sound very pleasant to your ears can cause a lot of hassle. There has been stiff competition and a tough combat between the Sonos Arc Vs Bose 700 soundbars, and you can tell that the Bose and Sonos brand are two flasgship soundbar manufacturers for several years.

These two soundbars have been pitted against each other several times over the years so people can pick their favorite from both of them, and the fact that these two soundbars are constantly in a rivalry tells you that they ooze of high and impressive quality generally. The fact about these soundbars is they are the most premium and most exceptional soundbars you are likely to come across when shopping for a quality soundbar today.

Soundbars can be used by anyone, whether you are a single person living alone or with your family. Soundbars can also be used for listening to music, watching movies, and also for gaming activities. The soundbar has proved to be very useful and relevant over the years as it has provided people with a very close to cinematic experience. There are features that makes these soundbars we have mentioned unique in their own way.

Take for example, the Sonos Arc soundbar is preferred by people who are keen on obtaining a surround sound feature. This surround sound feature makes watching movies, gaming, and listening to music very pleasant and exciting. On the other hand, anyone who is always impressed or obsessed by technical aspects like audio performance and bass sound production will definitely go for the Bose 700 soundbar.

If you have heard of these soundbars before, you will definitely know that this is one feud that has been going on for a very long time now. What we want you to know is that picking one out of the two soundbars isn’t something you can easily do, but you need to carefully take a look at all of their features before making a final decision. Let us be factual, it is impossible to say one is better than the other as it will always come down to preference.

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What this post will be showing you today is a comparison of both soundbars using specific features. The Sonos and Bose soundbars have been excellent over the years when it comes to making soundbars with excellent designs, sound performance, and the addition of several impressive features. This is why people think they are worth their price tag, but we will be talking to you soon about how these soundbars fare under various categories.

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Sonos Arc Vs Bose 700

Sonos Arc Vs Bose 700

Between the Sonos Arc and Bose 700 soundbars, which one will you want to go for? How can you be able to make the right choice? You do not have to push yourself any further or worry about making a choice because the next points we want to discuss will be instrumental in helping you make a very good choice. Let us take a closer look at both soundbars right away.

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Features And Specifications

Audio features is one of the vital things you have to look out for when shopping for a soundbar, and the features you are going to find on the Sonos Arc are not available on the Bose 700 soundbar. This makes the Sonos Arc soundbar the winner in this category, and having impressive surround capabilities makes it a good choice for anyone who wants a soundbar for movies and gaming. Bose falls short in audio features but it has a lightweight design.

Sound Quality

It is in this aspect that both soundbars go head to head as they are known to have an impressive sound quality. Determining the winner in this category is quite difficult, but breaking it down to the best of our ability might provide some sort of help. The sonos arc soundbar is best for anyone that wants a soundbar for gaming and movies based on its surround ability, but the Bose 700 provides you with crisp sound quality.

You will enjoy optimal sound clarity when you make use of the Bose 700 soundbar, and offering balanced and excellent stereo quality also places it in a category above so many soundbars on the market. Both soundbars are very impressive when it comes to volume and bass sounds, so you can make a choice regarding sound quality and performance based on the pointers we have left you in this category.


The Bose 700 soundbar will definitely come out top in this category because the sonos arc soundbar lacks the bluetooth connection the Bose 700 has. On the other hand, both soundbars support wireless connection through the use of third party apps, and both soundbars are designed to have Google Assistant and Alexa smart functions. There is a limited user coverage when working with the Sonos Arc as it isn’t compatible with Android devices.


Similar to the sound quality and performance category, there is no winner between the Sonos Arc Vs Bose 700 soundbars when it comes to aesthetics. The aesthetics depends greatly on what you want, and anyone searching for a soundbar with a futuristic techno look should go for the Sonos Arc soundbar. If you want something a sleek and classic finish then the Bose 700 soundbar fits the bill.


As at when writing this article to you our readers, the Sonos Arc is worth eight hundred and ninety nine dollars ($899), and the Bose 700 soundbar is worth seven hundred and ninety nine dollars. ($799). You can see that the Sonos Arc is slighter expensive in price compared to the Bose 700 soundbar, but one fact we want to establish is price shouldn’t be used as a deal breaker when making up your mind between both soundbars.

Let’s be honest, you are going to get great value for whatever you spend on any of these soundbars, so price shouldn’t be much of a problem for anyone. If you are comfortable with any of these soundbars then go ahead and make a payment for it, regardless of how much it is worth.


Both soundbars mirror each other when you want to talk about the design they come with. In terms of overall design, it is difficult to find a soundbar that will have a similar design like that of the Sonos Arc and Bose 700 soundbars. The fact that they come with a subwoofer makes them the best of their kind, and they both come with the same layout type.

However, one thing you need to know about these soundbars is that the Sonos Arc soundbar is inches taller than the Bose 700 soundbar, while the Bose 700 soundbar weighs lesser than the Sonos like we stated earlier in this post.


Taking a look at reputation, the Bose brand is one that is everyone’s favorite, and it has been constantly putting out so many top products for several years. Based on technical comparisons, the Sonos Arc soundbar might walk away with the top soundbar in this very stiff competition. What we want you to know is you are also not wrong if you opt to go for the Bose 700 soundbar. Like we mentioned at the beginning of this post, it comes down to your choice.