Rode NT1-A Review

Rode NT1-A Review – Premium Quality Microphone

Recently, we have been getting questions in our comment section from songwriters and recording artiste about what musical gear they should consider investing in. If you are still trying to grow your career in music, it will be wise if you consider building a home studio, but this will require you to shop for the musical gear you need for yourself. If you rush in shopping for a musical gear, you might end up with too many bad products if you have no proper information.

Whether you are a songwriter or a recording artist, the microphone remains one of your most important musical gear. Just like every other songwriter that intends building a home recording studio, the budget you have to spend with is an issue. You definitely want an affordable microphone that will provide you with the best bang, but the problem is you do not know where to start from or which microphone to shop for. We are here to help you.

So many songwriters and recording artists building a home recording studio will want their microphone to meet up with the following requirements.

  • Microphone should be very versatile in terms of recording instruments and vocals, and the microphone should not only capture all of your vocals but should be able to deliver natural, clear, and crisp tune whether you are recording a guitar or any other musical instrument.
  • Microphone should be able to deliver a crystal clear and clean recording quality. This means the microphone should be capable of staying true and clean, as it will make equalizing the final mix much easier than you initially expected.
  • Since you are building a recording studio at home, you will definitely want a microphone that will not be too expensive but will deliver the sound quality of your choice. Shopping for a budget microphone when building a recording studio at home is a wise way to start up because you are still going to spend money purchasing software and other necessary musical recording gear.

One mistake you shouldn’t make when looking for a microphone to start up your home recording studio is to settle for any condenser microphone you come across, and you might be wondering why we have made this statement. This is because some condenser microphones with the one hundred dollar budget are popular for sounding extremely dull and harsh, instead of sound brittle and bright.

You will not find it easy to mix low songs or sounds made using a low quality condenser microphone, and this will also make the mastering stage as frustrating and challenging than you would ever imagine. So finding a quality, reliable, and affordable microphone for your home studio isn’t as easy as you might have thought, but this post is determined to helping you make the right choice. We already have a product for you dear readers.

You must be itching to know what microphone we have found already, and the Rode NT1-A microphone is the perfect microphone that meets all of your requirements. This is a large diaphragm microphone that boasts of so many unique features, making it the best for all recording studios. It can be used by beginners and professionals, and this explains why it has earned so many positive comments on the internet.

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Rode NT1-A Review

Rode NT1-A Review

What’s Inside The Box?

You will be surprised at how much is included inside the box the Rode NT1-A microphone comes in, and we are talking about a shock mount, XLR mic cable, pop filter, and microphone cover. All of these materials or accessories combine to deliver a good operation, making it the ideal choice for anybody who is looking towards building a home recording studio on a budget. You will save about thirty to forty dollars if you settle for this microphone.

This is a good way of saving up extra money that you can spend on another necessary musical gear required in your home recording studio, and what excites beginners the most about this microphone is the DVD it comes with on how you can get the best out of this quality microphone. Do not be swayed yet about the few things we have mentioned about this mic, as you are yet to figure out how the Rode NT1-A Microphone sounds.

How Does The Rode NT1-A Microphone Sound?

Most times, songwriters are always in need of a microphone they can use for recording when playing the guitar and when singing. For anyone still building a home recording studio from the scratch, they are likely not to have enough budget to spend on two different microphones. If you have been paying attention, you will notice how popular the Rode NT1-A microphone is among sound engineers when recording guitars.

There you have the most versatile microphone presently. With the Rode NT1-A microphone, you will be able to record voices when singing and record guitars when playing. The fact that the Rode NT1-A microphone is built to be quiet means it will be able to subtle nuances from a guitar, and trust me when i say all guitar recordings made with the Rode NT1-A microphone will sound very amazing.

This is the right microphone for you if you want a recording that doesn’t have to do with much coloration, while staying true to performance and delivering a natural response makes it a very good buy. What this means is using this microphone means what you hear is exactly what you will get, and this is another reason why this microphone is also recommended for rap and hip hop vocals.

If you want to maximize the sounds produced by this microphone then you can consider setting up a microphone booth, and you can also make use of a homemade acoustic shield that will boost the quality of your recordings if you do not have money to set up a recording booth. All of these and more are what you will get when you settle for the Rode NT1-A microphone.

Conclusion – Rode NT1-A Review

This is the point where we draw the curtain on this interesting post, and we hope that every piece of information we have provided in this post will prove to you that the Rode NT1-A microphone is what you need for your home recording studio. The fact that it can record vocals and musical instruments makes it a good microphone to invest in, so make sure you check out this microphone when you are out shopping for a reliable and affordable studio mic.

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