Polk S30 Vs S35

Polk S30 Vs S35 – Which Of This Center Channel Speaker Will You Go For?

When it comes to choosing the best center channel speaker for your home, it really isn’t as easy as most people think it is. It is just about the quality of sound, but you should also consider the speakers size and how it is going to look generally in the room.

One good thing about the Polk brand is they have designed amazing speakers to have different sizes, shapes, and designs.

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Polk S30 Vs S35

Polk S30 Vs S35

Or main focus of bringing you this post is for you to make up your mind on what center channel speaker you would like to go for between the Polk S30 vs S35. We will be paying attention to all of their features, pros, cons, and several other factors you should consider that will help in making a well deserved choice.

Without wasting further time, let us talk about these speakers with respect to several categories so you can understand what we mean.

Similarities Between Polk S30 And S35 Center Channel Speakers

Speaker Design

The interesting fact about Polk is they designed the s30 and s35 speakers to have great sound quality and style, and they both have a curved design that makes them loft soft and sleek. Their grilles boasts of an anti-diffraction design and these grilles comes with magnets that makes them very easy to remove.

Power Port Technology

This is what is referred to as a patterned technology, and you are going to find this on both the s30 and s35 Polk speakers. These patterned ports are small ports that are positioned behind the speaker, and the reason for adding these ports is for the purpose of enhancing bass sounds coming out from the speaker.


The Polk s30 and s35 speakers comes with the 1-inch standard size tweeter, and the good thing about the tweeters you will find in these speakers is they are high resolution terylene tweeters.


Moving on to crossovers you will find in the s30 and s35 speakers, they are premium crossovers that makes sure unfiltered signals are divided into high and low frequencies. Interestingly, these speakers come with crossovers that has a 2.5KHz frequency.

Nominal Impedance

You will commonly find speakers with nominal impedance of 8 ohms and 6 ohms, but you will also find some speakers with 4 ohms nominal impedance.

The fact is people believe the nominal impedance of a speaker doesn’t play any role in the quality of sound a speaker produces, but it also control how power is used efficiently. Both the s30 and s35 Polk speakers have an 8 ohms nominal impedance.

Binding Posts

Surprising, the s30 and s35 have single gold plated5-way binding posts connectors, and the purpose of binding posts is to ensure that power and sound information can pass through these speakers with ease.


You will be amazed at the warranty period of the s30 and s35 Polk center channel speakers, and both of these speakers have a 5-year warranty period. This is very impressive and a warranty period you are likely not to find among other speaker brands.

So far in this interesting post, we have been talking about the categories where the Polk s30 and s35 center channel speakers share some amazing similarities, but this isn’t all there is to know about these speakers. Right now, we will be showing you categories where these speakers are completely different and share nothing in common.

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Differences Between Polk S30 And S35 Center Channel Speakers


Polk S30 Vs S35


Taking a look at both center channel speakers, you are going to notice an obvious difference in the appearance of these speakers. The appearance is more obvious when there grilles are taken off, but this doesn’t change the fact that they both come with a curved design and have a black color design.

Speaker Type

This is one category that people are going to find very confusing based on the fact that they are both center channel speakers. The truth is they are center channel speakers but have a slight difference between them, and the Polk s30 speaker is one that is compatible with bookshelf speakers. It works with 2.0 to 9.1 speaker setups.

The s35 on the other hand can work as a right, center, and left channel speaker, but it only pairs well with S55 tower speakers even though it will work with several speaker types.


Interestingly, the s30 and s35 come with drivers installed inside of them, but they do not come with the same driver. Inside the s30 Polk center channel speaker, you are going to find a 5.25-inch mica reinforced polypropylene driver, while there is a 3-inch mica polypropylene driver inside of the s3 center channel speaker. As you can see, their drivers are different relating to size.

Wall Mounting Option

Speakers come with the wall mounting option which is a form of mounting but an easy one. The Polk s30 center channel speaker comes with no mounting option, but the s35 center channel speaker comes with a keyhole slot which makes mounting this speaker on the wall very easy.

It offers an amazing look when mounted right underneath your television.

Frequency Range

The frequency range of a speaker is the range where the speaker offers its best lows and highs, and this is the point where you will get to enjoy clear, crisp, and crystal clear sound quality. This is also the point where you will get deep bass sounds, and the s30 Polk center channel speaker boasts of a 53Hz to 40KHz frequency range.

The Polk s35 center channel speaker on the other hand boasts of a 42Hz to 40KHz frequency range, and the Polk s35 comes with a better frequency range.

Polk S30 Vs S35 – Pros And Cons

Polk S3O


  • Great vocal accuracy
  • Slightly affordable
  • Provides the best in sound for movies and for gaming


  • It feels slightly bulky

Polk S35


  • It will fit perfectly in narrow spaces
  • It offers great boost in left and right speakers
  • Designed to be compatible or function well with other speakers


  • Hearing bass sounds takes a while on the s35 speaker

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Polk Speakers Good?

Yes, these are excellently built and reliable speakers people have come to trust over the years. This is because they specialize in building solid and great sounding speakers, while their retro and cool appearance is for people looking for a futuristic feel. They also come with decent specifications.

How Important Is A Center Channel Speakers?

Yes, a center channel speaker is of great importance to any sound system setup. This is because all the actions and conversations in movie scenes and shows will be heard directly from a center channel speaker, and what this means is the center channel speaker is tasked with reproducing words and sounds. They are very important and cannot be overlooked.

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There you have all the information you need to know about the Polk S30 Vs S35 center channel speakers, and everything we have said ranging from similarities, differences, to pros and cons would obviously help you in making a wise decision. Tell us your thoughts in the comment section of this post.