How Does A Piano Change Pitch?

how does a piano change pitch

If you have owned a piano for a couple of years, trust me when I say you will notice a change in its pitch. Most people still don’t know what a pitch is, but a pitch refers to the quality

Best Chorus Pedal For Acoustic Guitar

Chorus guitar pedals are great for acoustic guitars they are tagged as the best based on the solid foundation they add to tones and the help they offer in fixing any issue you can think of. This guide will show …

5 Best Chorus Pedal For Distortion

best chorus pedal for distortion

Read this article to the end if you are looking for the best chorus pedal for distortion. In the mid-1970s, the first set of independent chorus pedals and thickening, moist, and dull effects made them famous, inspiring many people to …

Does A Piano Need To Be Tuned?

A question that is frequently being asked today is ‘does a piano need to be tuned?’. The fastest answer to that question is YES, it would be best if you tuned your piano. Even though many people might think the …

What Does A Chorus Pedal Do?

what does a chorus pedal do

One of the most recognizable electric guitar sounds present in modern-day music is the shimmering and warm sounds a chorus pedal produces.

No matter what produces these shimmering sounds, whether made by a modern-day chorus pedal or an old school …

Best Chorus Pedal For Bass

Best Chorus Pedal For Bass

Before we go ahead to talk about the best chorus pedal for bass that we have, let us briefly tell you more about bass chorus pedals and where such pedals are used. Bass chorus pedals are electronic processors that produce …