Neumann TLM102 Review

The Neumann TLM102 review tells you not just about this high-quality microphone but also about the renowned Neumann brand. Compared to many manufacturing companies today, the Neumann company has stayed true to making premium quality products, especially microphones that will deliver amazing performance at an affordable price.

Interestingly, the Neumann TLM102 microphone is designed for broadcast applications and studio uses, while other people can also use it for wider projects. One of the recent additions to the Neumann artillery of the microphone is the Neumann TLM102 microphone, and that is what we have decided to bring you today.

This transformer-less and large-diaphragm microphone boasts a fixed polar cardioid pattern, but it has a significantly smaller size than the Neumann side-address microphone. In addition, it features a capsule that has an edge terminated diaphragm. One of the shocking revelations about the Neumann TLM102 microphone is it delivers an outstanding performance in any application despite having a cost-effective manufacturing method.

It is difficult to detect any issues when this microphone is being used, and this microphone is described as a no-frills design. It doesn’t come with filter switches or a pad, but this doesn’t affect its sound quality.

Surprisingly, this microphone is built to have a large diaphragm capsule that will tolerate high sound pressure levels. People who work with loud instruments can trust the Neumann TLM102 microphone, as it is designed specifically for loud instruments. Of course, we are talking about instruments like guitar amplifiers, brass instruments, and drums, but it was initially perceived to be the best microphone for vocals.

It boasts a frequency response that provides intelligibility and air to sounds while helping to define transient sounds makes this microphone ideal for a drum mic.

It comes with a capsule that comes housed inside an elastic suspension mount, and the reason behind housing inside amount is to fight against unhealthy and unwanted vibrations. Its grille features a dense pop screen that tends to obscure viewing the capsule, and users can count on this microphone to repel plosive sounds using its integral pop screen.

Despite having an integral pop screen, it is okay for you to purchase and use an external pop screen, and this is one microphone with an attractive and classic finish.

It comes in nickel and black finished, and trust me when I say you are staring at a beautiful and stylish microphone. A satin black body, black basket, Neumann logo, and a silver band provide some visual relief for anyone finding it hard to identify this microphone when shopping for it. In addition, its XLR housing comes with a thread that is housed inside its stand-in adaptor to provide adequate support.

You can tell the hot side of this microphone because that is where the Neumann logo is, and having a low noise figure makes this microphone suitable for several applications.

It is perfect for loud or closed sounds applications, but it requires a 48V phantom power source to function.

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Neumann TLM102 Review

Neumann TLM102 Review

If you want to tell if you can count on a microphone, then what you must do is conduct a spoken word test. This microphone has aced a spoken word test as it sounded very well balanced. The interesting aspect of this microphone is that it sounded well balanced without tweaking it a bit using an equalizer.

Its lows and mids are well integrated, and you can already sense that you are staring at a microphone that will provide users will optimal closeness and sound clarity. In addition, when used for sung vocals, the Neumann TLM102 microphone doesn’t sound like nasal congestion or spongy, which you will get from another low-quality microphone.

It produces a unique sonic class sound associated with very expensive studio microphones on the market and can push vocals forward. Breathing is an excellent feature of this microphone. Additionally, when used with acoustic microphones, the Neumann TLM102 microphone will sound smooth, bright, and lively.

Using a low microphone with acoustic guitars provides that gritty sound, which leaves users and the audience unimpressed, and this tells you the Neumann TLM102 microphone will get the job done for you easily and smoothly.

Experimenting with position might be required when using this microphone for solo work. The essence of experimenting with positioning is for you to balance the highs and lows. However, to an extent, the highs and lows will be well balanced even without experimenting, and you will obtain usable results when testing this microphone with percussion instruments.

It provides all the sound you will want from a microphone, and there will be no harsh edges. All of these tells you how versatile this microphone is and why it has risen above so many other microphones over a short period of time.


With its affordable price tag and an array of outstanding features, you can trust the Neumann TLM102 microphone to outperform and outlast so many budget microphones on the market. However, the price tag of this microphone is shocking to many people because a renowned brand makes it.

The point behind this microphone’s quality and performance is for everyone to know that they can get the best out of a microphone without emptying every penny in their wallet.

Let us take a look at some of the pros and cons of the Neumann TLM102 microphone below;


  • This microphone looks very attractive and stylish
  • It delivers a great vocal performance
  • It is versatile and fits into several applications
  • It is very affordable


  • It doesn’t come with a shock mount, meaning you have to purchase it separately.
  • It doesn’t come in a storage case but a cardboard box.

Conclusion – Neumann TLM102 Review

It might be an affordable and budget-friendly microphone, but there is absolutely nothing budget-friendly about its performance. It means the Neumann TLM102 microphone will deliver the same level of performance as other high-branded microphones.

The results you will achieve when working with this microphone will leave you impressed and astounded. Its versatility will be too.

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