Neewer NW-800 Review – One Microphone You Can Rely On

For fresh recording artists who have decided to start their own do-it-yourself studio, the entire process can be very overwhelming. You have several things on your shopping list to buy, but what should be at the top of your list should be a reliable microphone.

When shopping for a reliable microphone, you do not need to look far away as there are a couple of microphones you could settle for on the market, but one microphone that leads the rest is the Neewer NW 800 microphone.

It is a professional studio recording condenser microphone, and if you are quite familiar with condenser microphones, you will be able to tell of their benefits. We will show you all you need to know about this microphone.

What really impresses people about the NW 800 microphone is its awesome build quality. The combination of a metal grille, metal body, and a firm grip makes this microphone stable and sturdy. In addition, it is attractive thanks to its black matte design, and having mesh holes ensures preventing breath and popping issues.

It also boasts a well-built shock mount that reduces background noise and external vibrations, while its high-quality pop filter design also helps in dealing with breath issues and sibilance. In addition, it comes with a high-grade connecting cable, but there is nothing too special about its connecting cable.

It is a cardioid microphone and an Omni-directional condenser microphone. It means that you will be able to various audio sounds while spinning this microphone around. A significant benefit of settling for the Neewer NW 800 condenser microphone is that it comes in a set, meaning purchasing this microphone comes with a pop filter, shock mount, power cable, and an anti-wind foam cap.

For this reason, this microphone is considered a cost-effective microphone because it comes with all the accessories that you need. But, of course, spending more money purchasing accessories doesn’t happen when you settle for the Neewer NW-800 microphone.

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Neewer NW-800 Review – Buying Guide

Neewer NW-800 Review

One interesting fact about this microphone is that it is suitable for professional use. It has a bass reduction switch that works alongside a non-linearity audio output to reduce the microphone’s noise.

Eliminating sound distortions is another essential feature of this microphone, and it utilizes a precision electronic circuit in getting this done. There are so many benefits a user stands to gain from using the NW-800 microphone, and creating a low noise output is another benefit that comes with settling for this high-quality microphone.

This all-around metallic microphone is durable and lasts longer than most studio professional microphones on the market in terms of build quality. In addition, its fashionable design ensures it looks attractive when it meets the eye, and users will enjoy moving about with this high-quality and fashionable microphone, thanks to its lightweight and portable design.

We mentioned this microphone comes with an anti-wind foam cap, but what is this anti-wind foam cap function? Its anti-wind foam cap enhances and protects this microphone, and you can count on the anti-wind foam cap to increase the life service of this microphone.

Furthermore, the anti-wind foam cap helps enhance the audio quality output of this microphone, so if there are annoying sounds popping up or breathing sounds trying to interfere with your recording, its anti-foam cap eliminates them all.

It is why this microphone is recommended for professional use, as it guarantees top-notch results regardless of whatever it is used for. In addition, its high-quality shock mount ensures this microphone is isolated from interference that might come from the microphone stand or the floor.

What we find unique about its shock mount is detecting and absorbing physical vibrations when this microphone is placed on any surface. It also comes with a power cable for connecting this microphone to a power source for use.

Its power cable has a perfect length that provides a long reach if the microphone is far from the power outlet. If you desire to get this microphone for any use, you will find out some of its advantages and disadvantages below.

The truth is there is no equipment or tool without a good and bad side, so having a good idea of both will make it easy for you to weigh your options and make up your mind if you want to stick to the equipment or not.

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Neewer NW-800 Microphone Pros

  • This microphone sounds very good compared to several other microphones on the market.
  • It sells at a very affordable price, meaning you do not have to break the bank to settle for something good.
  • It is the best microphone for beginners and anyone shopping on a budget

NW-800 Microphone Cons

  • One significant downside of this microphone is it isn’t compatible with Mac, tablet, and mobile phones.
  • It requires about 3V to 5V for it to function at its peak

The NW-800 microphone sounds absolutely great for a microphone within its price point. It doesn’t matter whether you need it for recording instruments or for vocals; you can rest assured that it will deliver excellent audio quality content to you.

Anyone who is just starting can settle for this microphone as its simple design makes it easy to use, while its versatility is another feature that makes it very popular. No matter what work you need a condenser microphone for, we recommend starting with this microphone before going on to a higher and expensive condenser microphone.

If you intend to settle for a microphone set, this microphone will be a sound purchase as it comes with all other accessories that you might need. In addition, the beauty of this microphone as you can get to work immediately gets delivered to your doorstep, so there will be no reason for you to rush back to any store to shop for other needed microphone accessories.

Finally, you are guaranteed this microphone will get the job done for you, and you will get your money’s worth and more when you settle for the Neewer NW-800 condenser microphone.

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