How To Sing Like Frank Sinatra

In the 20th century, Frank Sinatra was a famous singer and went by the title King of Swing. Even though he spent most of his time singing octave vocals, he was still regarded as one of the twentieth century’s best singers.

You should be familiar with Frank Sinatra if you are a lover of old songs, or if you love songs from the past, and if the question, “how to sing like Frank Sinatra,” has been bothering you, you have come to the right page.

It will be interesting to know that singing like Frank Sinatra isn’t as difficult as it sounds because he always remained in a limited vocal range.

How To Sing Like Frank Sinatra

how to sing like frank sinatra

Frank Sinatra isn’t just like every other artist, which explains why he went by the name “king of Swing.” Frank was of the idea that good music lies in its lyrics. In his words, he said that without good lyrics, the song would not sound good.

This made him focus more on writing good lyrics rather than singing in a high-pitched voice as other singers from the past would. Frank Sinatra believed that the only way to convey his message to the audience was through his lyrics and not through his tone in singing or his voice. The following tips will help you to sing like Frank Sinatra if they are carefully followed.

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Master Singing In Octave

Frank Sinatra was a natural singer, meaning he did most of his songs with his original voice. You should listen to Frank Sinatra and figure out how he sang the songs. This way, you can be able to copy how he made good use of his voice.

For you to perfect this, you should know every lyric by heart, and if you miss out on any part of Frank’s lyrics, you might end up missing the entire song. Frank believed that lyrics were more important than melody, so you should focus on doing the same. After learning his songs, you should try singing along while his song plays in the background.

Volume Balancing

In some of his songs, Frank Sinatra sounded like he was whispering. He did this by touching the microphone with his lips and sing in a shallow tone. It would help if you practiced this technique, and even though it sounds easy, you need to balance out the entire song.

Timing matters a lot in this technique, and when practicing, make sure you are playing his songs in the background so you can practice as he sings.

Practice Phasing

Phasing is another technique that Frank Sinatra always adopted, and he did this by conveying his message using particular words. This technique is easy to apply when talking, but when singing, the technique becomes very difficult.

Practicing this method will become part of your habit, and eventually, it will come out naturally. To make things easy, you can use other songs to practice this technique, and you can use any artist’s song of your choice.

Drawing Attention Towards The Lyrics

Like we mentioned earlier, Frank’s way of getting to the audience was through his lyrics and not his voice, so if you want to sound like Frank, you should improve your lyrics and find a way to get your audience to focus on your lyrics.

To achieve this, you should try singing out clearly and in an original way because when you start adding too many elements, you are bound to make mistakes. Singing is a simple way to help you cut down on mistakes, and it will also get the audience to focus on your lyrics and not just your voice.

Lyrics are significant if you want to start singing like Frank Sinatra, and he was considered a great storyteller because every lyric he wrote meant something.

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Learn Different Genres

Frank Sinatra was known for his jazz genre, and if you want to improve your singing skills, you need to learn all other genres. The phrasing is critical, and since it is considered a professional technique, practicing constantly will do you a lot of good. Trying out different genres will also come in handy, and by practicing, you will find out the best way to the phrase.

Combining All Tips Together

This is where you combine all of the tips you have learned from this guide. Go ahead and start practicing with songs you couldn’t sing before, and you will find out you are becoming good at singing like Frank Sinatra. However, combining all of these techniques will also help make your own songs, but what you shouldn’t forget to do is write meaningful lyrics.


Now that you have figured the steps that will help you sing like Frank Sinatra, you can adopt these techniques and start writing your own songs. Remember always to learn how to sing in a simple and natural style, and remember that volume balancing and phrasing are important stips to note if you must sound like Frank.

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