How To Reset Bose Headphones

If you are a music lover an you enjoy listening privately when talking a walk or working out at the gym then you should know the importance of making use of a high quality headphone. The name Bose is one that so many music lovers have come to be familiar with over the years, and this is as a result of being one of the most trustworthy and reliable headphone making brand in the world today.

The Bose brand has countless top quality products manufactured over the years, and this explains the secret behind the company’s progress. So many Bose products are being sold over the globe, and people constantly go for the Bose brand of products based on how durable and reliable that they are. Like we mentioned earlier, they have a wide range of premium quality products, and there are so many people in love with their headphones.

The Bose headphone is one that can be trusted to provide that topnotch sound quality you desire, and the fact that Bose headphones tend to have a higher price tag compared to other product brands speaks a lot of their quality and reliability. This is why there is a saying that people can only refer you to Bose products if you are able to afford them, but the price shouldn’t really be a problem if you know the quality of what you want to get.

There are so many headphones designed by the Bose company that so many music lovers are in love with, and the Bose Quiet Comfort series is one of them. This top class headphone comes with a noise canceling technology, offers an accurate sound production, and also comes with well integrated assistants. This is why people will always enjoy making use of the Bose headphones when it comes to listening to their favorite playlist.

However, the Bose headphones sometimes has its own problems despite all of the amazing features it comes with. This is why we always say it is impossible for a product to be one hundred percent perfect without having a flaw or downside. Pressing the play button or hitting its volume to turn up will end up turning on the headphone, and this is an indication that there is a problem going on with this headphone.

How To Reset Bose Headphones

How To Reset Bose Headphones

Away from this problem, there are several other problems you are likely to face when you make use of the Bose headphones. It might be a problem with sound, poor connection, an inability to stream, but whatever the problem might be, resetting the Bose headphone always helps in solving the problem. You might be wondering what needs to be done for you to be able to reset your Bose headphones, but that’s why we have decided to bring you this post.

One thing we want you to know about headphones and all other devices is they can decide to develop issues or stop working at any time. This problem is even more common when you are dealing with a cheaply designed headphone, so what you do is throw them into the trash and dispose them immediately. However, you are not going to want to dispose a headphone you got expensively simply because of the issues it started developing.

Surprisingly, there is a process that can be followed if you want to get them back to working for you again. This process involves resetting them, and what we want you to know is it is completely normal for wireless devices or connections to have this problem at some point when you start making use of them. In this detailed post, we will be sharing simple tips and tricks on how to reset Bose headphones, so check out our next lines.

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How To Reset Bose Headphones

The following steps can be taken when you want to reset your Bose headphones;

  • The first step to take is to turn on your headphones by pressing the power button, and this is followed by turning them off. After doing this, you can go ahead and wait for about thirty seconds. A satisfying click is all you need when you want to turn on the Bose headphones power button, and it doesn’t need a long press like it is done on other devices. On other Bose headphones, you might have a sliding power button, and holding the power button for long will enable you hear the “ready to connect speech”. This means the device has entered its bluetooth sharing mode.
  • As the thirty seconds elapses, what you must do is get a USB cable and plug it in for a period of five seconds. The USB cable here is also the same cable used for charging the device.
  • Once you are done with the last step, all you have to do is unplug the cable and allow it for about one minute. You will get your headphones working great once you turn it back on.

What we also want you to know is that resetting your headphones can also reboot them, and there is a tendency that it will return the headphone to the state it was in when it came out of its box. This means every setting is going to get wiped off, and you should consider running a second reset if the first reset didn’t yield anything positive. Here is what you must do if you want to run a second reset;

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  • Ensure all cables from the headphones are disconnected
  • The larger end of the USB cable should be connected to a wall charger or a powered computer
  • The smaller end of the USB cable should be connected to the right earcup, and you can proceed to pressing and holding the headphone’s power button. This will cause the power LED to blink twice
  • After two seconds, let go of the power button

This process is actually a reboot process and not a reset process, and this means everything on the phone will still be intact. Dealing with a Bose headphones with issues that requires resetting can be heartbreaking and frustrating, and this is because you know what this headphone is designed to deliver. Its style, portability, dual functionality, sound quality, and noise cancellation features are what ensures it stands out from the rest.