How To Relax Throat Muscles Anxiety

The majority of the people in the world face tightness in their throat any time they are anxious about one thing. Tightness in the throat due to anxiety can make a person feel like they might have a lump at the back of their throat or are getting choked.

Sometimes no matter how much we try to calm down, the lump does not leave, and we will still be feeling anxious. Looking for how to relax throat muscles anxiety?

We can learn some tips and techniques to relax the anxiety or lump in our throat and muscles. However, when we are anxious, there are many more problems that we are faced with.

Anxiety can make you feel tensed, can make you feel nauseous, can make you start sweating profusely. Anxiety can make your hand start to shake uncontrollably, and so on.

These are the few problems anxiety can cause in our body, but one of the most frightening and famous is when you feel like you have a huge lump stuck in your throat or felt your throat tightening, this can make you feel terrified.

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What is Anxiety?

Anxiety is the unpleasant feeling you get mostly when you are about to do something you consider big, and you have a little unreal fear that you might do it wrongly. Anxiety has a different effect on your body; some anxiety can even cause inflammation, resulting from the activation of your autonomic nervous system.

But different people experience different types of anxiety, so you might not get inflammation, or it will not be severe when you do get inflammation. This is because whenever you are anxious, your body will be stimulating your sympathetic nervous system constantly.

And this will lead to an increase in our breathing, increase in our heart beating, multiple muscle tension, throat muscle tightening, or constriction.

In some people, when they have muscle tension, their throat will become inflamed. In contrast, in some people, the anxious feeling in their throat can be described as a throat knot or lump in the throat, which in the medical field is referred to as Globus sensation, Globus hystericus, or Globus pharyngis.

During anxiety, and you feel the lump in your throat, you may feel frightened, but it isn’t hazardous, you may even feel like you are choking or you are about to choke, and other times you may find it hard to swallow. These are all jobs of anxiety.

How to know the difference between throat muscle anxiety and a medical problem

Some people may get concerned about the lump stuck in their throat; you may start to think, oh, it might be a result of a medical problem or a mental problem, you should not overthink it and see a doctor be sure of any thoughts.

In sporadic cases, a constant lump present in the throat can be a more serious medical problem such as a type of cancer or a less serious medical problem such as pharyngitis, gastrointestinal reflux disease, or postnasal drip.

However, some people may believe that anxiety can contribute to the development of GERD. But I’m most cases; it is usually caused by anxiety.

Throat muscle anxiety or any other Anxiety will make you think about the worst medical scenario about your health.

Only a doctor can tell you if any other issue is wrong or just normal anxiety in your throat muscle. But, to ease your troubled mind, the following are some signs that the lump in your throat is just anxiety:

  • If the lump is just anxiety, there will be no clicking sound or extreme pain whenever you try to swallow.
  • The feeling of a lump in your throat is not constant; it comes and goes. And it is present mostly when you are really anxious; then it is just anxiety and nothing more.
  • If you feel a lump in your throat after recently going through a shocking experience or panic attack, or being very stressed out.

How To Relax Throat Muscles Anxiety

How To Relax Throat Muscles Anxiety


In cases like this, there is still a chance that the cause of your throat lump is seriously healthy related. Still, the lump in your throat can mainly be caused by anxiety and stress, and sometimes the lump might last for a long time or a few days without going away, and you can still feel a little pain or feel choked even.

However, the most common cause of throat muscle tension is anxiety or stress. Many people who suffer from anxiety daily suffer from throat muscle tension due to anxiety.

It is not dangerous to your health when you suffer from throat muscle anxiety; it should not prevent you from breathing or stop you from swallowing.

Swallowing with the feel of the lump may take a few trials before you can properly swallow the food completely. Still, it’s just a result of normal anxiety, and the simplest way to get rid of the lumpy feeling is by curing yourself of that anxiety.

Is There A Cure For Throat Muscle Anxiety?

Well, the only cure for throat muscle tension due to anxiety is by reducing your anxiety because there is really no specific cure for throat muscle anxiety or limb. After all, your own mind and body cause them. Although there are a few actions that may help you reduce your throat muscle anxiety:

Drinking water; drinking water when you feel a lump in your throat can help in two different ways; firstly, your throat might feel inflamed with the lump there because you may be dehydrated, so hydrating will help reduce the burning sensation you feel.

Secondly, when you feel you can swallow or get worried, you can drink some water, and maybe the feel of the water going down your throat will help you relax.

Going jogging when anxious; When you get anxious, you might not want to stay in a certain area, so going jogging will be a good idea if you feel you have a panic attack or you feel stress or can’t breathe properly.

Most people seem to feel jogging is only to keep in shape or keep your health good, but when jogging, your body releases chemical substances that will help relax your throat muscle and relieve stress and anxiety.

Herbal drinks; Some herbs can help with throat muscle anxiety, such as passionflower, valerian, and kava. Although these herbs have proven to reduce stress and anxiety when boiled and taken, please do not take them hot to avoid burning your throat and making things worse.

To be on the safe side and avoid allergies and reactions, research any herb before making use of them, and be sure they do not contain any substance that will be harmful to your health.

Can You Have Throat Muscle Lump Or Tension Even When You Are Not Anxious?

Some people may feel throat muscle anxiety-like tension and lumps in their throat when not anxious. Well, for some people, when they suffer from anxiety, their bodies may react differently in an unusual manner. Some people may experience signs of anxiety such as sweaty palms or throat muscle tension and still claim they are not anxious.

This means they are anxious about something but don’t really know it, and they may have a lump in their throat because of their unconscious anxious state. So if you feel throat muscle anxiety and you don’t really feel anxious, it is just fine and might probably go away soon, and your body acts differently to anxiety.

With this said, you will need to put in extra time in effort in trying to reduce your anxiety totally.

Can I permanently get rid of throat muscle anxiety?

Contrary to your hopeful thoughts, there is no fast or permanent cure for throat muscle anxiety because it is caused by anxiety and stress. Only when you relieve your anxiety or stress will the lump or tension in your throat go away.

When you are anxious, you will feel Globus sans at ions, which is commonly caused when you are anxious and stressed, which is a normal thing that happens to everyone.

When you have throat muscle anxiety, there is not really a cure; what you have to do is try to calm yourself down, take deep breaths, drink water, drink your favorite liquid, use any coping mechanism available at that point, go swimming, go jogging and try to control your emotions.

Wrapping It Up – How To Relax Throat Muscles Anxiety

In conclusion, Some Anxiety always causes your muscles to constrict or tighten, including muscles in your neck. While some people are susceptible when they are anxious or nervous, this can make the affected muscles more sensitive, create more discomfort, and make the lump in your throat pain.

But it will just be so for a matter of time, and only by getting rid of your anxieties will it be stopped.

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