How To Play Wooden Flute

It is good to begin with a wooden flute when thinking of a musical instrument. The sound of the flute can make one feel convenient.

This sound is formed when air is passed through the lungs cavity and the holes in the flutes. But, first, you must know that the wooden flute falls under the category of wind instruments.

Individuals who own metal flutes usually have wooden head joints made for their instrument, and they are usually overwhelmed about how well they play it.

Being a metal material, the flutes appear to be the most well-known flutes presently. However, even at that, the majority of the flutists are so much used to the wooden flutes. One of the benefits of wooden flutes is that it gives a better and improved sound when compared to metal flutes.

Although wooden flutes seem to be very difficult to find in this present time, the disadvantage of playing the wooden flutes is that it requires additional power on the individual playing them.

As a beginner in playing musical instruments, particularly the wooden flute, it may appear too difficult to play at the beginning of your training. You may not perfectly get to cover the flute holes and blow the instrument hard.

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How To Play Wooden Flute

How To Play Wooden Flute

The inability to cover the holes in the instrument makes it produce a flat sound instead of a sharp one. To get used to the wooden flute, you need to be calm and take a deep breath. Then practice the core things you need to learn while flowing with the beauty of the sound.

Methods On How To Play Wooden Flutes

If you wish to know how to play the wooden flutes, this article will help you know the steps and the procedure used in playing the wooden flutes. These methods include;

Method 1: Appropriately Position The Flute In Your Hands

When playing the flute, the first thing you should know about is the right manner of holding the flute. The left hand should not be far from the mouth hole.

It should be the closest to the mouth hole. It would help place the edge of the month hole against the middle of the lower lips. The flute should be directed to your right, with the holes of the flutes uncovered.

The majority of the wooden flutes are played in a straight manner. Therefore, make sure that your body parts are positioned in a relaxed manner. If you wish to stand in front of the mirror, it is a good idea because it will enable you to see how your body parts are positioned when playing the instrument.

Method 2:  Practice An Appropriate Position For Your Lips

Doing this will aid you in forming flat lips opening to enable you to blow a normal stream of thin air to the mouth hole. You can easily get this by closing your lips together, then taking a deep breath.

Do not form the habit of putting your lower lips inside. Instead, allow it to stay out to cover ½ of the mouth hole.

The most appropriate thing to do is to share the air stream in half. Then, push the flute forward and backward to know the right position for air to gain entrance into it.

Method 3: Bear The Left-Hand Position In Mind

It is important to know the left-hand position as a beginner or a novice. First, make sure that the left-hand covers the central finger holes. Then, begin with the hole that is closest to your mouth.

Make sure that each of your fingers covers every hole on the instrument to prevent a flat sound. Then place your left hand away from the other fingers. Know that your left hand should be directed towards your face.

Then use the fingers to cover the holes accordingly. Finally, move straight to the instrument’s scale to shield and blow all the notes until you can cover the three notes appropriately.

Method 4: Bear The Right Position In Mind

Having discovered the left-hand position, you can move to the right-hand position. Next, place your right hand in a position where the fingers move forward.

Ensure that your right hand is far from you. Make use of each of the fingers to cover the holes. Please use your right thumb to lift the flute’s weight and keep it in an appropriate position.

Method 5: Know The Appropriate Standing Position

To enable airflow adequately, there is a need for you to know the right standing position. Stand in a horizontal position and try to keep a good posture to enable you to breathe perfectly from your stomach.

When you can breathe perfectly, you will arrive at the best sound for the flute. The flute can be played when seated but ensure that your feet should be kept flat on the ground.

Method 6: Make Use Of Your Finger Pad To Cover The Hole

The most acceptable and appropriate way of covering the holes is to use your finger pad to cover the holes tightly. Each hole should be covered well to ensure that each is well covered.

Do not give any space for air to pass out of the flute to give a good and sharp sound and not a flat and bad sound. Instead, please use the whole finger pad to fit into the hole so that each of it can fit into the hole.

There might be difficulty positioning the finger on the sixth hole because the 5th and 6th holes are distinct. However, if you happen to have small fingers, it will aid in selecting a smaller bamboo flute.

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Method 7: Begin Blowing The Flute

How you open your mouth when playing the wooden flute plays an important role when blowing air into the mouth hole. Therefore, at the beginning of playing the instrument, ensure that you can give an audible sound.

Allow the air to go into the flow of the mouth hole. Position the air stream power until you can play a note. Do not forget that air into the mouth hole results in sound. Blow sufficient air into the wooden flute to give a ringing sound.

The first tone might probably sound weak when it is being struck. Still, with frequent practice, you will get an audible ringing sound.

The aim of striking the sound is to give an audible and excellent sound.

Merits Of Playing Flutes

Numerous benefits come with playing the flutes. These modern days, you will find flutists that use the flute in their chamber music and military marches. Below are the merits that come with playing the flute;

1. It Is More Portable And Handy Than Any Other Instruments

The flute is more comfortable and convenient to carry around when compared to any other instrument like the keyboard.

The flute is one of the handiest and portable instruments that are not difficult to carry around because it is small.

2. It Enhances Body Coordination

Playing the flute helps in promoting body coordination. All parts of your body must be following one another. Your muscles should also follow one another to ensure ease when playing it.

Make sure that your eyes are on the music sheets as you will be site playing with your instrument, which is the flute. By so doing, it helps to promote body coordination.

3. It Brings About Comfort And Also Enhances One’s Breathing Ability

Blowing the flutes helps one to breathe well. When the flute is being played, the lungs are being exercised. When air goes in and out of the body, the body gets its required oxygen. In the like manner, you will be comfortable when playing the flute.

Demerits Of Playing The Flute

How To Play Wooden Flute

There is no doubt that whatever has advantages surely has disadvantages. In the case of playing the flutes, the demerits of playing the flute are just a few of them. They include;

1. It Is Difficult For Beginners To Learn

When one begins to learn the instrument for the very first time, it is required that one know how to shape your lips.

As you advance in your learning process, you will pitch from a low to a high note. Since the flute is a wind instrument, it will be difficult for you to play the flute outside.

The most difficult part of playing the flute is how you play a note. However, it will get easier the more you practice it.

2. It Is Difficult To Tune It

To play your flute to produce a sharp and good sound, you must be able to tune it adequately. In addition, tuning the flute adequately aids in adjusting the tune before it is being played. Unfortunately, the flute is prone to weather alteration, making the tuning process very difficult.

3. It Gets One To Be Fed Up Of Playing It Easily

When the flute is being played for about 15 seconds without stopping, it will become heavy on your hands, thereby making your hands feel weak. If the flute is being played for a very long period, its outcome will be loss of breath.

Conclusion: How To Play Wooden Flute

The wooden flute is one of the handiest instruments one can ever practice with, but playing it for an extended period may make you get tired and weak easily.

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