How To Measure Car Speakers

Steps To Take On How To Measure Car Speakers

You are going to enjoy every car ride you embark on as long as you have a good car speaker installed inside of your car, and nothing beats having a background jam you can vibe to while driving.

The truth about car factory speakers is they do not tend to hit the right spots all of the time, which makes them not good enough for audiophiles.

Having a good car audio or speaker system isn’t a topic that should be up for debate because it is very essential that you car has a good car speaker installed inside of it.

There are instances where you might have to completely change your entire car system, while there are times when you might have to replace the factory speaker with after market speakers. Whichever option you go for, you are good to go, but make sure you get a speaker that fits your car.

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How To Measure Car Speakers

How To Measure Car Speakers

This is where the problem lies because not everyone knows how to measure car speakers, and this is something that isn’t so easy to find out.

Not every car owner has this knowledge, and trust me when i say doing this isn’t as easy as you think. Knowing your car measurements is the first place you have to start with.

One of the handy skills you need to have as a car owner is knowing how to measure car speakers, and trust me when i say doing this is going to save you from a whole lot of modifications and stress.

You will be free from making purchase returns as long as you know how to measure car speakers, and it isn’t even as hard as you think it is.

Before we go ahead to show you how to measure car speakers, you should be able to identify reasons or tell why measuring car speakers is very important.

Why You Must Measure Car Speakers

One of the thoughts that might cross your mind while you are reading this is why you have to measure car speakers instead of going to the market to shop for one that will fit your car model.

One fact about car manufacturers is they tend to produce speakers with standard sizes, but you will find noticeable differences between these speakers.

However, it doesn’t matter whether these speakers fall within the same size range, but the fact remains that you are going to notice some differences.

The differences we are talking about here could be in millimeter, inch, or even a fraction, and this difference might end up affecting if the speaker is going to fit or not.

Now, you can see that knowing a speaker’s dimension is of great importance, but what matters the most is that you must learn how to make car speaker measurements.

It is very essential that you know how to take the right measurements before going ahead to shop for a car speaker at the market or online.

One point we want to point out about factory speakers is they tend to have unusual modifications and heights that will make them compatible or fit in a particular car model.

This is why it is difficult for you to find car speakers that will be compatible or match with aftermarket speaker options.

This is why you might end up taking more than diagonal measurements into consideration. It will seem funny and annoying at the same time when you go on to install a high end speaker inside your car that will deliver great sounds only for the doors to not close anymore.

You might even end up destroying your window or not being able to roll them down anymore.

This is why we urge you to continue reading this post so you can be able to find out how to measure car speakers.

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Materials You Need

The steps involved in measuring a speaker isn’t as complicated as you think it is, but what you need to do at the end of the day is to have accurate measurements. This is why some materials will come into play as they will help you obtain the right measurements. Check out these materials below;

  • Panel removing tools
  • Transparent ruler
  • Pen
  • Notepad
  • Screwdriver

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Steps In Measuring Car Speakers

Remove The Old Speaker From The Car

This is where panel removing tools are needed, and you will also need a screwdriver here too. The car should not be on when doing this so you do not come in contact or cut power off from your car, and make sure all that you do is done carefully to avoid making some huge mistakes.

Measure Car Speaker Diameter

Get your ruler, measuring tape, pen or notepad that you will need when taking down measurements, and you are going to need a large work space so the speaker can stay in an upright position for you to take accurate measurements. The magnet side faces the bench while the cone faces upwards.

Measure Car Speaker Mounting Height

Measuring mounting height will require to keep the speaker in an upright position, and you will need your ruler when doing this so you can be to take down the right measurement you need.

Measure Car Speaker Mounting Depth

Once again, the speaker needs to be in an upright position for you to get this done, and the metallic tape is what you will need in measuring from the end of the magnet to the speaker’s mounting frame. Doing this will show you how safe deep inside the mounting hole a speaker can go.

Measure Screws Diameter

Nowadays, you are going to find speaker screws that are similar or equal to that of factory speakers, but you also need to know the in and out diameter of the screw holes your factory car speaker comes with.

This will help in providing you with a detailed clue of what to settle for when you are out shopping.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Sizes Are Car Speakers?

Most car speakers have the 6.5 speaker sizes, and these are what you will commonly find out there.

This type of speaker is good at delivering lower end bass, midbass, and midrange bass sounds, but all of this is dependent on your car audio system and installation.

Are 6X9 Speakers Good For Bass?

Yes, this size of speakers are suitable for bass production. Delivering decent sound performance with a high quality sound output is what the 6X9 speakers are all about, and having a 3-way design makes it possible for it to suit all kinds of music.

Final Note

When it comes to measuring car speakers, it isn’t difficult as long as you know the right process and you have the right materials.

You need to know the right dimensions and measurements to take, and that is exactly what we have showed you in this post. Finding the right car speaker won’t be a problem anymore as long as you have the right measurements.