How To Make Your Voice Deeper Permanently

Many people desire to get a deeper and masculine voice, some have the ability to alter their voices within a short period of time. Having said all of this, enabling their voices to sound deeper permanently can be a very difficult thing to do. There are numerous reasons as to why people would desire to alter their voices to a deeper one permanently.

A deeper voice is most authoritative. There is no way someone with a deeper voice will not sound bossy or authoritative. Scientific research proves that there are more fewer men with deep voices of in this modern days than in the ancient time.

This is as a result of the great drop between the generations that lays a negative impact on the male and female. In order to possess a deeper voice permanently, your body needs to undergo some physical changes so as to give room for the deeper voice.

How To Make Your Voice Deeper Permanently

How To Make Your Voice Deeper Permanently

Altering Your Character For A Deeper Voice.

The way you act in front of people plays an important role in your voice. People that can never listen to what other people say irrespective of who they are tends to possess a more deeper voice. People who tends to argue a lot possesses an high pitched voice.

In order to make your voice deeper naturally, taking a deep breath and also humming for a long period of time is the way to go. By so doing, your vocal cord tends to stretch. A vocal cord that is stretched enables one’s voice to sound deeper.

It is very much possible to have a nasal voice, but the nasal voice tends to sound more like a male voice when you speak through your nose. Apart from humming, straining your vowel sound also allows your voice to sound deeper.

The only genuine way your voice can be changed naturally is through medical means. When this is done, your voice no longer produces high pitched sound. The medical process of changing voice is called Voice Feminization Surgery.  In the process of the voice feminization surgery, the vocal cords are shortened and the voice box is made smaller.

Natural Means Of Deepening The Voice. 

  1. Take record of the current pitch.
  2. Position your head closer to your chin.
  3. Make use of your diaphragm when talking.
  4. Enhance your posture.
  5. Go for speech therapy classes.
  6. Go for hormone treatments.
  7. Rest for as long as you can.
  8. Go for voice surgery.

Factors That Makes Up The Texture Of Your Voice.

There are certain factors that makes up for her texture of your voice. The factors include;

  1. The Sex Of The Individual.

The gender or sex of the individual plays an important role in the thickening or softening of one’s voice. Right From birth, the male gender tends to have larger vocal cord than the female gender. At the stage of puberty, the testosterone performs to stretch the larynx.

The vocal cord also thickens and stretches as one grows older, thereby creating a deeper vibration. For this reason, the male species tends to be lower and deeper at the puberty stage, while the voice of the female remains high.

  1. Height.

The height of an individual plays an important role in the voice deepening. People that are naturally tall tends to have larger lower lungs and airway, making them to have deeper voices than the shorter people.

  1. Genetics.

It is not rare to find people within the same family that normally have similar voices. For this reason, the larynx which contains the vocal cord has countless visible variation.

  1. Hormone.

The human hormone also plays an important role in the manner in which your voice sound. Men that have obesity problems gives too much of oxygen thereby allowing their voices to be maximized. Women with obesity gives excess of testosterone which gives room for deepening of their voices.

Having excess weight influences the breathing ability negatively, giving room for difficulty in breathing, Also, being overweight also influences one’s voice negatively.  It minimizes one’s level of acceptability thereby making the vocal cord liable to injury and damages.

  1. The Human Body Anomalies.

The human body anomalies plays a vital role in the way you sound as well as your accent. One’s health condition as well as the emotional state of the individual changes the way he or she speaks and also the texture of their voices.

Medical Steps That Increases Or  Decreases The Pitch Of The Voice.

There are some certain medical steps that can minimize or maximize the pitch of the voice. They are;

  1. The Tuning Of The Laser Vocal Cord.

This laser vocal cord tuning makes use of a laser to keep the vocal cords together. The benefit of this is that it helps increase the pitch of the voice.

  1. The Voice Feminization Surgery.

Through surgical means, the voice can be changed in such a way that it no longer produces minimum pitched sound. This procedure is known as the female voice feminization surgery. In the process of the Feminization surgery, the vocal cord is mades hortened while the voice box is small.

  1. The Pitch Lowering Surgery.

This method minimizes the pitch by making the vocal cord free.

Vocal Training

Research shows that you can change your voice to produce more adequate voice. Going through series of vocal training exercises helps a lot in making the voice deepen.

Using Vocal Exercises To Relax Your Voice.

Below are some of the vocal exercises you can practice in order to relax your voice. They include;

  • Opening your mouth wide and gently closing it.
  • . Breathing deep.
  • Trilling of the tongue.
  • Buzzing of the lips
  • Carefully massaging the throat.
  • . Yawning.

Trying To Copy The Voice You Wish To Have.

This process of emulating the voice you desire to have is a good idea to practice. To get this done, pay close attention to the pitch and the tone of the voice.

Maintenance Of The Vocal Cord.

Vocal cord tends to grow fragile and weak just like the other parts of the body. In order to keep the vocal cord healthy and active, put these methods into practice

  • . Avoid smoking and smokes from any substance.
  • Avoid whispering as it can result in straining of your voice.
  • Drink plenty of water as well as beverages that are warm.
  • Minimize the consumption of alcohol.
  • Do not inhale air that is polluted as it can cause harm to the lungs.
  • Avoid shouting at the top of your voice.

Drinks That Makes The Voice Deeper.

Consuming liquids can negatively and positively influence the voice. It makes it higher and deeper. Few of the drinks tends to deepen the voice allowing the vocal cord relax. The most appropriate and acceptable way to deepen the voice is by drinking warm tea or even water. A deeper voice can also be gotten in the process of alcohol consumption.

Attaining A Deeper Voice With Water.

Consumption of water in large quantity is one of the most easiest way to attaim a deep voice. Storing water in the body gives room for the bloating of the cell which in turn affects the shape and size of the human body. When the body system is well hydrated, the vocal cord tends to expand.

The deepness of the voice is based on the form and also that length of the vocal cord. Having said a lot of this, consuming a lot of water and keeping healthy enables the voice to appear a little deeper.

The Consumption Of Alcohol Loosens The Vocal Cord.

The consumption of alcohol aids the voice in becoming deep through the process of relaxation of the body system. In the process of alcohol consumption, the human body tends to become  relaxed and free. This is one of the key aspects of minimizing the pitch of the voice. The moment the human body gets troubled, the voice begins to be maximized in the level of pitch. The alcohol does the work of minimizing the level of the pitch.

While drinking alcohol, it is important you do not drink or excessively. Anything done in excess becomes an abuse. You can also put some forms of exercises into practice.

Alcohol gets rid of liquid from the body. It is advisable to drink a lot of water in a situation where you plan on using alcoholic to deepen your voice.

Tea With Herbs Helps To Keep The Voice Calm And Relaxed.

This is one of the liquids that enables your voice to be deeper. Unlike water, the tea has to be warm so as to relieve you of every coldness in the body or any blockage in the vocal cord. By so doing, the vocal cord becomes larger and tends to vibrate occasionally on a low key whose outcome is the deeper voice. Also, the consumption of herbal tea aids in the relaxation of the body system.

The Impact Of Testosterone On The Voice.

The testosterone therapy or treatment that are given to people that wish to change their gender from that of a male has an effect on the vocal cord. Or enables the vocal cord to become thicker. The presence of the thick vocal cord gives either a minimum or a maximum pitch.

The Impact Of Banana On The Voice.

Bananas helps to keep energy levels up but they are not good for vocal cords. The bananas give additional mucus that stays on the vocal cord and results in a non visible tone.

The Impact Of Hot Water On The Voice.

The hot water is more advisable to use as it helps the throat to clear better than room temperature waters. The hot water should not be consumed alone. It should be consumed alongside honey. A teaspoon of honey should be poured into the warm water. Drinking warm water and honey helps in sustaining the voice.

Conclusion: How To Make Your Voice Deeper Permanently

Making your voice deeper requires a step by step procedure. It is important that you do not strain your voice when trying to deepen your voice.

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