How To Make Voice Clear For Singing – Improve Your Voice

Every singer uses their voice as an instrument for singing, and what is more important when it comes to making music is keeping your voice which is your instrument healthy, so it will always be ready to perform and deliver.

Singers know that clearing their voice can be likened to tuning an instrument like the guitar because clearing your voice remains the most important thing a singer has to do if the voice sounds amazing and unique.

There are steps singers can adopt when learning how to make voice clear for singing, and one of such steps is doing a dry swallow instead of clearing the throat. As a result, you might have this feeling of a frog dwelling in your throat, but you do not have to sound like a frog when you sing.

It is a quick strategy that can be done in no time, as all it requires is closing your lips and swallowing the saliva in your mouth. However, it is important to get rid of mucus around the throat, which could be why you think you sound like a frog.

Another way to keep the voice clear for singing is to drink a lot of water throughout the day before singing. One of the effects water has on a singer’s voice is that it keeps it well hydrated, and clearing anything stuck in the throat is another way to consume water throughout the day.

Surprisingly, as you continue clearing your throat, you will feel the urge to keep clearing, but this is one situation you do not want to get yourself involved in. Furthermore, talking through the urge to clear your throat is something that you must-do if you want to maintain a clear voice for singing.

Sound is produced through the vibration of vocal cords, meaning talking when trying to clear your throat will create vibrations capable of clearing mucus away from the mouth. Of course, you will not feel this same after a few minutes, but staying hydrated is one reason we cannot overlook.

Taking enough amount of water two hours before singing guarantees a clear voice, and you can trust this method to keep the vocal cords lubricated and hydrated. The lubrication that the water provides will help the throat fight off any irritation present, making sure the voice is ready to take on any performance.

On the other hand, room water temperature is what you must drink if you want to maintain a clear voice before any performance. Consuming cold water will only cause the mouth, nose, and throat to get more tightened, while hot water will promote mucus buildup in your throat.

It is okay to drink water and stay hydrated before singing, but you do not have to drink any water that comes your way. The cavities present in the sinus play a role when making a sound, so if the cavities are clogged by mucus, it will affect your voice’s sound quality.

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How To Make Voice Clear For Singing

How To Make Voice Clear For Singing


You do not need to package your voice in a bag for you to realize that it is a powerful instrument, but all you should know is your greatest instrument as a singer is right inside of you. That is your voice, and being able to sing beautifully is such a wonderful gift.

Despite having a good voice, you need to know or learn ways that will help you improve your singing voice whether you are at home or not, but many people think that singing well to be out of their reach.

Unfortunately, that thought or opinion is completely true as there are so many ways you can improve your voice so you can sound better.

The first thing you need to learn about yourself is finding out what makes you a good singer. Breaking this piece of information down and having a perfect understanding of what makes you an excellent singer can be used to your advantage when performing or singing in front of an audience.

Improving your singing voice will have to do with identifying your killer technique working on it. The following points will help you identify your killer technique when singing;

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Identifying Killer Techniques When Singing

  • Being able to control pitch
  • Having a strong support
  • Being aware of your voice volume and style
  • Having self-awareness
  • Using your own voice and not sounding like others

Tips On Improving Your Voice

Now that you understand the point that will help make you an excellent singer, working on those points will be your next line of action.

Learning how to improve your voice isn’t something you can get done overnight, but some basic tips will help you improve your voice and make you sound good. These tips on improving the voice are;

1. Picking your weak spot

It involves recording your voice, listening to it to get a clear picture of how you sound, but this recording doesn’t need to be done by an expert. Note down your mistakes and avoid them when next you try.

2. Daily Practice

Practicing daily helps strengthen the vocal cords, build a better vocal tone, and enhance your vocal range. Practicing should be done for at least thirty minutes daily, and you can either make use of a daily routine or work with a coach to help you practice.

3. Vocal Warm-Ups

This tip is essential as it is a good way to care for your mouth muscles and throat, and there are tons of vocal warm-ups and exercises that you can try.

4. Start With Breathing

The breathing exercise is a perfect way to start your singing session, and the better you breathe, the stronger your voice becomes. Breathing before singing is effective when it comes to cutting down on stress and improving a healthy state of mind, but so many people fail to use their total lung capacity when it comes to breathing.

Conclusion – How To Make Voice Clear For Singing

There are several other singing tips you can try to improve your voice, but finding what works for you also matters. You can count on any of these tips to guide and help you even when you hit a professional level.