How To Learn Music Production For Free

Do you want to know how to learn music production for free? Do you think learning music production for free is difficult to achieve?

Nothing is impossible when it comes to learning skills nowadays, and the good news is there are easy ways to learn music production for free.

Listening to your favorite mixes and songs can prompt you to clear out a room and convert it into a music production studio or space.

Maybe you have gotten an inspiration to start producing music of your own, and it would be very helpful if you could maintain this mindset and energy. Of course, this is a perfect mindset, but one thing you need to have in mind is that most things take time to perfect, so you shouldn’t be in a hurry.

Some people have been inspired by Stephen King but couldn’t write, and there are people inspired by Gordon Ramsay that couldn’t make a decent meal on their first trial.

This encourages you that some things might take some time to achieve, so you shouldn’t be in a hurry. Remember that music production is different when they say the best things about life. This, however, doesn’t mean you cannot speed up the learning process.

There are a few steps and tips we can show you on how to learn music production for free, and below is a list of these steps before we go ahead and treat them one after the other.

  • Find out what you are familiar with
  • Learn to watch tutorials
  • Get to work with other producers
  • Study everything on what you want to learn
  • Produce music constantly
  • If you can afford it, attend a music production school

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How To Learn Music Production For Free

How To Learn Music Production For Free

Find Out What You Are Familiar With

This is the stage where self-awareness comes into play, and it will interest you when you find out that there is a lot to learn when it comes to the world of music.

The best start you can make in music production is finding out new things you had no idea about, and avoiding thoughts that make you feel you do not know anything about music production will be of great help.

Diving into information you know nothing about can be very challenging, but it will end up being fantastic when you get the hang of things.

Music theory, arrangement, reverb, and compression are a few topics that you might find very confusing, so researching every one of these concepts will come in handy at some point in your life.

Finding out areas you can excel in and figuring out areas you lack confidence in is the best step you can take when learning how music is free.

Watching Music Production Tutorials

You should not stop learning even if you are the best at music production, and it doesn’t matter whether it’s your first song you are mixing or a Grammy-nominated producer.

What matters is you should never stop watching or learning things that can help you get better at music production. Few things you can learn includes;

  • New VST Plugins
  • Various techniques
  • New scales
  • New software

YouTube is another helpful tool you can learn so much about music production from, and the good thing about YouTube is the list of what to learn is endless.

There are tutorials for various aspects of music production on YouTube, so go ahead and check out the great stuff available. In addition, there are people whose full-time job is making tutorial videos, so finding something resourceful and incredible on YouTube is a huge possibility.

Work With Other Songwriters And Producers

Work With Other Songwriters And Producers

Another way you can learn is by watching other producers get to work in terms of music production.

Taking note of software being used, their workflow, and methods will help speed up your learning process, and you will find out that working with other producers helps bring its form of inspiration.

It is easy to go the wrong way or lose inspiration when you work alone, so go ahead and get into the same room with other music producers.

Study Everything On Music Production

Just as we mentioned at the beginning of this production, learning music is not something you can achieve overnight.

This is something you should love and enjoy doing because you will spend a lot of time trying to learn music production for free. There are general music production topics you can study like;

  • Music theory
  • Arrangement
  • Mastering
  • Mixing

You shouldn’t feel pressured to learn all of these at once, so spread them out and take your time to learn about them one after the other.

Studying these topics will also pay off when you start working with some clients, and studying will also make it possible for you to meet all of your client’s demands. When you study and know a good deal, you can monetize your skill, and you should be confident when you step into a studio setting.

Produce Music Constantly

You must spend a lot of time working on your craft, and trust me when I say this remains the best and simplest way to learn.

You will grow more when you work more on what you do. You will realize that you will get better at music production when you practice constantly, and learning from your mistakes is also very important.

Always try to find out why music sounds so great and understand why music sounds muddy. This will help you improve greatly.

Attend A Music Production School

Attending a music production school can speed up the learning process. Trust me when I say that being in a music environment where music professionals lecture will speed up your learning process.

Attending a music production school also allows you to work with great technology and software, which is the same technology and software professionals use. So it is a good way to start too.

The six steps we have mentioned for you should place on the right track on how to learn music production for free, and one thing we want you to remember is for you to enjoy the process that comes with learning music production for free.

You will create unique and fun moments, so go ahead and put all of these into action right away.

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