How Much Does A Cello Cost? What You Need To Know

There are different levels of Cello for players at various levels in their learning journey, and each level of Cello has a different cost. For example, student Cellos are the lowest cost while the professional Cells are the highest cost Cellos. So, how Much Does A Cello Cost? We will answer this question in this post, so continue reading with us.

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Factors That Determine The Price Of A Cello

The cost of a Cello should be in line with the quality of the Cello. Sometimes, the quality of the Cello is not always a sign of the quality of the product. As the fame of the maker increases, the value also increases. The cost of a Cello is determined by the variety of features of that Cello.

Typical Cello Price

Cellos fall under three different categories for pricing. They are;

1. Intermediate To Advanced Cellos

These types of Cellos are stronger than the student Cello. Its fingerboards and pegs are often formed with beauty, and most instruments are often constructed or formed by hand.

2. Student Cellos

These types of Cellos are for beginners, mostly students. This is because they continuously work based on tone production, bowing, and fingering. In addition, student Cellos are majorly machine-made. This is done to keep costs low in the process of maintaining the continuity of the tone.

3. Professional Cellos

These types of Cellos are majorly for amateurs. They are the epitome of a rich tone. Cellos like these are not pocket-friendly at all.

Advantages Of A Lower Priced Cello

Choosing a low prices Cello is what most people would go for when purchasing one. However, aside from the cost, there are other good reasons why you should purchase a lower-priced Cello.

Using a lower-priced Cello allows a new player to practice hard with it. This is because beginners often prefer an instrument that plays itself.

How Much Does A Cello Cost


How Much Should Be Spent On A Cello

You must know that a quality Cello is an investment. No Cello that is worth performing on is cheap. Nevertheless, Cello is often regarded as the best musical instrument, and it is because of its similarity with the human voice.

Cellos come in different price ranges, so it is important to know that you want to purchase a quality instrument. So plan to spend your time in Cello and ensure you are going for a high-quality one, also spend as much as you can.

Places Where The Best Cello Is Being Made

Nearly all Cellos are made in China. This is because they have access to raw materials that other countries do not have. Almost all the greatest shops in the world have been working closely with workshops in China.

Ever since the Post War Germany incident, no other country has produced a continuous quality as China has in stringed instruments.

Market Standard Price Of A Cello

Cello prices vary depending on certain factors. There are different instruments for every category of player. The range of Cello Price falls into three categories. They are;

1. Intermediate And Advanced Cello

Intermediate Cellos have stronger wood and are always handcrafted by a group of Craftsmen. The price of Cello in U.S currency is $300 and $ 10,000.

2. Student Cello

The student Cello possesses everything learners to need to know about the major skills with the help of a big and costly instrument. The price of Student Cello in the U.S currency is between $1,200 and $ 2,500.

3. Professional Cello

Only the most experienced players can know the effort that famous Craftsmen put into all elements of the Cello. Professional Cello uses the best wood to make the fullest tones. The price of a professional Cello in U.S currency is $10,000 or even more.

Factors To Consider When Purchasing Your First Cello

The two core factors to consider when purchasing your first Cello are the price and the quantity. Asides from these two factors, there are a few factors to keep in mind when purchasing your first Cello. They are;

1. The Playability Of The Cello

Try different alternatives of the Cello to see which one of them you like. Playability is a matter of choice, so choose wisely.

2. A Trustworthy Seller

Shop with a well-known seller and research which seller you can trust and one that also gives a warranty.

3. Maintenance Alternative

You must service your instrument after purchasing it.

4. The Price Of The Cello

Cellos come in various sizes, so you must consider the price of the Cello before purchasing it.

5. Locations Where The Instrument Will Be Played

It would help if you chose an instrument you can carry around, not the one practically stationed in a particular location.

6. Outlay Option

Lots of shops agree to trade-ins or give payment plans to assist you in buying a brand new Cello.

How Heavy Is A Cello

Cellos weigh between 5 to 7 pounds, excluding the case or bow. The weight of a Cello is determined by certain factors such as the thickness of the wood, the density of the wood, and the materials used in constructing it.

The formation of the sound of the string instrument is from the vibration of the wood as the bow is moved across the strings. A heavier instrument needs more pressure to produce sound. A heavier instrument can make a beautiful sound.

Differences Between Violin And Cellos

Image source: globalmusic

Violins and Cellos are two easily identifiable stringed instruments. The Volin is more known than the Cello.

The difference between the Violin and the Cello is that the Violin is placed between the chin and the shoulder while you play the Cello by sitting down and placing it in between the knees with the bottom pinned on the floor to make it balance.

Difference Between Bass And Cello

In terms of strings and octaves

  • The double bass has a larger string than that of cello
  • The double bass is tuned in fourth strings while the cello is tuned in fifth strings
  • The lowest note for double bass is six diatonic notes lower than C, and the lowest note for cello is C
  • The double bass is much bigger than the cello
  • Cello is more melodic than the double bass
  • Cello is tuned in C-A from the lowest to the highest, while the double bass is tuned from E to D.
  • Cello has a broader octave range compared to double bass
  • The scrolls in cellos are called tuning pegs, while the ones in double bass are called tuning machines
  • Double bass produces a much deeper sound while cello produces richer sounds.
  • The double bass goes one octave lower than the cello
  • You sit to play cello while you stand to play the double bass

Factors That Affect The Type Of Materials Used

The factors that affect the type of material used are:

  • The age
  • The style
  • For a less expensive purchase, laminated woods are used to produce large string instruments; however, the sound produced by these instruments is usually affected by cheap materials.

Difference Between Violin And Cello

  • A violin weighs about 0.88 pounds, while a cello weighs about 5 pounds
  • A violin is thinner in diameter, while a cello is thicker in diameter
  • A violin is higher on pitch and frequency, while the cello is lower
  • A violin is 23inches in size and a cello 46.6 inches
  • Violin strings are letters G D A E cello strings are lettered A D G C
  • Violin has a Soprano sound, while cello has a tenor sound.
  • Cello strings are longer than that of the violin.
  • The bow of a violin is larger than that of a cello
  • A violin varnish is played while sitting or standing, while a cello should be played seated.
  • A violin is portable to handle; a cello is bigger

How Big Is A Cello

Cellos do vary in size, shape, and height and are meant for various age ranges. There are sizes of about 30 inches designed for adults that are about 5 feet or more than, and they’re the ones made for children of about 4-6 years old, which are about 1/8 in size. The reason for building these musical instruments in various sizes of to enhance comfort for musical instrumentalists.

How Big Is A Violin

In the same way as other musical instruments, the violin does vary in size, and it usually comes in eight sizes fitting the body of an individual that intends to play it. The sizes are 1/10, 1/8, ¼, ½, ¾, 7/7, and 1/16, which are the smallest.

It also has a 4/4 size built mainly for adults; you’ll notice that I’ve arranged violin sizes in descending orders in the same way violin has been built to fit individuals in such a way that they can lift their hands when playing it.

Conclusion: How Much Does A Cello Cost

The prices of cello differ, and it all depends on the type you’re purchasing, although, the lowest in the price of this cello is the student cello that has a price range of $300-400 and the highest considered cello prices are the professional ones with a price range of $10,000.

As we have explained above, the factors that can aid the prices of these instruments are the market standard and the type you’re purchasing. However, you expect to get a professional cello type more expensive than a student cello type. So you’d also need to consider some factors I have outlined in this article before you purchase this musical Instrument.

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