Difference Between Woofer And Subwoofer

Bass is known as low-frequency sound, and it is the low-frequency driver that reproduces bass. On the other hand, woofers and Subwoofers are the best drivers for reproducing bass sound. This is because they are mainly designed to reproduce low frequencies; however, woofers and Subwoofers are different.

The difference between woofers and Subwoofers are;

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1. The Size

Subwoofers are larger than woofers. Therefore, the subwoofers reproduce lower frequencies than the woofers. Although subwoofers are pretty large, most of them are still smaller than the woofers, and they can’t have the minimum frequencies like the subwoofers.

2. Power Consumption

Woofers require minimum power than subwoofers; they consume more power because they consume minimum frequencies. Amplifiers require maximum power to hitting the lowest frequencies.

3. Frequency Range

A woofer, being a loudspeaker, is designed for reproducing low-frequency sound. A subwoofer is designed to reproduce much lower frequencies which a woofer cannot reproduce.

A woofer reproduces a broader frequency range, while a subwoofer reproduces a narrow frequency range. A subwoofer pays attention to a narrow frequency range; therefore, it reproduces full bass.

4. Mode Of Powering The Driver

Woofers and Subwoofers have their diverse ways of being powered. An external amplifier powers the woofer. It needs to be connected to the amplifier output to the power needed. Subwoofers are categorized into two. They are active and passive subwoofers.

Active Subwoofers have an inbuilt amplifier that is always built within the subwoofers box. The inbuilt amplifier helps in strengthening the input signal to enable it to move the subwoofer. The active subwoofer also has an inbuilt crossover the helps to filter out the high frequencies.

5. Digits Of Drivers

The majority of the subwoofers come as a 3- way driver system or even a 2- way driver system. In the 3- way driver system, the speaker system comprises a tweeter, a woofer, and a mid-range driver. On the other hand, the 2- way driver system comprises two drivers: the tweeter and the woofer.

Subwoofers are a single driver system; although multiple subwoofers can be built in one position, each subwoofer is still regarded as a single driver system.

Woofer Vs. Sub Woofer

Difference Between Woofer And Subwoofer

Difference Between Woofer And Subwoofer

Various speakers have different capabilities when dealing with sounds. For this reason, singers use more than one kind of speaker. They use various speakers to get a quality sound system. 

Although they are closely related, there both have little distinctiveness. In this article, we will discuss what woofers and Subwoofers are all about and their forms.

Definition Of A Subwoofer

A subwoofer is a loudspeaker that is formed to produce low-pitched audio frequencies. They can give frequent low-pitched audio frequency media and ensure the increment in the volume of the bass line.

Subwoofers consist of two types, which are the passive subwoofers and the active subwoofers. The passive subwoofer requires an external amplifier consisting of enclosure and the subwoofer driver, while the active subwoofer has an inbuilt amplifier.

What A Woofer Is All About

A woofer is an electric acoustic transducer. In other words, it is also known as a loudspeaker. A subwoofer can be differentiated by its cost as well as its size. A subwoofer is majorly plastic or wooden constructed.

The larger size of the subwoofer enables the driver to pass a lot of air while maintaining the required low frequency. In addition, the position of your subwoofer gives room for the entrance of multiple subwoofer variants.

The frequency range determines the usage of the subwoofer. The disadvantage of this subwoofer is that it makes the sound system more complex. This is due to the addition of the other speakers to protect the other frequency range.

Function Of A Woofer

The woofer changes the electric signals into sound following the law that the changes of an electric signal hasten the device’s movement and produce sound waves through the air. The speakers make the loud and clear distinctiveness that is being heard in the sound. The woofer aids the tweeter with mid-range frequencies in a home audio setting.

Subwoofers are used to produce a wide range of low sounds. Woofers, on the other hand, give high frequencies. A subwoofer is required to get a quality sound. Subwoofers give a more realistic sound and are suitable for low-pitched frequencies. Woofers are more appropriate for solid systems.

Difference Between Subwoofer And Speaker

A subwoofer and a speaker are both the same. They bother loudspeakers. The main difference between the subwoofer and speaker is that the speakers cannot produce thick low-pitched frequencies but cover high-frequency sound. The subwoofer produces a high-pitched frequency sound.


A subwoofer reproduces low-frequency sound. They are not created to be used alone. One of the significant reasons subwoofers increases the sound quality is the mid-range sound that increases when the main speakers are released from low-pitched frequency.

The sound created by an active subwoofer is known to be much better because a single amplifier feeds them both, and you can switch the crossover frequency to give an outstanding balance between the speakers and the subwoofers.

Advantages Of A Subwoofer

  • The main speaker is not required to play the low-pitched sound. This makes the best sound quality significantly increased.
  • Subwoofer’s give a high-frequency performance.
  • They go in a direction where they are needed
  • Subwoofers have an all-round smooth Sound
  • They help you reveal sounds that your speakers can produce
  • They make every notes known  Irrespective of their low frequencies
  • They blend with speakers with a full range

Signs Of A Blown Subwoofer

When your subwoofer is blown, there are sure signs it shows to make you understand that it needs to be fixed; amongst these signs are,

  • It gives no sound even when it is at its highest level; you get to know that no sounds are produced. In this case, you can check if the audio signals are delivering properly into your subwoofer to ensure that it is not the wrong connectivity settings.
  • Another sign your subwoofer gives when it is blown is a type of crooked sound; yes, some of us start to give a kind of funny sound in such a way that you cannot pick whatever note it produces.
  • You can also use a multimeter to test for a blown coil; by doing this, you can know the amount of current or voltage, And you also know if there is no electrical resistance.
  • When your subwoofer stops moving, it means that it has been damaged.

And if you suspect that your subwoofer is blown, here are ways you can check to be sure.

  • Test the movement of the cone
  • Check if the sound is clipping
  • Test for electrical resistance using a multimeter

Definition Of Subwoofer Clipping

Looking at the definition of subwoofer clipping, let’s first understand what clipping means as we have talked about subwoofer is several times in this article. Now clipping is a disturbance that comes as interference to sound, especially in full beats; It is also a stage where your amplifier Signals has lost its trough.

Therefore subwoofer clipping is when your amplifier or subwoofer is forced to carry out or push out Signals adapt beyond their power.

What Causes A Subwoofer To Clip?

There are two primary reasons why your subwoofer clip and this reasons are  Under powering and overpowering; let’s take a look at this reason

1. Under powering

This happens once when you use an amplifier that has been overworked to send in signals to your subwoofer; ask this stage your signal that has been disturbed will try to transport your subwoofer’s voice in a back and forth manner.

And this would cause the coil to vibrate because the signal is traveling faster than it should; hence, there can be a deformation Or even get the signal hooked in the magnet voice, causing severe damage to your subwoofer.

2. Overpowering

Overpowering happens if an Amplifier delivers too much load to the subwoofer or when your speaker Is loaded with too much power that it can carry. It can cause your subwoofer to clip.

What Makes A Subwoofer Good

There’s a great crossover frequency; an electric circuit helps you limit a Large number of audio frequencies produced into the speakers.  Sometimes they always come with a low pass or a highpass filter, but not in all cases.

The low pass filter helps you direct waves with low frequencies into the subwoofer,  Well the I pass filter helps you direct wave high frequencies into more giant speakers; this means that each speaker is meant to handle their various duties making your sounds clear enough.

In terms of accuracy and frequency, a good subwoofer should be able to produce high accuracy and low frequency, As one of the duties of a subwoofer is to reduce the frequency given by the speaker. Therefore, the subwoofer is good not when it produces loud bass sounds but how are the bass sounds represented.

Conclusion: Difference Between Woofer And Subwoofer

Woofer and subwoofer have their similarities; however, they both have different functions, which we have outlined in the cause of this article; how do subwoofer produce thick frequencies and the woofer is not. All features on advantages are contained in this article.

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