Difference Between Soprano And Concert Ukulele

The concert ukulele strings are longer, firm, and tight than the soprano strings. In addition, the long Neck of the concert ukulele allows the length of the keys to be more easy and simple to play.

The concert, Soprano, and Tenor are tuned the same way even though the names on the different sizes mean different tuning.

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Difference Between Concert And Soprano Ukulele

The ukulele instrument comes in more than one size. The most common types are the Soprano and the Concert.

When they are both looked at, they look the same. Irrespective of that, they both have their differences. Below is the difference between the Concert and the Soprano Ukulele;

1. The Sound

The soprano ukulele has a smaller body than the concert ukulele. As a result of the unlimited space within the body of the concert ukulele, the sound has additional space to come out from. Due to this, it maximizes the volume. Therefore, the concert ukulele is ideal for working because it is more audible.

2. The Size

The concert ukulele tends to be larger and bigger than the soprano ukulele. One of the reasons is as a result of the fact that the length of the Soprano Ukulele is an inch longer than that of the Concert Ukulele.

The concert ukulele is easier and simpler to use than the soprano ukulele, especially for beginners and those who find it hard to use it.

The Neck of the soprano ukulele is shorter, Making it suitable for younger players to use. For this reason, it is used in major ceremonies as the first instrument.

3. The Price

The Soprano Ukulele is much more budget-friendly than the concert Ukulele. The reason is that the Soprano Ukulele is a well-known and popular instrument. The Soprano Ukulele is mostly recommended for beginners. This is because it is most easy to use than the Concert Ukulele.

Merits Of Making Use Of A Concert Ukulele

When you use the concert ukulele, you get to move your fingers from the extra bit of room. In other words, you can switch between finger strumming and fingerpicking. In addition, there is a line gain in the tone and volume of the concert ukulele.

Merits Of Using A Soprano Ukulele

The Soprano ukulele is used to bring a natural feeling, being that it is a natural instrument. They are mostly used and are frequently affordable compared to the concert ukulele.

Difference Between Soprano And Concert Ukulele

Difference Between Soprano And Concert Ukulele

Which Is Preferable For A Beginner? The Concert Ukulele Or The Soprano Ukulele

The beginner’s choice or preference determines the question’s solution. For example, if you will probably want to deal with a more difficult playing, the ideal instrument to use is the concert ukulele.

When just strumming or majorly not getting serious with the instrument, the ideal choice to go for is the Soprano ukulele.

Best Concert Ukulele For Beginners

1. Lanikai LU-21C Concert Ukulele

This type of concert ukulele is very much popular. However, this type of concert ukulele is majorly designed for beginners. The sides, back, and top are made from Eastern Mahogany.

The Eastern Mahogany is also known as the Nato wood. It is used in the production of the Neck of the instrument. The wood is constructed with a maximum quality laminate.

One of the components of this instrument is the bridge and the fingerboards. The instrument weighs two and a quarter pounds as the strings are made with Aquila strings. In addition, it features a cloth and a gig bag that helps maintain its cleanliness.

Advantages Of Lanikai LU-21C Concert Ukulele

  • It is well designed with good materials.
  • It has a good start and is simple and easy to play with good additions in the package.

Disadvantage Of Lanikai LU-21C Concert Ukulele.

  • It has the probability of being costly for most people.

2. Martin C1K Concert Ukulele

The manufacturers of this type of ukuleles have been constructing since1916. The Martins have in the past made use of the KOA wood in the production of the top, back, and sides of the instrument.

There is no division used in the production of this instrument. The wood provides a full sound and gives audible sounds compared to other types of wood.

It features Spruce wood that is used for interior bracing. The Neck of this instrument is linked to the body using a dovetail joint. The Neck is constructed from hardwood with the use of a Sipo fingerboard.

One of the features of this instrument is the padded gig bag. Also, the instrument comes with a unique sound. The wood comes with no division. This instrument is manufactured in the Martin factory located in Mexico.

Advantages Of Martin C1K Concert Ukulele

  • It comes with a unique sound and plays without any form of stagnation
  • It is creatively constructed with great materials.

Disadvantage Of Martin C1K Concert Ukulele

  • It is very expensive to buy or maintain.

3. Kala 1KOA- C Elite Concert Ukulele

This is another producer of the Ukulele. It is a well-known manufacturer that produces good instruments at diverse stages. This brand is formed as a beginner instrument, although it has different characteristics from the more expensive brands.

A bracing system inside the wood tops norms and enhances the tone. The fingerboard is one of the components of the wood is gotten from the Indian Rosewood, while the Neck of the instrument is Koa. The bridge also is made from Rosewood. All of these give a unique sound with enough audibility.

There are quite many additions that come with the concert ukulele instrument. For instance, the humidifier aids in shielding the wood from the alteration of the temperature. This is a very valuable part of the strong wood instrument.

Advantages Of Kala 1KOA- C Elite Concert Ukulele

  • Excellent materials are used in the construction of these instruments.
  • It has a good sound, and it plays without stress.

Disadvantage Of Kala 1KOA-C Elite Concert Ukulele

  • It is very costly, even though it is a beginners’ instrument.

4. Luna Concert Ukulele With Gig Bag

This type of concert ukulele has a mahogany top and body. It features a walnut fingerboard and a mahogany neck which makes good sound and gains from the mahogany construction. The wave design is indeed a creative one.

The top wood on the instrument brings out sound and sound waves come out of the instrument’s surface. As a result, this instrument has great value and it also comes with a gig bag.

Advantages Of Luna Concert Ukulele With Gig Bag

  • It is very easy to play, plus it also sounds nice, and it is also constructed from high-quality materials.
  • It is a unique instrument that comes with creative design.

Disadvantage Of Luna Concert Ukulele With Gig Bag

  • The waves aren’t something that people would want to flow with.

5. Kohala Akamai Concert Ukulele

This type of concert ukulele is designed for the total beginners or starters. It is manufactured in China with the use of Eastern Mahogany with the use of the Eastern Mahogany for the sides and the back.

This wood is also used to construct the top surface of the instrument. The Neck of this instrument is constructed using hardwood, and it also features a Rosewood Fingerboard.

The advantage of this instrument is that it is not heavy to carry and is also easy for a beginner to handle. In addition, this instrument has a very great value for money. In other words, it is very much budget-friendly.

It gives a very good sound, and it plays nicely. It is one of the best instruments that a beginner can ever purchase. Although it is not the best, it is well constructed from very good materials.

Advantages Of Kohala Akamai Concert Ukulele

  • It is well constructed with a unique sound.
  • . It is pocket-friendly.

Disadvantage Of Kohala Akamai Concert Ukulele

Quite a few of them prefer better quality.

6. Cordoba 15CM Concert Ukulele

It is one of the core players on the market today. These brands produce a different level of ukuleles in a modern design. This instrument is manufactured in China. It has a strong construction and also a full mahogany body. It is a small instrument that weighs four pounds.

This instrument has a very nice sound and a little bit of punch. The materials used for the instruments are of very high quality. It is also one of the best ukuleles used for beginners. It has white binding on the body and the fingerboard.

Advantages Of Cordoba 15CM Concert Ukulele

  • It makes a rich and elegant sound.
  • It is a handmade instrument with good materials

Disadvantage Of Cordoba 15CM Concert Ukulele

  •  Few people consider it to be expensive.


There are only a few differences between the soprano and the concert ukulele. One of which is the size; The Soprano ukulele is much smaller and easier to use than the concert ukulele. However, it does not mean that you cannot use the concert ukulele for beginners.

The only problem is that the concert ukulele is more complex than the soprano ukuleles. However, there are also concert ukuleles for beginners that are even preferable to the soprano ones. This is as a result of their unique features.

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