Country Singers With Deep Voices

For hardcore country music lovers will always be in love with country singers with deep voices, and come to think about it, how will you enjoy your country music when the voice is high-pitched or shrilled. Imagining such a picture is almost impossible, and listening to a country singer with a deep baritone voice makes the soul absolutely beautiful and relaxing.

Such baritone music can put the listener to sleep, but country singers with deep voices have the various forms they come in. However, some famous and well-known country singers with low voices somehow found a way to improve their voice.

In this guide, we will be showing you some of the best country singers with deep voices that are well known and popular.

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Country Singers With Deep Voices

Country Singers With Deep Voices

Johnny Cash

Johnny was regarded as one of the greatest country musicians ever, and people always loved to listen to his deep booming voice. Johnny’s music had a way of soothing people, and what I believe is his music will be played continually for many generations yet to come.

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Josh Turner

Josh Turner is another country singer with a deep baritone voice, and his voice is one that anybody can listen to any day without getting tired. Josh Turner is an American actor and singer, and he isn’t just a vocalist, but he plays the guitar too. One of his single titled “long black train” ended up as a hit, and no one heard much about josh turner apart from the fact he was involved in a ghastly motor accident that claimed the life of his sound engineer.

Trace Adkins

Tracy Derrell or Trace Adkins is another country singer people don’t get tired of listening to, and after his debut album in 1996, Trace Adkins has gone on to release a couple of hits back to back. Taking a look at his life and how he could survive everything he went through, you can see that Trace Adkins is just another country music that is destined for greatness.

Randy Travis

Bruce Traywick, also known as Randy Travis, was yet another successful musician with a deep voice that died untimely. He battled congestive heart failure, which led his heart to stop beating. He also suffered a severe stroke in a Texas hospital and died, but one thing he is remembered for is his deep baritone voice and the melodious country music he put out for everyone to listen to.

Merle Haggard

Merle Haggard is a bad boy that later turned into a country singer, and he is termed a bad boy because he was locked up several times during his youth. Born in California in the time of the great depression, Merle wrote music based on his experiences during that time, and some of his songs people don’t get tired of listening to includes Branded Man and The Fugitive.

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Waylon Jennings

Waylon was an American songwriter, singer, and musician, and he is popular for being one of the founders of the famous Outlaw Movement. At the age of eight, Waylon was already playing the guitar, and he had his first performance at the age of twelve. Despite being a singer, he also knew how to play the guitar, bass, piano and a brilliant vocalist. He gave so many people beautiful songs to remember before his death, thanks to its lovely baritone voice.

Conway Twitty

Conway was another deep voice musician that had some success in his time, and some of his greatest hits include “I’d love to say you are down” and ‘Hello Darling.” These songs will continually leave people inspired and help love grow.

Alan Jackson

Another American songwriter and singer, Alan Jackson, is famous for penning his own songs and his unique honky-tonk style. The way he dropped his albums impressively is what most people love about him, and if you are searching for a country singer that isn’t scared of getting to work, Alan Jackson must be who you are looking for.

Chris Stapleton

Chris Stapleton’s versatility is one feature that made him stand out in his time, and his profile reads a record producer, guitarist, songwriter, and singer. He had a deep baritone voice that could melt hearts, but he decided to chase a music career when he moved to Tennessee in 2001.

Chris Young

All the entries in this guide are all older people, but Chris Young is someone younger. This young musician has a deep, melodic baritone voice, and after winning the Nashville Season Four singing competition, he went on to sign a deal with RCA records. In 2006, he dropped his debut album, which hosted some awesome songs you can never get tired of listening to.

Those are the names of the top ten singers with a deep voice, and we are sure you must have been thrilled going through the names and seeing the names of your favorite singers getting mentioned.

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