How Many Hours A Day Should I Practice Piano

How Many Hours A Day Should I Practice Piano

You might be preparing for college and wanting to learn about the piano, or you might have interests in learning how to play the piano after work hours or during spare time.

Do you think you are practicing enough? Are …

Does A Piano Need Electricity?

Before getting yourself a piano, a question you will ask yourself is, “does a piano need electricity?”. Most people are confused about whether they require electricity to power a piano, but the simple answer to that question is No.

Recently …

How Does A Piano Change Pitch?

how does a piano change pitch

If you have owned a piano for a couple of years, trust me when I say you will notice a change in its pitch. Most people still don’t know what a pitch is, but a pitch refers to the quality

Does A Piano Need To Be Tuned?

A question that is frequently being asked today is ‘does a piano need to be tuned?’. The fastest answer to that question is YES, it would be best if you tuned your piano. Even though many people might think the …