Can You Learn To Sing Or Is It Natural?

Most times, we describe musicians as gifted and talented people, but can you learn to sing, or is it natural? This is one question that people who are not into the music world tend to ask from time to time.

One fact about singing is that it has a complex nature, and understanding its origin might not be as easy as you think it is.

One other fact that plays a role in singing is genetics, and your physiology also can affect the quality of your voice.

There are people born with the ability to sing and sound impressive naturally, while others learn how to sing. However, several other facts tend to come into play asides from genetics in terms of singing.

One piece of advice we want to share with our readers is for them not to lose hope if they were not born with the natural gift of singing music.

This is to tell you that there are other ways you can become good at singing if you were not born with it, so you shouldn’t give up your hopes on singing. There are other ways you can go about it.

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Can You Learn To Sing, Or Is It Natural?

Can You Learn To Sing Or Is It Natural?

One’s ability to sing doesn’t have to be a natural thing. You can also be born with the perfect physiology and genetics that put you in a better position to become a very good and accomplished singer.

However, it doesn’t mean singing should be categorized as an innate trait. You can learn how to sing with your voice when you decide to.

We think singing is partly a skill and partly natural as you can be born with the right shape and vocal traits that will make your voice sound enjoyable and pleasurable.

It can make becoming a singer very easy, but you can also configure and control your vocal cords when learning how to sing. Trust me when I say you can also get very good at this.

Another thing you should know about singing is that it can come to a person naturally, but you cannot determine from the moment you are born if you are going to have a very good voice. In our opinion, singing can be developed, taught, and learnt.

Even in some studies today, people are still trying to find out if you can learn singing or if it is a genetic trait.

However, there is no definite answer if singing is something we can train ourselves on or if it is something we are born with on the inside.

However, some studies show that singing is a complete mixture of being born with it and learning how to be good at it. So we will not look away from the fact that genetics, and here is what we mean by the last statement we just made.

Somebody features like your nasal structure, facial structure, skull, and vocal cords all play a role in how your voice sounds, and they tend to influence your voice at one point or the other.

Singing has to do more with genetics since gender can affect your voice or the tone of your voice. For example, the differences in the size of a larynx cause men to have deeper voices while women tend to have breathier and higher tones.

In addition, genetics plays a larger role regarding how your voice sounds, but you can also take the bold step of learning how to sing by building up your voice.

You can work on your voice so you can boost your confidence, tuning range, and pitch when learning how to develop your voice.

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Is Singing Ability Hereditary?

Can You Learn To Sing Or Is It Natural?

Yes, it can be hereditary! However, one fact about music is that it seems to be a thing in the family, which is evident in some families like the Jackson 5, The Jonas Brothers, and The Oasis.

These groups proved that music could be a thing that runs in the family, and few professionals believe the family has a way of influencing your music ability. However, music running in the family doesn’t have to come from the genes but is another factor that can play a pivotal role in your environment.

Evidence suggests kids can know how to sing or will love to sing if their moms expose them to music or songs during pregnancy.

This is possible because the unborn kids are already taking in musical experiences from their mother’s womb. We cannot deny the connection between a mother and her unborn child. Music is likely to be passed from mother to child, but it doesn’t indicate that your relatives have to make music.

When you watch some music competitions and auditions, it is quite shocking for you to think or believe everyone that comes for it was born to sing.

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Some people are tone-deaf, and a small fraction of the world’s population finds it very difficult to carry a tune. Not being able to combine pitch with other vocalists or the backing music is why some people have found it difficult to sing.

You should know about the brain because it is good at perceiving and processing music, but it has no idea what vocal cords will be best for singing music.

It is very difficult for people to control their pitch and vocal cords, resulting in what we call a bad singing voice.

Steps To Learn How To Sing

Just like we said, you shouldn’t despair when you do not know how to sing or if it isn’t natural for you, but you should take shelter because you can learn how to sing.

Being a hardworking and devoted learner can make you very good at singing, even if it doesn’t run in your genes or family. Below are some tips to follow;

  • Having the right posture
  • Learning the right breathing technique
  • Learning how to memorize lyrics
  • Discovering your vocal range
  • Taking in the right diet
  • Improving your diction
  • Discovering your style and identity
  • Having a good vocal warmup
  • Knowing how to match pitch

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can You Teach Yourself How To Sing If You Can’t?

Yes, you can! You should be able to sing if you can speak, but keep in mind that improving your voice might take time and practice. It doesn’t matter if you have a good voice to start with, and learning about different singers and their styles can also help you improve greatly.

How Do I Know If I’m Tone Deaf

You can hear perfectly and still be tone-deaf. You are said to be tone-deaf when you cannot differentiate between notes and pitch, and there are several tests you can carry out to know if you are tone deaf or not.


Everything we have said in this post should encourage you and not discourage you, even if singing doesn’t come innate or natural to you. You can follow all the tips we have shared with you to get better at singing. Please tell us what your thoughts are in the comment section.