Top 5 Best USB Microphone For Voice Over 2023

USB microphones are becoming more prominent day by day. Even though there are thoughts that USB microphones haven’t gotten to the stage of replacing XLR microphones, there are lots of singers and voice-over artists out there that prefer using USB microphones in a professional setup.

USB microphones are open to several uses and suitable for use in various environments. Anyone will find these microphones easy to use as all it requires is getting power from a computer. Its plug-in and play feature help simplify its operation method, and if you are wondering what USB means, Universal Serial Bus is what it means.

Welcome to this review on the best USB Microphone For VoiceOver. For voice-over artists, this guide will show you the best products to work with. In the past few years, there has been a sudden demand for USB microphones, signifying that so many people are beginning to have faith in USB microphones. Their versatility makes them stand out from several other microphone types on the market and speaking about versatility. These are microphones that will deliver outstanding results when used for podcasting, video blogging, YouTube videos, voiceovers, and many more areas. One question you might have on your mind right now is, “should you go for a USB microphone?”.

Let’s be realistic, USB microphones are making many waves on the market today, and there are several fields you can use the USB microphone. For people who search for something that doesn’t require too much learning, the USB microphone offers just that, and the recording ability of a USB microphone is one that you cannot rival.

In some cases, professionals prefer having a USB microphone for back-up purposes, and you will agree with the saying that “redundancy saves lives.” Having a USB microphone as a backup microphone for recording purposes and voiceovers will be an easy process that will save professionals a lot of stress and frustration.

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Best USB Microphone For Voice Over – Buying Guide And Recommendation

Best USB Microphone For Voice Over

Whether you are a voice-over artist, or you own a home recording studio, a YouTube channel, or a podcast artist, using a good and reliable microphone is important. Even though USB microphones haven’t gotten to professionals’ levels yet, each day presents a new and better design.

This is why you can count on this guide to help you find a reliable and dependable USB microphone for voice-over. Nowadays, people are starting to rely on USB microphones for voiceovers. People who are already in the business already know how challenging it is when it comes to shopping for a USB microphone.

Fortunately, many manufacturers today have started making USB microphones with impressive components that make voiceovers easy and straightforward. Using USB microphones makes the entire process efficient, and you know how important it is for you to use the best tool when working.

There are new entries on USB microphones making it to the market every day, but how do you know which microphone will be best for you. There are things you should know when shopping for a reliable USB microphone.

How To Choose A USB Microphone


Knowing or having a budget is important when going out shopping, and when it comes to USB microphones for voiceovers, there are so many models on the market with different price points. Depending on what you want a USB microphone for, you will find travel-friendly and smaller models that won’t take so much from your wallet, but the price might tend to increase a bit if you want a more professional USB microphone. The amount you spend on a USB microphone depends on what you want it for.


The reason why USB microphones are becoming more popular is because of their wide range of use. However, if you want a USB microphone for voice-over, you’ll need a model of higher quality that comes with a mic stand or mounts easily on a desk. Beginner musicians are okay with budget-friendly microphones, so it will be better to shop accordingly and bear in mind what you will be using the USB microphone for before settling for any.

Pickup Pattern

Some people speak through the microphone side, while others speak right in front of it. In terms of pickup patterns, you should be familiar with all of them. The most popular is the cardioid pickup pattern that picks up voices it hears right in front of it. This is the most common pattern you’ll find on the market, and you can use them for gaming.

The next is the Omnidirectional pickup pattern that is capable of picking up sounds from all angles. If you want a USB microphone that will record everything around you, these are the best option for you to settle for, and lastly, there is the bi-directional pickup pattern. This pattern only picks up sound at its front and rear, and these types of microphones are a bit rare on the market. Back in the days, the bi-directional microphones were perfect for radio use or performing in front of a live audience.

Top 5 Best USB Microphone For Voice Over Reviews

1. TONOR USB Microphone Kit

The ease of use of the TONOR USB microphone is one feature users love about this microphone. Its compatibility with Windows and Mac devices without extra drivers makes it perfect for voiceovers, podcasts, video recording, gaming, and many more. Users are bound to enjoy impressive sound fidelity whenever this USB microphone is used. This is because it features a condenser cardioid capsule that cancels noise but picks up accurate sounds.

This microphone is suitable for communication and recordings, while its user-friendly design makes it very easy to use. It comes with a pop filter, extended boom arm, metal shock mount, manual, and a USB cable.


  • Brand – TONOR
  • Item Weight – 2.99 Pounds
  • Color – Black

Key Features

  • 1.8m cable length
  • Cardioid pickup pattern
  • USB plug type

What We Like

  • It sounds great on voice over and podcast
  • It comes with a strong clamp
  • Its quality is topnotch

What We Don’t Like

  • It delivers a loud hum

2. USB Microphone with Studio Headphone

The MAONO USB microphone comes with a studio headphone which users love, and delivering accurate and deep bass is what this USB microphone provides users with. This microphone boasts a noise reduction technology that filters away background noise and has flexible, folding, comfortable.

Durable design makes it stand out from most USB microphones on the market. This condenser microphone boasts of the chipset that offers a high sampling rate, making this microphone the best for voice-over, giving a speech, and singing.

Its versatility also owes to the fact that it has an extended frequency response, while all required to use this microphone is to plug in and play. Finally, this microphone comes with a pop filter, metal shock mount, arm stand, table mounting clamp, and more.


  • Brand – MAONO
  • Item Weight – 4.19 Pounds
  • Color – Black

Key Features

  • Cardioid polar pattern
  • Professional chipset
  • 50mm drivers

What We Like

  • This is the best for beginners
  • This USB microphone sounds so good
  • It is best recommended for professional producers

What We Don’t Like

  • It doesn’t deliver good results when used for track recording.

3. Blue Snowball iCE USB Mic

The Blue Snowball Ice USB microphone comes with a condenser capsule that provides the user with crystal clear sounds, making it the best for FaceTime, video calling and Skype, and other areas you can use the Blue Ice Snowball USB microphone includes for voice over, movie narration, podcast, and for recording vocals. If you want your YouTube videos to have a high-quality audio recording and crystal clear sound, the Blue Snowball Ice USB microphone promises all of that, and there is an instructional manual that makes operating this USB microphone quite easy. It also comes with a two-year warranty.


  • Brand – Blue Snowball Ice
  • Item Weight – 1.01 Pounds
  • Color – Black

Key Features

  • Unidirectional polar pattern
  • Corded electric mic
  • USB connectivity

What We Like

  • It offers crystal clear sounds
  • It is easy to use without needing any setup
  • This is the best budget-friendly USB microphone
  • It comes with a nice stand

What We Don’t Like

  • It tends to pick up background noise
  • It doesn’t look great all-round

4. Blue Yeti Nano Premium USB MicĀ 

We were hoping you could consider the next USB microphone when next you are out shopping is the Blue Yeti Nano Premium USB microphone, whose versatility is topnotch. This USB microphone from the Blue Yeti brand is perfect for voiceovers, podcasting, music, YouTube, Skype calls, game streaming, and more. If you are familiar with the Blue Yeti brand, you will agree that it is one of the best microphone manufacturing brands on the market, and it is one users will find very easy to use thanks to its plug-in and play design.

This microphone is a PC and Mac compatible device, and interestingly, this microphone boasts a unique pickup pattern. It comes with the Omni pickup pattern, and having a cardioid design ensures that only accurate sounds are recorded. Other interesting features of this microphone include mic mute, headphone volume, and no latency output.


  • Brand – Blue Yeti
  • Item Weight – 1 Pound
  • Color – Black

Key Features

  • Omni-directional and Unidirectional patterns
  • USB connectivity and power source

What We Like

  • This microphone looks great
  • It comes with a strong and nice stand
  • Its audio is good enough


  • Its build quality is poor

5. Audio-Technica AT2020 Cardioid Condenser Studio XLR Microphone

The Audio Technica AT2020 studio XLR microphone is the final USB microphone we will show you in this guide. Most people are fond of the Audio Technica brand as they have been making high-quality microphones for years.

This microphone’s performance is excellent, making it the best for voice-over in-home studio and project setup, and filtering off background noise is what this microphone helps users achieve. It boasts of a wide dynamic range, and high SPL handling makes this microphone very versatile during its transient response and extends frequency response result from its low diaphragm design.

Picking up sounds from the rear and front is a result of its cardioid polar pattern, and this polar pattern guarantees the isolation of external sounds.


  • Brand – Audio Technica
  • Item Weight – 1.8 Pounds
  • Color – Black

Key Features

  • Pivot thread sound
  • Sound source isolation

What We Like

  • Its sound quality is excellent
  • This is a classic and high-quality USB microphone
  • There are no problems regarding noise floors
  • This microphone is very affordable

What We Don’t Like

  • Users complained of a bad customer service
  • It doesn’t come with all the necessary accessories for use

Final Note

Thanks to our review on the best USB microphone for voice-over, you now have a good idea of what products to settle for. You can go ahead and pick the right one for you from this guide, and whether you intend to have a voice-over session in a studio, at home, in a radio station, or an office, you can count on any of the USB microphones we have rounded up in this guide for you.

All of the USB microphones in these guides are awesome, and their versatility is topnotch.

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