5 Best Studio Monitors For EDM

What studio monitor will do great for EDM? This question has turned out to be a norm nowadays, and if you are a part-time DJ or an EDM producer, you will attest to the fact that more time is spent when mixing EDM.

However, the job at hand will prove to be difficult without using the best studio monitors, and this is because studio monitor designs help producers obtain high-quality mixes. They also help music producers get the best out of any project, bringing me to the conclusion that the best studio monitors for EDM will take your craft to a higher level.

Before we go deeper into EDM, let me first explain what EDM means. EDM is an acronym that means electronic dance music, and it gained popularity about four decades ago. EDM has several genres like dance-pop, house, techno, and other genre types, but EDM can be created using a computer or software.

Stepping up EDM production is a wise idea as it will help you look more professional, only if you deem it wise to invest in high-quality studio monitors.

best studio monitors for EDM

Just like we stated earlier, making a name for yourself under electronic dance music requires using the right kind of equipment, and you don’t only invest in any sound monitor you see. Still, you spend your money on a studio monitor designed specifically for EDM purposes.

Using a studio monitor for EDM means you have decided to step up your game, and studio monitors are quite beneficial because using them allows you to listen to sounds that you might not pick up when you use another speaker or headphone.

In other words, studio monitors encourage listening to sounds the exact way it is. You can listen with precision, but not with a change in frequency or bias changes. You will sound absolutely good with studio monitors, and it doesn’t matter if your audience is using another speaker or headphones for listening.

All of these reasons we have revealed explain the importance of studio monitors in terms of EDM. Based on the variety of studio monitors available on the market, finding the right studio monitor can be very frustrating.

You cannot afford to settle for a studio monitor that will not positively impact what you do, but it will be best to have it in mind that studio monitors for EDM can have expensive price tags. Since studio monitors are expensive, you have to ensure that whatever product you splash your cash on should be worth the stress.

Studio monitors are generally important whether you are an upcoming DJ, music producer, or you love to create electronic stuff. You will find it interesting that studio monitors play a significant role in an electronic dance music setup.

There are a diverse and comprehensive depth and range of sound for EDM, which tells you that you need to go for speakers that will rise to the occasion. Using speakers that will rise to the occasion will give you this aura of confidence about your final output. Still, there are thousands of studio monitors from various brands available on the market today.

Not all studio monitors for EDM are best for the same case, but this guide will take you into the world of studio monitors based on user and critic reviews.

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Critical Factors To Consider Before Buying Studio Monitors

If you use the right kind of studio monitor, you are expanding your listening capacity, meaning you are having something similar to an ear upgrade. However, tons of studio monitors are available on the market, capable of making a person confused when shopping for a studio monitor.

If you understand some essential factors, you can raise your awareness of these products and end up with an ideal studio monitor. The first three factors are for primary level studio monitor users, so check them out.


When considering flat output quality, you need studio monitors capable of offering a flat response regardless of the frequency range. We often refer to this as the dynamic range, so what we are trying to say is your studio monitor must produce output sounds to match input as closely as possible.

You will gain complete control over sounds without distortion, and studio monitors with the high-quality build are an added advantage for EDM. High-quality studio monitors resist wear and tear, knocks, ensuring they last longer.


One can spend a small fortune in acquiring a studio monitor. Studio monitors can be affordable, which doesn’t mean they won’t offer great value or deliver in terms of performance.

It all comes down to what amount you are comfortable splashing on a studio monitor. Still, it would help if you didn’t settle for extremely cheap studio monitors that do not guarantee control over output.


The tweeter and subwoofer size are what we refer to when discussing the size of a studio monitor. When urged to produce loud, accurate, and powerful sounds, you need a large monitor and subwoofer, and these studio monitors will do great in small to medium-sized rooms.

However, for EDM producers that use a large recording room, using a large monitor will offer the results you need.

5 EDM Studio Monitors Reviews

1. Yamaha HS5 Powered Studio Monitor

This is everyone’s favorite studio monitor choice, whether you want it for professional use or bedroom purposes. What these speakers are known for is having a clear and impressive flat response, and what we find exciting about the Yamaha HS5 studio monitor is it comes packed with punches, ensuring it delivers superior bass production for electronic dance music.

Having a small size and a unique low-end design makes this studio monitor stand out from all other studio monitors on the market. If you are looking towards sculpting elaborate and deep bass sounds, the Yamaha HS5 will do the trick. You can also count on this studio monitor engineer and master sounds thoroughly when used in a large room.


  • Brand – Yamaha
  • Item Weight – 12 Pounds
  • Color – Black

Key Features

  • 5-inch woofer
  • 1-inch tweeter dome
  • 2-way bass-reflex

What We Like

  • The Yamaha HS5 studio monitor has proved to be the best studio monitor for sound producers and engineers
  • It creates exceptional and accurate sounds
  • Its speakers are clear, and its bass response is intense
  • It boasts a room control option

What We Don’t Like

  • It is not the cheapest of studio monitors


2. Neumann KH 120 A – Active Studio Monitor

This studio monitor is not just suited for EDM, but it will deliver an impressive performance when used for modern-day music. By modern-day music, what do we precisely mean?. You can use this studio monitor for trap, rap, hip-hop, and any other genre, giving you an insight into how versatile this equipment is.

Compared to the Yamaha HS5 product we just finished talking about, both studio monitors have designs that offer exceptional sound clarity, and they are best suited for small spaces. If you reside in a small apartment, but you are worried sounds will disturb your neighbors, the Neumann KH studio monitor is best suited for such spaces.

What’s more, this studio monitor comes with dual amplifiers, a four-position bass, and flexible acoustic control, and you can count on all of these exciting features to deliver a smooth transient response with a wide dynamic range.

Mounting additional hardware is done quickly on this studio monitor, thanks to its multiple input options and format. Taking a look at all of the features we have listed about the Neumann KH studio monitor; you will agree with me that it is not just suited for music production but will do exceedingly well in post-production studios.


  • Brand – Neumann
  • Item Weight – 17.5 Pounds
  • Color – Anthracite

Key Features

  • 2-Way monitoring speaker
  • Free field frequency response
  • Non-resonant aluminum enclosure

What We Like

  • These are studio monitors with honest sounds
  • It works to exceed expectations
  • They are the best for sub-bass reinforcement
  • This studio monitor offers accuracy and more at an affordable price

What We Don’t Like

  • No significant issue yet


3. JBL Professional Studio Monitor, (305PMKII)

This studio speaker might not be as popular as the Yamaha or Rokit studio monitor. Still, when the brand JBL pops up, you know it inside you that the studio monitor you are looking at has all the necessary features that will help it compete with another top-quality studio monitor.

They might be considered less fashionable studio monitors, but they are covered up for their performance. These studio monitors will sound great, and you don’t have to break the bank to acquire them.

They offer an outstanding value, and the fact that they do not get the recognition they deserve makes it difficult to comprehend. Its superior bass response is what sets it apart from all other studio monitors in its price range.

Using this studio monitor guarantees obtaining rich and warm low-end. Still, a little distortion and the clarity it offers across the high and mid frequencies make it an exceptional studio monitor.

Having a high-quality and durable build tells you this studio monitor is here to stay, and you are assured not running back to the market soon to shop for another studio monitor. In terms of obtaining powerful bass for EDM, mix, and mastering tracks, the JBL professional studio monitor fits small rooms and will rise to the occasion, offering you the flexibility required to mix either with or without a heavy low-end.


  • Brand – JBL
  • Item Weight – 10.12 Pounds
  • Color – Black

Key Features

  • New EQ boundary
  • Broad sweet spot
  • Updated LF and HF transducers

What We Like

  • This studio monitor is said to be phenomenal.
  • Past users love the way it sounds fantastic.
  • Its clarity is amazing.
  • It provides superb bass, so there isn’t a need for an additional bass boost.
  • It has a simple setup.

What We Don’t Like

  • There are no significant complaints so far.

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4. KRK RP5 Rokit G4 Studio Monitor, Black (RP5G4-NA)

When the visit the studio of an EDM producer, there is a high possibility that you will find a Rokit studio monitor there, and they have a signature appearance that makes them easy to recognize.

The Rokit KRK RP5 studio monitor delivers exceptional sound quality, and the good thing about this studio monitor is it offers so much at an affordable rate. Its high and mid ranges produce clean and crisp sounds, while its low-ends are always rich and warm.

Interestingly, this studio boasts an app user can use fine-tuning sound output, which effectively adjusts to your studio space’s work condition. Delivering prominent and full bass is another outstanding feature this studio monitor possesses, and unlike the Yamaha HS5 series, this studio monitor doesn’t offer flat responses.

Furthermore, if you are looking at expanding your studio monitor options, it can serve as EDM DJ and be used for song production. Judging from user reviews, a pleasurable experience is guaranteed when using this studio monitor.


  • Brand – KRK
  • Item Weight – 10.67 Pounds
  • Color – Black

Key Features

  • LCD screen
  • Laminar airflow
  • Front-firing port

What We Like

  • They deliver decent treble and bass sounds.
  • Its equalizer is effective in balancing sound quality.
  • It is easy to connect.
  • It has a solid build.

What We Don’t Like

  • It doesn’t come in pair.


5. YAMAHA HS8 Studio Monitor

We are rounding up this review with another studio monitor from the Yamaha brand, and what does this tell you about Yamaha products?. It shows that the brand is all about making high-quality products with the right features to compete for top spots in reviews.

Having improved bass ports and broader frequencies offers extra sound clarity, and there is no internal shielding to help boost magnet efficiency. You will have a perfect view of your subs thanks to its 8-inch LF driver, and what we find unique about this studio monitor is its high trim and room control features, used in tuning speakers to any acoustic space.


  • Brand – Yamaha
  • Item Weight – 23.6 Pounds
  • Color – Black

Key Features

  • 8-inch cone woofer
  • TRS and XLR jack inputs
  • 1-inch dome tweeter

What We Like

  • Its highs and mids are clear and accurate
  • EDM producers will be pleased with the sound quality of this studio monitor

What We Don’t Like

  • They create annoying buffeting sounds

Difference Between Studio Monitors And Speakers

Helping out with making accurate recordings is what studio monitors are all about, and this is also termed as flat response frequency. On the other hand, speakers are just for sounding good, and sometimes, they enhance or boost specific frequencies.

Hearing honest sounds is what a sound producer or engineer looks forward to because you must hear your errors clearly to take steps to fix them. In regular speakers, they mask imperfections in sounds, causing them to mislead and sound unreliable when mixing, mastering, arranging, and recording original sounds.

We do hope you enjoyed this review that contains the Best Studio Monitors For EDM.

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