5 Best Speakers For Piano Music

Naturally, a person who loves music has an ear for listening to high-quality sounds. Even though piano melody requires being listened to with clear and solid speakers, many speakers produce exceptional and dynamic sounds with extreme clarity.

If you are a piano player or love listening to piano sounds, you need to get a high definition speaker, and these 5 best speakers for piano music are glad to be of help. Enjoying classical music using a regular home sound system might be daunting, especially with the various genre of music we have. You will need a speaker dedicated to piano music to enjoy classical sounds.

Best Speakers For Piano Music

Piano speakers are one of the best innovative technology taking over the world of music. If you are searching for the best speaker for piano, there are many options available on the market. The numerous options make settling for one challenging, but you have our review at your disposal to help you make the right choice. When you are done with this guide, we are sure that you will find one that will be suitable for your needs. Every speaker that we will talk about has been tested to ensure reliability, productivity, ability to produce high-quality sound, and adapt to several situations.

One thing with these speakers is after experiencing the sounds they produce, going for a lesser quality speaker becomes impossible. The speakers we will talk about covers a wide range of features, and you will be able to make the best choice till an upgrade is required in the future. To help you make the right choice, take your time and consider our 5 best speakers for piano music below;

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Best Speakers For Piano Music – Recommendations

1. Edifier R1280T Powered Bookshelf Speakers

best speaker for piano music

The EDIFIER brand is one of the top producers of top-class sound systems and speakers, and this time, they are offering the market another reliable speaker for piano. The Edifier R1280T carries the high-quality trademark the brand is known for, and its latest innovative design doesn’t affect the sound quality it produces negatively.

The Edifier R1280T speaker offers smooth tuning, refined midrange, clear sound, and versatility at an affordable price. You can also connect to other devices using its dual auxiliary inputs, while its wireless remote enhances control.

Thanks to its auxiliary inputs, you can connect more than one device to this speaker at the same time, and guess what? You will enjoy sounds in unaltered forms thanks to its 13mm silk dome tweeter and 4-inch full-range unit.

This speaker’s exciting feature is its premium MDF wood construction that can serve as a home decoration anywhere it is kept. Upon purchase, the Edifier R1280T speaker comes with a two-year warranty.

Key Features

  • Dual auxiliary inputs
  • 13mm silk dome tweeter
  • 4-inch full-range unit


  • Brand – Edifier
  • Item weight – 10.8 Pounds
  • Color – Wood

What We Like

  • Offers exceptional sound clarity
  • Produces excellent bass sounds
  • Not bad for production and casual listening
  • Easy to install
  • Compact

What We Don’t Like

  • Muddy sound quality at increased volumes


2. Alphasonik Portable Powered PRO DJ Amplified Loudspeaker

The Alphasonik brand is a fast-rising brand in making musical instruments. The Alphasonik portable powered PRO DJ amplified loudspeaker comes with four speakers, a center speaker, and an 8-inch subwoofer to provide users with the best listening experience.

You will get a solid bass response from this speaker, and its center speaker offers similar to the type from satellite speakers. Compared to regular home theater systems, the Yamaha Alphasonik powered PRO DJ speaker produces clear sounds, and it packs a lot of punch despite having a 50-watt power rating.

With its in-built echo function, you can spice up sounds by adding some vocal effects and using its VCM feature, passing announcements and messages is made easy. Its in-built LED strobe light will wow any audience. What’s more, the Yamaha Alphasonik powered pro DJ amplified speaker comes with smooth wheels and handles, making transportation a breeze for anybody.

When speaking into the microphone, its VCV levels cuts down on the music sound level, so the audience can clearly hear you. Lastly, its high-capacity battery offers long hours of use.

Key Features

  • Brand – Yamaha
  • Item Weight – 39.7 Pounds
  • Color – Black


  • Bluetooth enabled device
  • USB media drive
  • In-built radio
  • Auxiliary input

What We Like

  • Delivers amazing quality at an affordable price
  • It puts out a lot of bass effects
  • Its sub hits hard
  • Good sound experience
  • Affordable

What We Don’t Like

  • It sounds muddy when the volume gets turned up.


3. Yamaha NS-333 2-Way Bass Reflex Bookshelf Speakers

The Yamaha NS-333 two-way bass-reflex bookshelf speaker should be your next target if you want a speaker that will create high-quality sounds. There are no questions regarding how excellent Yamaha products are, so you can rest assured that the Yamaha NS-333 bass bookshelf speaker is no different from all other Yamaha speakers.

It comes with a lot of punch as it has a power rating of 150-watts, and you will get so much power at an affordable rate. This speaker’s sound quality from Yamaha is what you won’t get from other expensive speakers on the market. Piano sounds will be projected through this speaker, and you are guaranteed to enjoy vibrant and clear sounds.

For a little amount, you will get so much from the Yamaha NS-333 2-way speaker, and what’s more, this speaker features a monster cable wiring that ensures sounds don’t get altered. You will enjoy the brightness of tones that this speaker will produce, while its waveguide horns ensure sounds goes straight to the ears and not get diverted.


  • Brand – Yamaha
  • Item Weight – 23.8 Pounds
  • Color – Black

Key Features

  • 60-watts nominal power
  • 5-inch PMD cone woofer
  • 150-watts power

What We Like

  • It has a beautiful finish
  • Delivers an impeccable sound
  • It offers superb bass sounds
  • Great beginner speaker

What We Don’t Like

  • Feels heavy

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4. Polk Audio T15 100 Watt Home Theater Bookshelf Speakers 

You really can’t talk about the best speaker brands without mentioning the Polk Audio brand. They offer great quality on all of their products, and their affordability is another feature that attracts the eye. Its impressive performance level will make you enjoy piano and other classical tunes, and these speakers can function either as a home theater system or alone.

They have a high sound versatility level, and one feature that past users admire about these speakers is their wide dispersion that produces clear and crisp sound with low distortion. Matching this speaker sonically enables them to function perfectly, which tells you more about this speaker’s quality. Zero distortion is what users will enjoy from this speaker, and its low distortion design is due to the magnetic shielding the speakers are enclosed in.

The magnetic shielding prevents interference between the speaker and other electronic devices. Its 89dB sensitivity allows users to enjoy balanced and lush sounds, making you feel like you are at a live concert. The downside of this speaker is at extremely high sounds, you will get a rattling sound at the speaker’s end.

Despite the rattling sound it produces at extremely high volume, this speaker still performs excellently. Low distortion and low resonance are significant benefits of the Polk Audio T15 speaker.


  • Brand – Polk Audio
  • Item Weight –
  • Color – Black

Key Features

  • 5.25-inch dynamic balanced driver
  • T30 center channel
  • Wall-mountable bookshelf speaker

What We Like

  • Outstanding value
  • Has clarity and airy highs
  • It packs a lot of punch
  • Impressive sound quality overall

What We Don’t Like

  • Are not supported by amplifiers


5. Acoustic Audio AA5170 With Powered Sub

There are many speakers for piano on the market, and they all share one common thing; claiming to be the best. The truth is it is hard to figure which speaker is perfect, but to enjoy classical and piano tunes, you need the Acoustic Audio AA5170 speaker.

This speaker has a power rating of 700-watts, and compared to other brands of speakers on the market; you will be impressed with the level of performance that this speaker delivers. Its unique design makes it the envy of all other brands on the market, and it isn’t just used for listening to piano or classical tunes, it can be used for gaming purposes.

Connecting other devices is what the Acoustic Audio speaker is designed to do, and connecting to other devices is made possible using its 3.5mm audio jack input. Its subwoofer casing increases the bass value and bass response, and all of its features tells you the value you will get if you settle for this speaker.

If you are not listening to piano sounds with this speaker, you can use this speaker for watching a movie. The Acoustic Audio AA5170 speaker is a highly recommended product


  • Brand – Acoustic Audio
  • Item Weight – 20 Pounds
  • Color – Black

Key Features

  • 700-watts power
  • 5-channel output
  • Bluetooth connectivity

What We Like

  • It makes old records sound great
  • It doesn’t reset when you turn it off
  • Produces warm sounds
  • Ideal for small spaces
  • Excellent design and build

What We Don’t Like

  • The remote control is difficult to use
  • Produces a crackling sound when the volume is increased

Music is one thing we would never get tired of, and the piano is a sweet instrument that will produce melodious tones. It would help if you used a high-quality speaker to enjoy the tones a piano produces. With recent advancements in technology and how we view things, a lot of improvement has been made to the speakers’ world.

The piano speaker is one of such advancement, and to get the most out of your music and tones, you need the best speaker that will increase sound quality like never before. Whether it is for performances or use in the studio, using the best speaker plays a significant role that will either break or make your efforts.

You have seen our best speaker for piano review, and you can trust that you won’t go wrong with any of the products we have discussed in this review. They promise to deliver exceptional sound clarity, balanced and lush sounds, minimal distortion, zero interference, and many more.

Despite narrowing down the search to the best five for you, we know it can still be a bit confusing to make up your mind on one. This is why we brought out our buyer’s guide to help select a speaker that will match your needs.

Best Speaker For Piano Buyer’s Guide

So many times, you must have heard that the speaker in a room determines the speaker’s performance. The question is, have you tried putting it into practice? To enjoy piano music either at home or in a live concert, you will need to buy a reliable speaker.

Consider rearranging the speaker setup in your room because the speaker will perform to its highest potential with the right speaker setup in your room. You should pay attention to your speakers’ listening position and avoid putting speakers in rooms with hard surfaces because hard surfaces are capable of deflecting sounds.

Furthermore, before making up your mind on what speaker to buy for piano, you need to make a detailed list of features you desire to enhance performance. Do you need a 61-key keyboard piano, or do you need a full piano? Will you make use of the piano almost every time? Do you have other instruments you will like to connect to the piano speaker? Do you want a piano that looks like the acoustic type or wants something portable that won’t take up too much space?

It would help if you asked yourself a couple of questions before you go about shopping for a speaker for piano. Our buyers guide addresses critical features that will help in finding the right speaker for your piano. These features are not exhaustive, but it is out to give you insight into things you should consider when shopping for the best speaker for piano. Have you seen our review of the best karaoke microphone with songs?

Important Factors To Consider When Shopping For A Speaker For Piano


Without being told, every speaker’s sound is one essential feature you need to pay attention to. The internal sound library and the speaker set is what you should consider when it comes to sound. Speakers for pianos always possess more than one sound type, and while focusing on piano tones, you should also pay attention to other instruments that can help spice up sounds. It would help if you also find out other instruments and genres that will boost the sound quality.


Polyphony is a word you will come in contact with when shopping for a speaker for a piano. Polyphony talks about the notes that can be played without the sound cutting off early. To avoid getting cut off while playing the piano, you must make sure your piano has polyphony. Having 64 notes of polyphony ensures that you won’t get cut off irrespective of what you are playing, but entry-level keyboards do not have sufficient polyphony counts. Not having sufficient polyphony counts is still okay for beginners.


Depending on what you want to use a speaker for, you should consider going for a lightweight option. If you are a musician that moves around a lot for gigs, you need portable and lightweight speakers. It would help if you also had speakers that are compact, so storing them and moving them around also won’t be a problem.

Features And Accessories

Whatever you decide to spend in acquiring a speaker, ensure that what you get will offer great value for what is being spent on it. This means paying attention to the features a speaker has, so you can decide if it will be worth spending your money on. Given most speakers’ nature on the market, a speaker with few extras will be a significant win for any piano player.


These best speakers for piano listed here should make shopping easier for you. We maintained a positive mindset, and we kept to our word that we will provide you with the best available out there. You can go on and select that speaker that’s your favorite without further delay, and you can trust any of these speakers to know what you can offer while playing the piano.

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