5 Best Open-Back Headphones Under $300

Have you ever imagine a life without headphones?. Not only is it unthinkable, but headphones are not ordinary gadgets. They tend to become a part of our lives, which explains why we use them almost everywhere, even on the go, on the bed, and when embarking on trips.

There are so many headphones available on the market, some are of good quality while others are bad. Some headphones are affordable, while others are costly. However, the question is, which headphone is the best to spend your money on.

Today, we will be dealing with a particular headphone budget or category, so we officially welcome you to our best open-back headphones under $300. When a headphone is expensive, it doesn’t really mean it is of good or high quality.

However, a product’s performance doesn’t depend on its price, but on some important features. These features include noise cancellation, sound quality, audibility, weight, and some other notable features. There are thousands of headphone manufacturers on the market today, and this could make shopping for a good headphone very impossible.

Best Open-Back Headphones Under $300

Life without music will make use completely lifeless, but if the source that delivers the music doesn’t give out the best, your music ends up being lifeless.

This review is set out to listen to music on headphones to another higher level. Listening to any of the headphones we will introduce to you will offer an excellent satisfaction level, especially after a hectic day at work.

Open-back headphones are the next big thing after closed-back headphones. However, open-back headphone designs have flaws like improper sound isolation and sound leakage, but so many people still prefer the open-back headphone to closed-back headphones. Their superior sound stage and imaging designs guarantee impressive overall sound quality.

If you hit the market to shop for open-back headphones, my best guess is you are not familiar with the benefits of such a headphone. This is a good time to present to you what open-back headphones are, how they function, and several other interesting features they possess.

If I take a guess, the headphones you are familiar with are the traditional closed-back headphones, which possess ear cups made using solid or hard materials to keep sounds from leaking. Closed-back headphones might have a brilliant design, but you will have to struggle with muddied sounds in the long run. You will deal with overlapping instruments and unpleasant sounds.

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Benefits Of Open-Back Headphones

Listening to songs from closed-back headphones feels like listening to songs in a closet with the door tightly shut. Compare the listening experience of a closed-back headphone with that of an open-back headphone, and you will see that listening to songs on an open-back headphone guarantees a live concert experience.

You will be able to hear various instruments and how they get into the ear, and open-back headphones guarantee to listen to songs the way they ought to be listened to.

The sound stage is the sensation used in describing the ability to separate and differentiate instruments. Open-back headphones possess a larger sound stage compared to closed-back headphones.

Open-back headphones use an ear cup material to achieve a larger sound stage, and this ear cup material is responsible for sound waves escape.

The truth is we have no idea what your budget for an open-back headphone is, but you might not be looking at spending over three hundred dollars for purchasing an open-back headphone.

5 Best Open-Back Headphones Under $300 Budget

1. Sennheiser HD 599 Open Back Headphone

The Sennheiser HD 599 open-back headphone is the first product we will be introducing to you in this review, and what you are looking at is a headphone capable of producing audiophile sounds.

Not only does this headphone produce audiophile sounds, but it is also designed using high-quality and premium materials that ensure its durability.

We find the padded headbands and well-covered ear pads very interesting, as they come together to offer users long hours of listening pleasure. Users will not feel any form of pressure on their ears when using the Sennheiser HD 599 open-back headphone.

Another feature you will love about these headphones is their multiple connectivity options. The use of premium components in its design guarantees low distortion and excellent dynamics.


  • Brand – Sennheiser
  • Item Weight – 8.8 Ounces
  • Color – Ivory

What We Like

  • These headphones from Sennheiser delivers audible bass sounds.
  • Its setup is easy
  • The Sennheiser HD 599 open-back headphone is versatile.

What We Don’t Like

  • So far, so good, this headphone has no significant flaws.

2. AKG Pro Audio K245 Open-Back, Foldable Studio Headphones

Up next on this detailed guide is the AKG Pro Audio K245 open-back headphone built to deliver a legendary performance when used on the go or in the studio. The amount of comfort and performance this open-back headphone offer makes it an excellent headphone for professional use.

Talking about premium components, this headphone boasts a 50mm transducer, which delivers the best frequency response, and more excellent low-frequency extension for the best detail and unrivaled clarity.

You can take this studio-quality headphone with you anywhere you go, thanks to its folding design, while its headband has a self-adjust design that guarantees a firm and perfect fit.

It also boasts of slow-retention foam earpads that offer users undiluted comfort at all times.


  • Brand – AKG
  • Item Weight – 10.4 Ounces
  • Color – Black

What We Like

  • These headphones will fit perfectly into a $300 budget.
  • Its design is just perfect.
  • This headphone is versatile as it can be used for gaming.
  • They have a solid feel and will last long.

What We Don’t Like

  • None for now

3. Sennheiser HD 599 SE Around-Ear Open Back Headphone

Another open-back headphone from Sennheiser to find its way to this interesting review tells you the Sennheiser brand means business when it comes to making high-quality products for the market.

This is one headphone with an extremely high compatibility design, meaning it is built to connect with so many devices including, tablets, phones, and computers. It is a headphone designed to push performance, and for those looking for headphones that will offer exceptional sound design, impressive build quality, and also featuring a timeless design, the Sennheiser HD 599 SE open-back headphones are the best for them.

Users are promised superior hearing comfort when using this top-class headphone, and this is due to its well-cushioned ear pads and fitted headbands. You will see quality the first time you set your eyes on this headphone, as this owes to its matte metallic silver accent.


  • Brand – Sennheiser
  • Item Weight – 9.2 Ounces
  • Color – Black

What We Like

  • This headphone from Sennheiser has the most accurate and precise sound stages ever.
  • It boasts a super comfortable design.
  • It offers a lot at just three hundred dollars.

What We Don’t Like

  • They tend to feel a bit heavy when worn for long.

4. Philips Fidelio X3 Wired Over-Ear Open-Back Headphones

This might not be among the top headphones brand or famous brands, but the Philips Fidelio X3 open-back headphones offer uncolored, natural, and wide sounds.

An impressive feature of the Philips X3 open-back headphone is its 50mm multi-layered polymer capable of delivering smooth and full midrange, well-detailed highs, and impactful bass sounds.

Users will also enjoy spacious and immersive sounds, thanks to eliminating pressure build-up behind the diaphragm. Being designed by premium materials tells you this headphone will have an attractive look and a smooth finish, while its unbalanced and balanced inputs allow connecting with other audio devices.


  • Brand – Philips Fidelio
  • Item Weight – 13.4 Ounces
  • Color – Black

What We Like

  • Users are guaranteed to listen to high-quality audio sounds.
  • The best for an easy and comfortable listening experience
  • You can use these headphones for music and gaming.
  • It also offers clear audio quality.

What We Don’t Like

  • ┬áIts headband interferes with the ear cups.

5. DROP + HIFIMAN HE5XX Planar Magnetic Open-Back Headphones

We have gotten to the final product of this interesting review, and though this might be the last product in this review, it doesn’t mean it is lower in quality than the rest. It is made using ultra-components that guarantee comfort and fidelity, and the sounds users will get from this will have improved clarity and unmatched balance.

Unlike other poorly designed headphones, the Drop planar magnetic open-back headphones offer a better fit, and this also helps in enhancing fidelity and comfort. What’s more, its high-quality components push this headphone to put together an efficient and superb performance.


  • Brand – Drop
  • Item Weight – 12.5 Ounces
  • Color – Black

What We Like

  • This headphone offers a good sound.
  • It has an impressive audio quality.
  • Its ear pads are large.
  • Users complimented its comfortable and lightweight design.

What We Don’t Like

  • Users complained about its lack of fit.
  • Its treble frequencies experience distortion at higher volumes.
  • Few hours of use and this headphone produces a horrible smell.

Buying Guide

Let us be realistic, whatever product you are in the market to buy wouldn’t be bought for free, and the products you have found in this review were not suggested or based on promotions. These products were selected based on several factors, and user review and rating is one of them.

These products have proved their durability, reliability, performance, function, and ability. Based on all of these factors we have mentioned, we were able to develop the five best open-back headphones that will be ideal for a three hundred dollar budget.


Finding out the weight of an open-back headphone is extremely crucial because we wear these headphones on our necks. A headphone’s weight must be light and comfortable; else, you will not find it convenient to use.

Using bulky headphones means you will struggle with heavy headphones that are uncomfortable and difficult to wear or carry around. The lightweight headphones on the market are constantly being bought, but if you are shopping for a headphone for studio use, it will be great to think that studio headphones are heavy sometimes.


Like we mentioned earlier in this review, various headphones have varying designs, and these designs are made to suit various people and purposes. Not every headphone will be suitable for everyone, and everybody isn’t meant to like the same type of headphone.

Some headphones are capable of producing the best sound quality, while some are not comfortable or well-cushioned.


Three hundred dollars is enough money to get you a durable product, so don’t allow anyone tells you to need to spend more to get a durable product.

The product’s reliability and strength are what the term durability means, and the durability of the products listed in this review was judged based on in-built designs, folding ability, a swiveling head, and many more features.

Buying a headphone is very easy, but getting an assurance that the product you are settling for will give you what you want is difficult. There are many factors to look at when shopping for an open-back headphone, and the list of features to look at is usually a very long one.

You can count on this guide as your instructor to show you the best open-back headphones that will deliver the best sound listening experience for three hundred dollars. Some other features that we paid attention to when carrying out this review include;

  • Waterproof design
  • Controls
  • Noise cancelation
  • Battery life
  • Microphone
  • Sensitivity
  • Impedance
  • Frequency response
  • Cable length


Headphones can be likened to our daily needs. It isn’t something we buy every day, but it can sure be something we make use of almost every day. Another important aspect of headphones is that they relate directly to the ears and brain. This is why whatever headphones you go for must be the best. Among the million products present on the market today, our best five products promise to offer users the best listening experience ever. Check them out today.

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