5 Best MPC For Beginners

Music Production Controller, popularly known as MPC, was first called the MIDI Production Center. A Japanese company known as the AKAI company has earned an excellent reputation for making the best MPC machines that deliver unbeatable performance.

For people who are newbies to MPC machines, this guide will show them the best MPC for beginners, which will help select the best for them. One interesting fact about the MPC machines is that they come with updated software combined with lots of exciting features that’ll make music production easy, even while on the go.

Music production is a bit challenging, even though most people fail to realize this fact. A person can end up being a better music producer by using the best music production controller.

Fortunately enough, you have this review at your fingertips to show you the best MPC and guide you to work with them and become a better music producer.

Best MPC For Beginners

As a beginner, you should ensure that the MPC you want to work with offers the level of creativity and quality you desire.

We will be showing you the top five products you can trust, few factors to take into consideration before making a final purchase, and simple steps that will help you get excellent results from your MPC machine.

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Top 5 Best MPC For Beginners In 2023

1. Akai Professional MPC X Fully Standalone MPC

The Akai Professional MPC X offers users 10.1 inches high resolution. In terms of storage, the Akai Professional MPC X boasts having 2GB of RAM, 16GB of internal storage, and 10GB of pre-installed content. Its large SD card slot is another feature that attracts the eyes, and if you have a knack for sounds, you have found the perfect MPC that will produce impressive sounds that hit hard right out of its box.

The entire kit of this MPC machine from AKAI includes; a safety manual, quick start guide, software download card, USB cable, and a power adapter cord. Its standalone functionality is another feature that will impress any buyer or user. Other functions that will leave you thrilled to work with this MPC machine includes; real-time time-stretching, clip launching, audio track recording, Ableton link, MPC software, pitch shifting, and many more.

Its 16 RGB pads design makes this unit highly responsive and sensitive to pressure and pace. Beginners will love to work with the AKAI Professional MPC X machine as it comes with ten world-class sounds and an in-built 16gigs.

Finally, you can access all of the sounds on this MPC machine, and these sounds can be added to the library using either the SD card or USB thumb drive.


  • Standing screen display size – 10.1
  • Manufacturer – AKAI
  • Item weight – 12.48

Key Features

  • Compatible with Windows 8.1
  • Multi-touch display
  • Various inputs for phono, instrument, line, and mic
  • Two USB slots


  • It has a solid construction.
  • Portable music production machine
  • Powerful and versatile
  • It comes with numerous learning resources.


  • Has update issues


2. Akai Professional MPC Studio Black

The AKAI Professional studio MPC is by far one of the best to ever grace the market. It comes with 16 pressure and velocity-sensitive backlit pads, allowing users to be creative and expressive when making sounds or input music into the software.

With controls like touch-sensitive knobs and full level controls, users will have adequate control of the MPC software and work accurately. Portability is also another desirable feature of the AKAI Professional Studio MPC as it measures less than 1 1/2 inch thickness, meaning it can easily fit into a laptop bag.

An outstanding feature the AKAI professional studio MPC comes with, which you won’t see on most MPC machines today, is a large LCD screen. Thanks to a large LCD screen, music producers will find it easy to create tracks without looking at their computer.

Its aluminum data dial offers a better and longer during the performance. It has a USB port feature connection that makes working anywhere with your laptop possible. A feature that helps this MPC from AKAI stand out is its ability to combine an exceptional MPC production with your computer’s processing power to make high quality and clean sounds.


  • Standing screen size display – 3.6
  • Manufacturer – AKAI
  • Item weight – 2.55 pounds

Key Features

  • Touch-sensitive Q-link knobs
  • Overdub mode
  • Impressive workflow


  • It works like a charm as you can produce beats in a few minutes.
  • It also produces more explicit videos.
  • Easy to work with
  • Affordable price tag


  • Upgrades cost more
  • Difficult driver installation process


3. AKAI Professional MPD218

Suppose you want an MPC machine that supports the integration of iOS’s platform and DAW’s. The AKAI Professional MPD218 MPC machine is up to the challenge. Despite being a portable MPC machine, it also supports various drum controller use, which is considered a significant improvement compared to other MPC models.

The older models used gray, old-style pads, but the AKAI Professional MPD218 MPC machine ditched the older model’s style and came out with FAT MPC style pads that also contribute to its classy and stylish look.

Furthermore, many users continually express satisfaction over working with the AKAI MPD218 MPC machine because of its simplicity and ease of use. Overall, the device has a solid build, and even though it comes in a plastic case, everything looks and feels sturdy. It comes with full-sized encoders, and with just the use of a cable, music producers can plug in and play anytime.

Going by reviews, many people are pleased with the build and performance of the AKAI Professional MPD218 MPC machine, and we can proudly say it is just the perfect MPC machine for beginners and professionals.

We find unique about this MPC machine its synth engine, enabling music producers to search for sounds, mixdown tracks, and edit samples. You should know about this exceptional MPC machine from AKAI because it will host AU/VST plugins, giving users unmatched compatibility with high standard virtual studio technology.


  • Item Weight – 1.65 Pounds
  • Manufacturer – AKAI
  • Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 10, 8, and 7 compatible

Key Features

  • Thick fat MPC pads
  • Melodic samples
  • 16-pad with backlit LED


  • Heavy-duty and high-quality pads
  • High-value MPC machine
  • Great velocity-sensitive and good response
  • Does its job very well
  • Works fast, instant, and reliable


  • Has double triggering issues
  • Terrible pad sensitivity


4. Akai Professional LPD8 Wireless

An MPC machine with performance and portability levels is what the AKAI Professional LPD8 wireless MPC is all about. Like the AKAI MPD218 MPC machine, this machine also boasts of providing excellent beat creation abilities.

Music producers will also enjoy an outstanding pad experience when making beats and sounds, and compared to older models that had a USB port, this right here comes with a micro USB port, which promotes stability. This MPC machine comes with a newer drum pad version with no standard USB port, making this unit very reliable and better.

Users can send messages and musical notes with this MPC machine at 127-velocity, and it doesn’t matter how much force gets used in sending these messages. The AKAI professional LPD8 wireless machine proves to be a great beat machine, and guess what; it sells for an affordable price too.

It is portable that one can quickly put it inside any backpack and move around with it conveniently. Having a compact size also makes this beat machine the perfect travel companion for any music producer. If you intend to use this beat machine every day, you should consider going for its rechargeable batteries.


  • Item Weight – 45Kg
  • Manufacturer – AKAI
  • Standing screen display size – 0

Key Features

  • Dual pad banks
  • Eight backlit pads
  • Four stored programs
  • Bluetooth compatibility
  • USB power or battery


  • It can be used with adobe lightroom
  • Improves workflow on editing
  • Gift item for an event photographer
  • An ideal solution for DAW and desk issues


  • Poorly packaged
  • Unacceptable pads
  • Pads are not enough for triggering.


5. AKAI Professional APC40MKII

Working with the AKAI APC40MKII MPC machine means having complete control of the Ableton live. Having full control of Ableton Live means users will have control over mixer parameters, Ableton’s clip matrix, virtual effects and instruments, and many more.

With this high-quality MPC machine, you will be able to produce, jam, and create exceptional sounds, and judging from past user reviews, we realized that many users were left impressed with this MPC’s live lights. The AKAI APC40MKII MPC machine enables users to get to work immediately, and you can create sounds without second-guessing yourself.

After connecting this MPC machine to your computer, and it turns on, the live feature detects the APC40 automatically, and one way to tell if the setup is working is through the live session view, which shows a colored ring. Furthermore, having a robust producing suite makes this MPC machine an excellent choice for making beats. Its production suite includes; air hybrid, Sonivox twist, Ableton live lite, and 5GB internal rhythm and loops.


  • Item Weight – 3.97 Pounds
  • Manufacturer – AKAI

Key Features

  • Eight endless knobs
  • 40 device control buttons
  • LED rings show selected parameters
  • Four buttons for additional control options


  • Lightweight
  • Impressive knob placement
  • Flawless Ableton sync
  • Exceptional functionality


  • Lots of mapping errors and glitch
  • Crossfader gets broken easily

There you have our top five best MPC for beginners, and we are sure that getting to this point with us means you have found the best music production companion. If you still have doubts, check out our buyers guide below, and learn a few things that will make product selection easy for you.


Best Beginners MPC Buyer’s Guide

History Of The AKAI MPC Drum Machine

If you are conversant with the hip hop production community, you will attest that the AKAI company is the leader of the best samplers and drum machines used in making beats. Since their introduction into the music production market in 1984, the AKAI company has been among the top companies since they are valuable in many music genres. They are well known when it comes to hip hop sampling, and below are the benefits of working with a drum machine when producing music;

  • A drum machine provides music producers with various sampling functions, making special effects, customization, and automation accessible.
  • I am working with a drum machine with workflow precise and straightforward. The entire music production process becomes comfortable and smooth when working with a drum machine.
  • Finally, if you have a drum machine in your studio for making beats, you will find it easy to time your beats.

At the beginning of this guide, we mentioned that you wouldn’t only gain information on the best MPC for beginners, but you will also learn some factors you need to consider before making a final decision. Here are a few things you need to consider before settling for any MPC machine;

Factors To Consider When Shopping For An MPC Machine

Your Budget

Your budget should be the main factor you consider before making a purchase. As a beginner, we are sure you will like to settle for a machine that oozes high quality and will last for a long time. You need to think deeply about what you need because you might get an MPC at a cheaper rate with fewer features. You should remember that you might need an advanced MPC machine in the future, so why not get it now?

Following the rule of thumb, you might decide to get something that lies in the middle, going for an MPC that isn’t too expensive or too cheap.

Why You Need An MPC Machine

The AKAI drum machine samplers are the best in music production, but the truth remains that they can do great during live performances. The AKAI MPC machines we listed in our review earlier have been used by some DJ’s during live shows, so before making a payment for an MPC machine, you should be sure of what you need it. If you want an MPC machine that will be used for music production alone, make sure you purchase a device that supports just that.

The Features You Need

A good AKAI drum machine has lots of exciting features; depending on why you need an MPC machine, you need to consider the features each MPC machine offers. This point is similar to what we stated earlier when discussing why you need an MPC machine; if you want an MPC for sampling, make sure the device you are getting has features that support sampling.


Any MPC you want to get must be durable. You should pay close attention to the pads because they are used on a large scale, and their design must be very rugged so they can take rough and rugged use. Settling for a durable MPC means you won’t be back to the market sooner to shop for a replacement.


There are two types of MPC; the analog and the hybrid. When you want to buy an MPC, ensure that what you are getting will make learning easy. The analog and hybrid MPC can be used by beginners too, but beginners should go for the analog setup because it is easier and faster to learn.

Choice Of Sound

Lastly, your choice of sound is another essential factor that should be looked at. All MPC machines do not produce the same sounds because some produce warm sounds, while others have vintage sounds. Other MPC machines can make gritty sounds; whatever sounds you want is a personal choice, and you need to go for what you prefer or what feels right for you.


For beginners, shopping for quality and top-performing MPC will require a machine that will satisfy your needs. You are new to music production, so you will need an MPC that has all the features you need, with the ability to produce the right kind of sounds.

Settling for any of the products we have discussed in this guide means taking a step higher in making beats. There is a guarantee that all MPC machines listed here are of high quality and will last long.

These products meet the criteria for beginners, so you are making the right choice by settling for any of the MPC machines listed here as a beginner.