Top 3 Best Microphone Stand For Desk

It is a little bit to multitask, especially when your table seems crowded and looks like a huge mess. So let’s take a look at something you can work with to cut down on stress a bit when working, and this is why we have brought you this review on the best microphone stand for desk.

If you have been looking for a microphone stand for a desk you can work with; you have found the right page.

Due to the rise in technology this century, many changes have been made in man’s daily pursuit. You can see these advancements in different apparatus, machines, and devices that people work with as newer models are making their entry into the market daily.

A demand for increased productivity in media has also given rise to an advance in technology of some of the materials and instruments media personnel work with.

So many people chasing a career or life in the media sector are mostly podcasters, Youtubers, content creators, voice-over artists, and many other media professions.

Being a part of this highly creative field requires you to use the best gadgets, devices, and instruments if you want to end up as the best or be listed among the best in what you do. One of the most important instruments or gadgets a media person needs to work with is a microphone.

Receiving inputs of various kinds, either from music or speech, can be achieved using a microphone, but a microphone stand is required if you want to get the most out of your microphone.

This review clearly emphasizes the best microphone stand for a desk, and a mic stand for a desk is crucial for getting the best out of your microphone and working in a place with limited space.

Are you considering an audio setup? Shopping and owning a microphone stand for a desk is one of the wise investments you can make. But imagine how terrible the outcome will be or how devastated you will feel when your microphone worth over a thousand dollars or five hundred dollars falls and hits the ground when in use.

This is likely to happen if the microphone isn’t able to stand on its own, and this is another reason you need a microphone stand for your desk.

The safety of your microphone is another factor you need to consider if you are still contemplating whether you need a microphone stand for the desk or not. This interesting review will discuss some of the critical factors you need to look at before making a payment for a mic stand, and we will show you some of the best products and deals on Amazon.

While researching microphone stands, someone described mic stands as the unsung heroes of studios and stages.

Most people tend to relegate mic stands to the end of the list of items they need for their studio when they want to go out shopping, but mic stands should be occupying the next spot after microphone because of how essential they are. Hence, the role of a mic stand in studios, and you cannot overlook offices.

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Best Microphone Stand For Desk – Buying Guide And Recommendation

Best Microphone Stand For Desk

One important fact we want our readers to bear in mind is that a microphone that isn’t well held will likely have a disastrous fall. However, you cannot go online to shop for a mic stand or walk into the market to shop for a mic stand when you do not have detailed information about it. Therefore, knowing the types of mic stands available is a good place to start.

3 Best Microphone Stand For Desk Reviews

1. Peak Music Stands SM-02 Mini Tripod Microphone Stand

This mini and portable tripod mic stand for desk are best used for lectures, meetings, podcasting, and the fact that it has a portable design makes carrying it about very easy.

Its lightweight design also contributes to the ease of moving about with it, and you can easily stick it away when not in use, thanks to its legs that you will find very easy to fold. This is a well-designed tripod stand known for its additional strength. Its clutch makes it well secured and locked during use.


  • Product Name – Peak Music Stands SM-02 Mini Tripod Microphone Stand
  • Brand – Peak Stands
  • Item Weight – 1.14 Pounds

Key Features

  • Quick clamp levers
  • Folding legs

What We Like

  • It is best designed for tabletops and drum mics
  • It has a lightweight design
  • It is well built

What We Don’t Like

  • It isn’t as portable as described

2. Neewer Desktop Desk Microphone Stand Foldable Tripod

The combination of durable construction and non-slip feet are two features that make this mic stand very attractive. It is the perfect mic stand for use during meetings, podcasting, broadcasting, lectures, live interviews, and home studio recordings. You can also use this mic stand for instrument and equipment recording sessions.

What we love most about this microphone is how you can place it at a perfect angle for voice-overs, podcasting, and other activities. In addition, it is lightweight and compact, while its sturdy build makes sure it lasts for a long time.


  • Product Name – Neewer Desktop Desk Microphone Stand Foldable Tripod
  • Brand – Neewer
  • Item Weight – 3.8 Ounces

Key Features

  • 3/8 inch threaded mount
  • 5/8 inch adaptor

What We Like

  • It is less expensive
  • It works just as described
  • It is functional despite having a small build

What We Don’t Like

  • None

3. On-Stage DS7200B Adjustable Desktop Microphone Stand

Anyone looking for a mic stand for short height milking should consider going for this mic stand designed by the On Stage company.

Few people might have reservations about the On Stage company because it isn’t as popular as the products we discussed earlier in this post. Still, this product comes with the right build and features to compete with several other high-profile mics stands on the market.

It is designed to offer a high level of stability, combined with the ability to repel vibrations, thanks to its strong sand-cast construction.

It boasts a non-slip rubber foot that makes sure it stays in position and doesn’t move about when in use while having a chrome finish makes it attractive. It also comes with a top standard screw design, making screwing any microphone to this mic stand super easy.


  • Product Name – On-Stage DS7200B Adjustable Desktop Microphone Stand
  • Brand – On Stage
  • Item Weight – 1 Kilogram

Key Features

  • Removable shaft
  • Sand-cast base
  • Die-cast steel clutch

What We Like

  • It is easy to adjust
  • It is recommended for Youtube and podcast beginners
  • It looks great

What We Don’t Like

  • It isn’t stable when used with a condenser microphone

Types Of Mic Stand

Round Base Mic Stand

The round base mic stand is the most common and basic mic stand you are likely to come across on the market, and this mic stand is characterized by its weighted round base structure, a shock mount or threaded clip, and single rising pole, which all combines to provide microphones with a firm grip or hold.

Its base is made using a die-cast steel material, and this steel material base construction provides the base with the support and strength to hold a mic.

Stage singers will benefit more from this mic stand type, and the fact that it has a small footprint base makes it easy for singers to go very close to it without tripping over it.

Tripod Boom Mic Stand

This is another common mic stand that anyone will come in contact with when searching for a mic stand, and the combination of an extendable boom arm and three legs would hold any microphone steady.

The good thing about this type of stand is that you can easily adjust to suit any position working in a studio or live environment. Still, you should take caution not to overextend the center of gravity which might cause it to fall.

However, trip hazards are one of the problems most users have complained about when using the tripod boom mic stand, and this also explains why so many people are comfortable working with the round base mic stand.

Scissor Arm Boom Mic Stand

This is the type of mic stand you can easily mount on the wall or the desk, and you can easily flex this type of mic stand to match your seating position.

Its springs and elbow joints make it easy to reposition, and it is commonly found among podcasters and broadcasters. In addition, its base has a swivel design that makes it easy to swing out the microphone when not in use.

Desktop Mic Stand

From the name of this type of mic stand, you can easily decipher it was designed for use on desks. However, if you don’t intend to use it on the desk, you can also work with it on flat surfaces. This is why it is a popular choice among content makers, YouTubers, podcasters, singers, voice-over artists, and more.

What To Look For In A Mic Stand

There are a couple of features you have to look out for when you go out to shop for a mic stand today, and these features are what we will be discussed below in this post.


There are mic stands that come with adaptors and multiple clips so that you can work with optional shock mounts. These accessories are what you should look out for when shopping for a mic stand today, but also have it in mind that not all mic stands come with these extra accessories.

In some cases, you might have to purchase these accessories separately so you can work with your microphone. On the other hand, Thread adaptors are very important when converting two different standard thread sizes.

Solid Build

When you are recording, you must hold your microphone securely. This means your microphone should remain in a fixed position and not move around, but there are heavier mics that tend to move around or sag despite being placed in a mic stand. This scenario is common when you use a cheap quality mic stand.

Easy To Extend

Ensure that the mic stands you have made up your mind on will extend to meet your requirements, and this is why short tripod mic stands are best suited for guitar and kick drums. However, it will not be ideal for an overhead kick drum because it cannot extend to that height.


The center of gravity is one point you need to note when working with a mic stand, and this is why round base mic stands do not come with boom arms. This is because the center of gravity will move upwards and outwards when a heavy mic is attached to a boom arm, which can topple the mic stand.

This is why boom mic stands tend to have tripod legs, but tripod legs tend to cause a trip hazard when working with them.

The case of tripping over tripod mic stands is the reason why the round base mic stand remains the best choice for use on stage.


This is one crucial factor you need to consider when shopping for a mic stand. If you are going to do a lot of packing and unpacking gadgets every day, be sure to pick a durable mic stand.

Just a few mic stands are durable, and you need mic stands built to be sturdy and can endure a punishment.

Conclusion – Best Microphone Stand For Desk

Desk mic stands come in various designs, shapes, and sizes, and some are designed with a tripod stand for additional support.

Other desk mic stands are designed with boom arms for adequate microphone positioning, so having a good idea of the various options you are open to will help you make a good choice. But, again, trust every information in this post to help you make the right selection.

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