Best External Speakers For TV

It is always frustrating and disappointing when your expensive 4K high quality TV fails in producing the type of sound quality you want from it, and we guess that the reason why you have decided to click on this page and read this guide is because you are searching for the best external speakers for TV. You have come to the right place as this guide will point you in the right direction of the best speakers you can connect externally to your television.

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Why Do I Need External Speakers For My TV?

If you are reading this post then you need external speakers for your television. Some people might still be wondering why they will need an external speaker for their TV, but if you have noticed that the quality of sound your 4K television produces is below quality then you certainly need an external speaker. The reason why the high quality and expensive television produces low quality sounds is because they come with tiny inbuilt speakers.

The fact that the size of the inbuilt speakers are tiny shows that they cannot deliver big or loud sounds. In some cases, manufacturers try to add an acoustic technology to these television, but these acoustic technology do not sound as loud and big as you will like it. What we are trying to say is that no matter the inbuilt speaker technology that a television comes with, it will never be able to sound like the external speakers you connect to a television.

This is a fact and one fact that cannot be contested, and we do not mean that external speakers are going to sound better than every television set out there. The truth is so many television models have low quality volumes compared to when you connect them to an external speakers. With external speakers, they are going to sound better, clearer, brighter, and bigger. The question you should be asking yourself is if you need an external speaker.

Are you pleased with the sound your television speaker produces? You do not need external speakers if your television sounds very good. You will definitely need external speakers if you are not comfortable with the sound quality of your television. Another reason why you need external speakers is for you to connect the speaker with any other equipment you have in your home like a CD player or a turntable.

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Best External Speakers For TV

Best External Speakers For TV

How Can I Connect My External Speaker To My TV?

You can practically connect any pair of external speaker to any TV, but running this connection isn’t as easy as you will think. It is not just a simple plug and play option like most people think, but you might be required to make use of additional instrument or equipment in some cases. The type of audio inputs that is available on the rear panel of your TV will determine how easy or difficult connecting an external speaker to your TV is going to be.

Having external speakers in some cases might require you to connect it to a TV but with the help of an integrated amplifier, so there is always a way of connecting a speaker to a TV no matter what type of speaker or TV you have.

External Speakers Vs Soundbars

The truth is external speakers and soundbars will sound good when they are connected to a TV, and even bookshelf speakers will sound good when they are connected to a television. However, bookshelf speakers cannot be the deal breaker for you. The truth about soundbars is their design keeps getting better by the minute, being very easy to install is another reason why so many people are getting comfortable using them in their homes.

Anyone who doesn’t have a TV stand and doesn’t want to deal with speaker stands then using a soundbar is the best option for you. Using a soundbar means you do not have to worry about using an external piece of furniture, so you have to compare between a soundbar and external speaker to know which of the options you are comfortable with. Before going ahead to shop and make a payment for an external speaker, there are features you should note.

These features are going to make shopping for the best external speakers for TV very easy, and without wasting further time, the next section of this post is going to talk to you about what features you need to take note of when shopping for the best external speakers for TV.

Important Features To Note

The way you shop for external speakers for TV is not different from how you shop for any other speaker, and besides all of the types of speakers you have to consider for use with your television, there are few other factors that you need to take into consideration. There are important things you should consider when shopping for the best external speakers for TV, and we are talking about factors like connectivity, price, sound quality, and other factors.

The truth is finding out the sound quality of speakers before buying them can be a little bit difficult to tell, but some of the best ways to figure out if a speaker sounds good or not is to read reviews about a particular speaker or test the speaker out before making use of it. There are people who like speakers that have elevated sounds, strong mid range emphasis, or great bass quality.

Boomy bass is the type of bass sounds people do not want, as boomy bass sounds are known to sound distorted, so you should try avoiding these speakers. Price is another factor that is similar to finding out the sound quality of a speaker. There is a possibility that you can get a good sounding speaker at an inexpensive price tag, but this will require you to take a more deeper look.

Another crucial aspect to take a look at is connectivity, and this is one factor that you should never look away from. Connecting an external speaker to a TV is what you want which explains why you are still reading this guide, but it is better when you shop for a speaker that will not require you to buy an extra equipment to connect it to a TV. This is why it is very crucial that you check the inputs the speaker comes with before making a payment for it.

What we are trying to say is the input on the speaker should match the inputs on the speaker, and make sure the inputs on the speaker is sufficient for all the other equipment you will love to connect to the speaker. Now that you know all the features you should be on the look out for when shopping for the best external speakers for TV, come with us as we show you the top picks we have rounded up for you.

Best External Speakers For TV Review

1. Amazon Basics AC Powered PC Multimedia External Speakers

We are opening up this interesting review with the AmazonBasics AC Powered Speakers which boasts of having a dual inch 2.5 driver that makes sure users enjoy notable bass sounds and impressive stereo quality. This is one speaker that everyone will find very easy to work with as all that it requires is for you to turn it on and adjust its volume. It comes with an easy to control design, while its buttons simplifies operation.

Plugging in and playing is all that is required for this speaker to function, and plugging like we mentioned here means plugging this speaker into a wall outlet for you to power it up. It boasts of having a 3.5mm audio input that makes it easy for you to connect more than one device at the same time. It comes in an inbuilt headphone jack that makes it possible for you to connect headphones.


  • Product Name – Amazon Basics AC Powered PC Multimedia External Speakers
  • Brand – Amazon Basics
  • Item Weight – 2.76 Pounds

Key Features

  • Volume control
  • 3.5mm audio input

What We Like

  • It offers great value
  • These speakers sound great
  • It is very affordable

What We Don’t Like

  • It has low bass delivery
  • Its knob is sensitive to volume control is a bit poor

2. Logitech 3.5mm Jack Compact Laptop Speakers

This is a very attractive speaker that has a shiny black color which will attract anyone to it, and it is quite surprising that this five watts of speaker will produce full and rich stereo sounds for every user. This is the best speaker for anyone who has limited space, and having a low profile and compact design means you can easily position this speaker on desks. Its power controls and on-speaker design means finding your way round this speaker is easy.

Interestingly, this speaker comes with a 3.5mm audio input that makes connecting with CD players, DVD, MP3, and headphones very easy. So many people are scared of the setup they will have to face when they buy a new speaker, but not to worry as this speaker from Logitech has an easy setup. All you have to do is connect this speaker to your desktop, TV, or laptop using a 3.5mm plug.

It is also designed to work with Mac OS and Windows devices.


  • Product Name – Logitech 3.5mm Jack Compact Laptop Speakers
  • Brand – Logitech
  • Item Weight – 1.30 Pounds

Key Features

  • Headphone jack
  • Power controls

What We Like

  • This speaker has a compact design
  • It has a great sound quality
  • They are durable
  • They are affordable

What We Don’t Like

  • Its bass settings is impossible to change

3. Bose TV Speaker – Soundbar for TV with Bluetooth and HDMI-ARC Connectivity


If you are looking for the best speaker option for your TV then you have found the right speaker that will make it easy for you to hear your TV sound better. This is a Bose TV soundbar that doesn’t just make your TV sound better, but it helps in clarifying speech. Producing natural and wide sounds is what this speaker is designed to do, and this is based on the fact that this speaker comes with full range speakers that delivers realistic sounds.

Enhancing dialogue sounds is what this soundbar is all about, and it only requires a simple setup operation for you to set it up. Having a compact design means this speaker will not use up too much space anywhere you place it, while having a remote control makes operating and navigating through this speaker very simple.


  • Product Name – Bose TV Speaker – Soundbar for TV with Bluetooth and HDMI-ARC Connectivity
  • Brand – Bose
  • Item Weight – 7.58 Pounds

Key Features

  • USB and AUX In options
  • Remote control

What We Like

  • Five star product
  • Sounds natural and fantastic
  • Impressive volume control

What We Don’t Like

  • It produces flat bass sounds

Powered Or Passive Speakers

Powered speakers or active speakers as they are also called are speakers built to have amplification, and they do no require the help of an additional equipment to function. All that is required when making use of powered speakers is for you to connect them to your television, plug in and play, then you are ready to start making use of it. The passive speakers are the opposite of powered speakers as they do not have amplification.

This means they will require the help of an additional instrument for them to function, so you will require the help of an integrated amplifier for them to function. This means you are going to connect the amplifier to the TV set before connecting the amplifier to the speaker. Making use of powered speakers are more convenient as installing and hooking them up is very easy. They sound very good and do not take up too much space where they are kept.

Anyone searching for the top of the line speaker will get a good sound quality from passive speakers, but you will also require the use of a high end amplifier for them to function. Better quality is guaranteed when you make use of passive speakers, but you will have to pay so much more. What we think is powered speakers are the best option for anyone who wants to boost the sound of their TV.

Anyone building an audiophile sound setup is going to be pleased and contented using a passive speaker.

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