Best DJ Speakers For House Parties

Shopping for the best DJ speakers for house parties can be very tricky and confusing because of the numerous speakers you will come across on the market, and you will have to find your way through several specs and brand of speakers in order to fine the best. Whether you are a beginner to the world of being a DJ, you are a wedding DJ, or you have a DJ gig every weekend, having the right kind of gear will help you excel in your field.

You might not be new to hustling as a DJ, but one gear that guarantees bringing all of the excitement to the crowd is the speaker you use. You might also find a very expensive speaker you don’t need that will end up taking all you have in your wallet.

Fortunately for you, we have decided to bring an end to all of the confusion and tricks by bringing you this interesting review which talks about the best DJ speakers for house parties. This guide features five solid recommendations after carrying out our research, and you will be updated on what you should be looking for and what you need to know concerning DJ speakers. The first thing we want to explain to you is what the term ‘DJ speaker’ means.

What Is A DJ Speaker?

Most people often ask if DJ speakers are special types of speakers DJ’s use for their gigs, and even though the statement isn’t wrong, it is also not exactly true. Most people make use of the term ‘DJ speaker’ to refer to speakers that can be used in pumping out loud volume of songs to a number of people at a venue, and this venue could be a wedding reception venue, a dance club, a school auditorium, and other similar places.

Dj speakers are used at venues where one or more speakers are required to play songs so everyone in the venue can listen and feel the songs played by the DJ. There is nothing special about the term ‘DJ speakers, and this is the same case with PA speakers which basically means a public address system. It is safe to address DJ speakers are power speakers, DJ sound system, or powered PA speakers. However, a DJ speaker is not a studio monitor.

While carrying out our research, we found out that so many people tend to confuse DJ speakers for studio monitors, and some people are tempted to think a DJ speaker can be setup together with a studio monitor. This is wrong and also not a good idea, and studio monitors are designed in a way that the sounds they produce isn’t capable of filling up an entire room. Playing loud sounds through studio monitors might end up damaging them.

On the other hand, DJ and PA speakers are designed with the purpose of playing songs at very loud volumes without worrying about these speakers getting damaged. These speakers are also designed to handle any form of abuse, making them one of the most rugged and durable speakers you will ever come across on the market.

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Best DJ Speakers For House Parties – Buying Guide And Recommendation

Best DJ Speakers For House Parties

As a DJ, it is very necessary that the right tools and equipment are used for your kind of job. This means you should not consider using a studio monitor for the job of a DJ speaker, so you should consider investing in a reliable DJ speaker if you are already into DJ gigs or you are planning to. Having the right DJ speaker for your gigs doesn’t have to do with the sound quality alone, but it also makes you appear like a professional that you claim to be.

House parties are becoming more common nowadays as people have taken comfort in inviting over friends so they can share some drinks, wine, and dine. Having a wild party DJ, friends, drinks, and food is all you need to get your house party going, and you can end up having a house party that will end up being the talk of the town for a long time. In order for you to achieve this, you will need to have the best DJ speakers for house parties in your possession.

Let us face the facts, it is impossible for you to walk into the market or shop online for a DJ speaker you know nothing about. You should be well informed about the spec, features, functions, pros, and cons of a speaker before you can be able to make a payment for it. Having a speaker that can handle extremely loud volumes is what you need if you intend becoming a successful DJ, and you need a speaker that will not compromise on sound quality.

Compatibility is one of the features of every speaker you should take a look at before making a payment. We are in the age where everything is almost becoming wireless, so having a Bluetooth enabled DJ speaker is a wise item to invest in. Bluetooth enabled speakers makes listening to music very convenient, so you can decide to listen to your music anywhere and anytime. Before going ahead to splash your cash on a DJ speaker, here are few factors to note.

Important Factors To Take A Look At When Shopping For DJ Speakers


The needs in this context refers to the where you will be using the speaker and the type of event it will be handling. This is because all speakers are not designed to function the same or be used in the same environment, so making a research about the venue and type of event will give you an idea on what speaker type to settle for.

Speaker Features

A very good speaker should come equipped with an amplifier that will produce sounds with no distortion. It should also have a woofer which is responsible for controlling a speaker’s bass level, while its tweeters will control the treble horns. A good speaker should also come with horn speakers that aids the tweeter in producing desirable sounds.


This talks about the amount of amperage required to power up a speaker, and you will need a speaker with high wattage if you intend playing songs at very loud volumes. Your home speakers should have about eight watts, but speakers used at events and clubs have about 800 to 2000 watts which makes it possible for them to play extremely loud music. However, watts might not be a necessary factor to consider since you intend having a house party.

Power And Accessibility

Power in DJ speakers gets supplied either by using a battery or plugging the speaker into an electrical outlet. The batteries used for such speakers are always lightweight, and they end up creating more setup options for users. Batteries might not last long as expected and this might end up being additional expenses on your path, so you should opt for a speaker with a wireless connection like the Bluetooth connection.

Having a Bluetooth compatible speaker means you will be able to play songs from other devices like your computers, mobile phones, and laptops.

More On Best DJ Speakers For House Parties

When trying to create a beat or play songs to a very large crowd, your speaker needs to have the right power setup to make your audience go crazy. Having the DJ speakers for house parties among your gear will make the party a success, but the audience might not be able to hear the songs clearly if you end up with a poor quality speaker, or if the speaker doesn’t have enough range.

Like we mentioned earlier, you do not need so much power since you will be using the speaker in a house party. Having too much power on the other hand might lead to production of distorted sounds.


Having the right speaker and the best playlist means your house party will be so much fun, and the importance of using a speaker fit for an event cannot be overlooked. All the speakers we have mentioned in this guide possesses what it takes to make your house party a blast, so you can go ahead and shop for any of these speakers right away.

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