Best Component Speakers For Sound Quality

The best component speakers for sound quality don’t deliver sounds with loss in sound quality, distortion at high volumes, or harsh and tiny sound performance. Shopping for component speakers means paying for a premium sound experience, and we came up with some of the best products that will make your sound experience worthwhile.

Let’s be realistic; not all cars come with the speaker quality we want. However, replacing your car speaker with component speakers is a good way of upgrading or boosting your sound experience. You can trust these decent speakers to offer a superior sound performance that will allow you to hear every detail clearly.

Coaxial models are known to have a lower price tag, and trying to set up your own component speaker might be a little bit too expensive or challenging when you decide to go and shop for one. However, the range of component speakers we will be discussing here delivers full harmonious sounds that will match your sound preference. You will be able to have absolute control over your choice by using dedicated speakers like component speakers.

The truth is you will feel very overwhelmed with the options you will come in contact with if you are new to speakers.

It becomes a bigger problem if you have conducted no research whatsoever to help you make a good choice. For example, coaxial speakers are designed to feature the combination of a tweeter and a woofer in one, and some component speakers are designed to separate the tweeter from the woofer.

A crossover is added in the case of component speakers, which causes independent speakers to sound better. However, you can also tell that they will compromise a lot in coaxial speakers since they are designed to have a tweeter and woofer in one setup.

These compromises are the reasons why so many people have settled for component speakers rather than coaxial speakers. So many audio enthusiasts could tell from how both speakers are set up that component speakers will deliver clearer and better sounds.

In terms of installation, it might be a little bit difficult to install the component speaker on some vehicles than coaxial speakers. Therefore, when shopping for component speakers, you should remember to reserve an extra amount of labor that you will use in installing component speakers.

Just like we mentioned earlier, anyone looking to upgrade his car’s sound quality should install component speakers. Component speakers come with an additional crossover, which ensures they sound great and better than most speakers.

The tweeter and woofer of component speakers are designed to focus on delivering frequencies that cause them to deliver cleaner and better sounds, and versatility is another interesting feature of component speakers. In addition, there are several ways you could mount a component speaker in your car.

With everything we have said about component speakers, you will have an insight into what you stand to benefit from when you purchase and install them in your car. Of course, everyone would like better and cleaner sound quality from a high-quality speaker, but the problem lies in shopping for this speaker.

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Best Component Speakers For Sound Quality – Buying Guide And Recommendation

best component speakers for sound quality

It doesn’t matter whether you are driving your child to school, driving yourself to work, or paying a friend or relative a visit, turning on the radio and listening to some songs is bound to happen now and then.

Your car’s factory-installed speaker might not do justice to the sound quality you desire, and upgrading your car speaker to component speakers will provide you with that live concert sound experience you desire.

Component speakers are designed to guarantee you do not miss out on any sound detail or beat, making every ride a pleasurable and memorable one.

However, you can’t simply walk into any store and pick a component speaker you find attractive or appealing, and you do not have to be bothered if it is your first time to hear about component speakers. So we have come to your rescue with some top products for you.

5 Best Component Speakers For Sound Quality Reviews

1. JBL GTO609C Premium 6.5-Inch Component Speaker System

The JBL has been a trusted brand for over the years, and so many people believe the JBL brand makes speakers that are durable, trustworthy, reliable, and worth the price tag. The JBL GTO609C component speaker comes with carbon-injected plus one cone to produce more bass sounds and allow more air movement. Its soft dome tweeters are associated with oversized voice coils that offer higher power handling and effective heat dissipation.

It comes with a patented I-mount system that makes way for flexibility, and it boasts a dual-level tweeter volume design that covers its less than perfect speaker placement design.


  • Product – JBL GTO609C Premium 6.5-Inch Component Speaker System
  • Brand Name – JBL
  • Product Color – Black

Key Features

  • Carbon-injected plus one cone
  • Soft dome tweeters

What We Like

  • It delivers clear and crisp sounds performance
  • It puts in a legit sound performance
  • It produces a good sound quality for its price tag

What We Don’t Like

  • A customer complained about this speaker sounding tired.

2. Rockford Fosgate R165-S Prime

Delivering premium sound quality is what the Rockford Fosgate R165 Prime speaker is designed to do. The fact that it comes in an easy-to-install package simplifies the installation process.

Mounting this speaker will be easy as it comes with necessary mounting hardware, and every car owner can trust this speaker as the right replacement speaker for their car’s factory speaker.

Its tweeter has an inline crossover that accommodates surface, flush, and angle mounting options. In addition, it comes with a one-year warranty backing.


  • Product Name – Rockford Fosgate R165-S Prime
  • Brand – Rockford Fosgate
  • Product Color – Black

Key Features

  • Integrated crossovers
  • 6.5 woofers

What We Like

  • Its woofer sounds well driven
  • They are the perfect fit for most Toyota cars
  • They sound super crisp and loud

What We Don’t Like

  • Not for bass

3. GTO609C Two-way, 6-1/2″ car audio component system

This speaker is very similar to the first speaker we talked about at the beginning of this article, and their only difference lies in the speaker size. Having carbon-injected plus one cone means this speaker will generate more bass sounds and promote better air movement.

It possesses soft dome tweeter oversized voice coils that makes way for fatigue-free highs, smooth high power handling, and effective heat dissipation, and one last feature we want you to be aware of regarding this speaker is its low-impedance three-ohm speaker that covers up for undersized and low-quality wires you will come across in almost every car today.


  • Product Name – GTO609C Two-way, 6-1/2″ car audio component system
  • Brand – JBL
  • Product Color – Black

Key Features

  • Three-ohm speakers
  • Dual-level tweeter volume adjustment

4. 2-Way Car Stereo Speaker System

The next speaker we want to discuss as we get closer to the end of this review is a two-way speaker from the Pyle brand, and people who are familiar with speakers also know that the Pyle brand specializes in making high-quality speakers for the public.

Offering high-quality resonance sounds is where this speaker edges several other speakers on the market, and playing your favorite tracks as loud as you want is possible with this Pyle speaker.

Enhancing your car stereo is what users love about this speaker, making it one of the best OEM replacement speakers you will ever come across. In addition, it comes with a non-fatigue rubber suspension that will keep this speaker safe at all times.


  • Product Name – 2-Way Car Stereo Speaker System
  • Brand – Pyle
  • Product Color – Black

Key Features

  • 6.5-inch speakers
  • 360 Watt power

What We Like

  • Its audio sound quality is crystal clear
  • They sound better for their price tag
  • Past users praised their awesome design

What We Don’t Like

  • Broken speakers were delivered

5. MB Quart FSB216 Formula Series

We are rounding off this interesting review with the MB Quart FSB216 Formula Series speaker, which comes with a sweet spot for every listener. Interestingly, this speaker comes with aluminum dome tweeters that pave the way for extended frequency response, high-quality sound output, and natural music reproduction. In addition, having a butyl rubber surround will provide a deeper bass impact and make this speaker durable.


  • Product Name – MB Quart FSB216 Formula Series
  • Brand – MB Quart Store
  • Product Color – Black

Key Features

  • Aluminum dome tweeters
  • ABS gasket

What We Like

  • This component speaker works great
  • It is ideal for anyone shopping on a budget
  • It boasts of having a reliable and solid setup

What We Don’t Like

  • It has big tweeters that might not fit behind stock panels


How To Install Component Speakers In Your Car

We mentioned earlier that installing component speakers isn’t as simple as installing coaxial speakers. That is quite true, but installing component speakers isn’t as difficult as most people often describe.

The internet is a fountain of knowledge that will provide detailed step-by-step information on getting things like installing a component speaker done. Using the right set of tools will ensure that you get this speaker installed in a matter of minutes.

We recommend that you go online and watch some Youtube videos on installing component speakers, and you might be lucky to find some extra piece of information. Remember that no knowledge is lost, so try checking out some videos and files that talk more about installing component speakers in your car.

Shopping for component speakers might be easy for some and difficult for others, but it all comes down to what information you intend to shop with at the end of the day. Equipping yourself with the right piece of information will make the shopping for a component speaker very easy. Therefore, we have decided to talk to you about the right features a component speaker should have before you go ahead and make a payment for it.

Without having a good idea of these features, you might not be able to make a good final decision, so check out these features below.

Features To Look For When Shopping For Component Speakers

Whatever component speaker you go for should at least be a two-way class speaker, and this could be in the setup of a budget bass woofer or mid-range woofer with a high-frequency tweeter. In addition, a component speaker will be able to deliver accurately picked electrical signal response if it has a unique electro-dynamic driver, and you can carefully convert these signals into sound waves.

Furthermore, the woofer should be made with rigid and flexible material, and some surround helps absorb resonance.

This flexible and rigid material woofer absorbs resonance without distorting at higher sound levels or sound muddy, and one other aspect you need to take a look at carefully is the overall build of a component speaker. Component speakers should be made using premium quality materials that guarantee longevity, and amplifier restrictions are another aspect you shouldn’t overlook.

Having a good idea of impedance and ohms your amplifier channel works with will also guide you in making a well-informed decision.

If you have a good idea of these features and more, you are guaranteed to leave a highly competitive speaker market with a solidly built and trusted product. One piece of advice we want to give to everyone is you get what you pay for, so you should understand that the cheap component speaker and the bit expensive ones will not deliver the same sound performance.

It doesn’t mean price determines the quality of sound you will get, but the ones you might spend a few extra dollars on might end up sounding way better because of their high-quality material and component construction and design.

Conclusion – Best Component Speakers For Sound Quality

You will find many component speakers on the market, and modern manufacturing has made it possible for everyone to find a component speaker that matches their budget.

It means you will find a component speaker that will serve you regardless of how much you spend. You can dramatically improve your sound experience by replacing your coaxial speakers with component speakers.

Trust every information provided here is to help you make the right choice, and good luck when you go out to shop for a component speaker today.

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