Best Classical Guitar For Small Hands

Apart from babies, there are men and women with small hands due to their small sized body frame. Having a small sized body frame with small hands makes it impossible for these people to easily play a full sized, standard guitar. It is easy for them to play a small sized and small scale guitar, and that is why this guide will be helpful when it comes to shopping for the best classical guitar for small hands.

For some obvious reasons, people with small hands and a small sized body frame will be aiming at using small scale classical guitars for small hands, while advanced players on the other hand will be aiming at playing a standard and an expensive classical guitar.

So many stories online will point you in the direction of people who have struggled with tough chord stretches because of the small sized fingers they have, and this guide on the best classical guitar for small hands will make it easy and convenient for these people to find a classical guitar they can easily play. Guitarists with small hands find it very difficult to find a suitable guitar to play with, and small scale guitars were popular before the world war II. Large sized guitars were designed because guitarists started playing for radio broadcast, playing in large sized halls, and joining some live bands.

Over the last two decades, there has been a sudden increase in men, women, and children interested in playing the guitar. Seeing this new development, guitar manufacturers took it upon themselves to produce different types of guitar that will be perfect for different musical genres, and this gave birth to classical guitars. There are some variables that play a vital role when designed a classical guitar for small hands, and these variables includes the guitar’s body size, its scale length, and its neck radius. The neck radius of the guitar refers to the fingerboard’s relative curve and how fat the back of the neck is between the fingers and the thumb.

Neck Radius

A fat neck radius for guitarists with small hands feels like gripping a baseball bat, and even though it might be okay to swing, it will be limiting when playing the guitar. There are models from the Hofner and Ibanez brands that make guitars with very flat radius, very slim necks, and a narrow string spacing.

Scale Length

The scale length of a guitar refers to the string length from the bridge to the nut, and the resultant fingerboard spacing that lies between frets. The result you get from playing a guitar with a short scale length is lower string tension and soft action.

Body Size

The body size of any guitar depends on any configuration, while features like weight and balance also plays vital roles. There are guitars with shapes that makes it difficult for small hands to play, and guitarists should have it in mind that a guitar’s body size is vital towards the type of acoustic sound it will deliver.

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Best Classical Guitar For Small Hands – Buying Guide And Recommendation

Best Classical Guitar For Small Hands

Getting a guitar that is the right size for you is very essential to playing songs as they are written. The classical guitar is a very beautiful instrument, and this applies in terms of sound and appearance. The size of your hand will decide the type of classical guitar you will use, but finding out which classical guitar that will be perfect for you isn’t as easy as it might sound. This is why you have this guide on the best classical guitar for small hands to guide you and make your search easy.

Searching for the best classical guitar for small hands simply means finding a classical guitar with a narrow or slim neck, and small hands will find it easy to play classical guitar with with a slim or narrow neck. This is because the hands will be able to fully wrap the entire hands round the rosewood fretboard. The 3/4 guitar size isn’t just ideal for small hands but it will be perfect for a petite frame. However, the 3/4¬† size classical guitar will produce the same tone and volume that a large sized classical guitar will produce, and this makes this 3/4 inch classical guitar very easy to handle.

Finding a classical guitar with this 3/4 inch size to experiment with it is also recommended, and this is vital towards knowing and determining the quality of a 3/4 inch guitar size, compared to a large sized classical guitar. In addition, you should be able to determine how comfortable it is to play with a 3/4 inch classical guitar, and finding a comfortable classical guitar will help you make the best out of it. People with small hands should not opt for a large sized guitar, but one with a narrow and slim neck will help you get the best out of it.

Best Classical Guitar For Small Hands Review

1. Ibanez 6 String Classical Guitar


The Ibanez 6 String Classical Guitar is designed to have a spruce top design that provides it with an elegant and classical finish. Durability is one of the key features of this classical guitar as it is made using premium quality wooden materials and high quality strings which tells you you are opting for a guitar that will last for a long while. What leaves guitarists impressed with this guitar is its agathist sides and back design, and guitarist will find this guitar easy to play whether you are a beginner or a professional.

The Ibanez brand designed this classical guitar with nylon strings to produce rich and warm sounds, and it is beautifully crafted to feel comfortable in the hands when playing.


  • Brand – Ibanez
  • Item Weight – 6.8 Pounds
  • Item Color – Natural

Key Features

  • Spruce top
  • Agathis side and back

What We Like

  • This is a compact classical guitar
  • Its truss rod makes it easy to adjust to your playing preference
  • It is recommended for starters

What We Don’t Like

  • It has minor cosmetic flaws

2. Beginner Guitar Acoustic Classical Guitar 

Even beginner guitarist will find a classical guitar that will help them improve their playing skills, and this beginner classical guitar is designed to help starters reach that level. It is made with six non-steel and non-plastic strings which will go very easy on the fingers, which is another reason why this guitar remains a very good choice for every beginner out there. Durability is one feature that so many users love about this guitar as it is made using solid basswood material that ensures it doesn’t get broken or damaged anytime soon. This shows users are stuck with a high-quality guitar that will last for a long time, and every other accessory required to play this guitar comes in this classical guitar complete package.


  • Brand – J&Z
  • Item Weight – 3 Pounds
  • Item Color – Yellow

Key Features

  • Nylon guitar strings
  • Nylon strap

What We Like

  • It is great for kids and beginners
  • It comes with everything a beginner will end
  • Fast delivery action
  • It has the right size
  • It delivers impressively

What We Don’t Like

  • None

3. Classical Guitar with Soft Nylon Strings by Hola

Interestingly, purchasing the Hola classical guitar comes with a live practice session bundle where you can get to learn and improve all of your guitar playing skills. This guarantees that you will in no time be aiming towards becoming counted as one of the greatest guitar players of all times. What we love about this classical guitar is the fact that it features the combination of savings, sound, and style, and it will produce very large melodies despite having a compact size. It uses soft nylon strings which makes it the perfect classical guitar option for beginners, while its glossy finish provides it with a glamorous appearance. It also comes with a free, well-padded gig bag.


  • Brand – Hola
  • Item Weight – 6.49 Pounds
  • Item Color – Brown

Key Features

  • Live expert bundles
  • Gig bag

What We Like

  • It is great for small hands
  • It generates loud and clear sounds
  • Its quality is amazing

What We Don’t Like

  • A different guitar was delivered from the one seen in its image description

4. Cordoba Dolce 7/8 Size Classical Acoustic Nylon String Guitar

The Cordoba Dolce classicak acoustic guitar is perfect for anyone who is in search of a comfortable, lightweight, and easy to play instrument. It is designed to fit small hands perfectly as it has a compact fit, and this is one classical guitar that delivers in terms of durability. It features the combination of mahogany and cedar material in its construction that ensures it isn’t vulnerable or prone to early damage, and anyone who settles for this classical guitar will not return to the market to shop for another classical guitar anytime soon. Its comes with a truss rod at its neck that helps with adjusting it to any players preference.


  • Brand – Cordoba
  • Item Weight – 3 Pounds
  • Item Color – Natural

Key Features

  • Solid Canadian cedar top
  • 50mm nut width

What We Like

  • This is a compact classical guitar
  • It produces sweet and full sounds
  • It goes easy on the hands

What We Don’t Like

  • No cons

5. Cordoba C1 Classical Acoustic Nylon String Guitar

One thing about the Cordoba brand is they are rated among the best brands that makes high-quality and reliable guitars for professionals and beginners, and the Cordoba C1 classical guitar is one that has a high glossy finish which makes it very attractive when it meets the eyes. Designed using a mahogany material, this guitar is completely durable, and it is a great option for beginners and professionals as well. It will go gently on the fingers as it comes with nylon strings, adjusting its neck is easy using its truss rod.


  • Brand – Cordoba
  • Item Weight – 3.19 Pounds
  • Item Color – Natural

Key Features

  • 53mm nut width

What We Like

  • It looks beautiful when held
  • It is a good option for beginners
  • It isn’t cheaply made

What We Don’t Like

  • There is a bridge defect


Difference Between Guitar For Children And Guitar For Small Hands

These terms are used interchangeably constantly, but manufacturers tag people as small hands when they have a small body frame. This is because the term small hands better represents the category of people they intend selling a particular type of guitar to, and it is very crucial that guitarists learn the correct way to hold a guitar when playing it, before going on to say they want to play a special type of guitar. Playing a guitar comes with knowing the right position and posture.

Guitar for small hands is clearly for professional players, and this refers to a professional instrument despite its small size. Guitar for children are designed to have child-friendly colors, brightly colored, durable, and simpler parts, and they are made with elements that makes them resistant to getting treated and slammed as toys. Determining the number of strings a guitar has is important when finding out how large a guitar is, and there are guitars designed to have about four strings unlike others that have six.

The number of strings tends to affect the sound quality that a guitar produces, but guitars with few strings are perfect for people with small hands. If you intend shopping for a guitar to gift someone, ensure you take the size of the person’s hands into consideration before parting ways with your money.


Now that you have read through our best classical guitar for small hands, you must have met the top five products we have rounded up for you. Anyone who wants to play the guitar will find one that is ideal for him or her, but with the help of this detailed guide, you will be able to make a proper and thorough assessment of what guitar you find appealing and one with all the features you need.

When shopping for the best classical guitar for small hands, there are three areas you should focus on, and these areas include;

  • Build
  • Sound quality
  • Price

Despite the brand you settle for, what you want is getting good value for your money, and that is what this guide is here to do for you. We hope you have been able to make a choice from the products we have discussed in this guide, so go ahead and make that purchase right away.

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