Best Bookshelf Speakers Under $50

This review focuses on the best bookshelf speakers under $50, and just as their name suggests, bookshelf speakers are meant to be positioned on a shelf, not on the floor or table. Not all bookshelf speakers required to placed on a bookshelf for them to perform at their best, and this is why we always recommend our readers to check with the manufacturers instruction for more instructions and insight.

Big speakers are capable of providing mighty sounds, but everyone might not have available space to accommodate large sized speakers. You might also not have the need or budget for floor standing and large speakers, but there are small set of speakers that are capable of producing an enjoyable listening experience when listening to your favorite songs. These set of speakers are bookshelf speakers, and there are very affordable bookshelf speakers with the ability to produce an amazing sound experience for you.

Finding a decent bookshelf speaker capable of putting an impressive performance for fifty dollars is what so many people consider as impossible. The more conservative audiophiles will advice you to shop for bookshelf speakers within the five hundred dollars and above price range, if you want to enjoy high-quality and high definition sounds.

The truth is we don’t agree with all of that, because there are so many models on the market that will meet up with your needs, and put together a satisfactory performance. If providing an impressive audio performance hasn’t been proven by a budget speaker, then we will not subscribe to the idea, and remember we are tasked with providing you with credible information.

However, having expectations is necessary when you are dealing with a fifty dollars speaker, and it is possible for speakers within this price range to cut some corners, because of the day to day competition with other budget speakers on the market.

There are top brands that will put in their best in the build quality and sound performance of these budget speakers, and depending on whatever brand you settle for, there are bookshelf speakers that with large drivers best suited for special applications. These speakers might not be the best of the best, but they are capable of providing an outstanding audio performance.

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Best Bookshelf Speakers Under $50 – Buying Guide And Recommendation

Best Bookshelf Speakers Under $50

There are speakers within the fifty dollar budget that comes with passive in-built crossover, and this in-built crossover helps in solving so many problems speakers within this price range tend to have. This tells you that there is truly no standards when it comes to designing speakers, as there are some features you will find in a budget speaker that might be missing from an expensive speaker.

This is why equalizing these speakers is the best way to determine how to get the best out from them. This goes for all speakers, especially the speakers within the one thousand dollar budget, but the downside is equalization has to be done with few parameters available. This might be a long shot in the dark, but there is always room for improvement at the end of the day.

Most people believe that budget speakers like the bookshelf speaker under a fifty dollar budget will not meet up with your audiophile needs. They also believe that aiming to obtain high quality performance from this speakers isn’t possible, but the most affordable speakers might end up being an upgrade to your already existing speaker set.

The basic knowledge when it comes to shopping for a cheap speaker is you might end up with a poor performance speaker, but this isn’t always true provided you are equipped with the right piece of information when shopping for a best budget speaker. This goes for all kinds of speakers, whether it is a bookshelf, floor standing, or wall mounted speaker.

Best Bookshelf Speakers Under $50 Review

1. Theater Solutions B1 Black Bookshelf Speakers

This bookshelf speaker comes with a simple power design and a powerful drive, and what really gets the interest of people about this speaker is the combination of a stylish and durable build. It boasts of a black ash wood grain finish that will complement any room this bookshelf speaker is placed, why its acoustic transparent grill also beautifies anywhere this speaker is placed or positioned.

Trust this speaker to deliver big and loud sounds, and it comes with a manufacturer’s manual that makes installation and usage easy. Installing is easy thanks to the spring loaded terminals that it comes with, and the versatility of this speaker is what makes people fall in love with it.

It can be used for various application, whether it is for listening to music generally or to be used as part of a home theater setup. It also features a black port vent that allows deeper bass movements.


  • Brand – Theater Solutions
  • Item Weight – 10 Pounds
  • Item Color – Black

Key Features

  • Shielded woofers
  • Composite cone
  • 200-watts power

What We Like

  • This speaker has a good value
  • It performs impressively
  • They deliver a great audio experience

What We Don’t Like

  • Its cabinet is a little bit too heavy

2. Acoustic Audio AA321B Black Bookshelf Pair

This bookshelf speaker boasts of a traditional passive speaker design with the ability to drive power with ease from a receiver or amplifier. Its ability to deliver a full range sound coverage is what makes it stand out from so many bookshelf speakers on the market, and in terms of durability, you can count on this speaker to withstand all forms of use.

Installing this speaker in your home is fast as easy as it comes with an instructional manual to guide you through the process, and it also comes with mounting hardware and brackets so you can start installing immediately you start unboxing this speaker. This speaker is very versatile as it can be used as part of an entire surround system, spa settings, pools, patios, and other forms of applications.

It comes with an ABS construction sealed cabinet that withstands unwanted wear and tear, while having a smooth design combined with a white finish allows this speaker to be easily incorporated into any location of your choice. It will fit into the smallest space in your home, and it has the ability to fill up every listening area with impressive sound quality.


  • Brand – Acoustic Audio
  • Item Weight – 1.3 Pounds
  • Item Color – Black

Key Features

  • Multiple room systems
  • 200 Watts power

What We Like

  • They have a portable and compact size
  • It delivers a clear audio sound quality
  • They look better when installed

What We Don’t Like

  • It failed to work

3. 3″ Mini Cube Bookshelf Speakers

This speakers comes with a power handling rating of 200 watts which makes it possible for this speaker to deliver high sounding resonance effect. It also boasts of having an 8-ohms impedance and you can use this speaker for watching movies and listening to your favorite songs.

Interestingly, this speaker comes with an inbuilt video shielding technology that prevents interference when listening to your favorite song or watching a movie, and despite the size of this speakers, it has the ability to deliver full range sounds for your listening pleasure.

Its classic black design provides it with a stylish look anywhere you position it in a room, while delivering unmatched audio quality is what makes it stand out from all other bookshelf speakers on the market.

They can be used in a stereo or home theater setting, while their black color makes them looks sharp when installed on bookshelves or tables.


  • Brand – 3″
  • Item Weight – 1 Pound
  • Item Color – Black

Key Features

  • Video shield technology
  • 3-inch paper cone driver
  • Full range audio

What We Like

  • They sound better than most speakers on the market
  • They are affordable
  • They are considered to be “better dedicated” unlike other speakers

What We Don’t Like

  • Not up to the Bose or JBL speaker standard

4. Edifier R33BT – 2.0 Bookshelf Speaker

What makes this bookshelf speaker unique is its versatile input options that makes it easy for users to connect this speaker with other devices, and these devices might be an iPad, laptop, mobile phones, or any other compatible device. It boasts of a classic wooden enclosure design that works effectively in cutting down on acoustic resonance, and another advantage that having a classic wooden design brings is it helps in decorating any space this speaker is installed.

When it comes to the Edifier R33BT bookshelf speaker, delivering an excellent sound quality is what it is designed to do, and that is what has earned it a place among other top brands on the market. It also comes with user-friendly controls that makes finding your way round this speaker very easy.


  • Brand – Edifier
  • Item Weight – 8.03 Pounds
  • Item Color – Black

Key Features

  • 3.5mm aux inputs
  • Bluetooth v5.0

What We Like

  • Setup is straightforward and easy
  • It looks very nice
  • It sounds very nice

What We Don’t Like

  • Some users were not pleased with the speaker’s quality

5. Acoustic Audio AA321W Mountable Indoor Speakers Bookshelf Pair

We have gotten to the final product in this guide and we are rounding up our best bookshelf speakers under $50 review with a product from the Acoustic Audio brand. This is the second entry from the brand to find its way to this guide, and that tells you this brand is concerned with making only reliable and high-quality products. This mountable indoor speakers has a traditional passive speaker design, and delivering high-quality, full range sound is what made so many users fall in love with this speaker.

It is very durable, and mounting this speaker is very easy as it comes with every mounting bracket and connector. It also comes with an instructional manual that makes installation super easy, and it can be used in various settings like house audio systems, pools, deck, spa settings, and more.


  • Brand – Acoustic Audio
  • Item Weight – 1.3 Pounds
  • Item Color – White

Key Features

  • Industrial surround systems
  • Polypropylene woofers
  • 200-watts power

What We Like

  • It is compact but sounds fantastic
  • Mounting this speaker is easy
  • They deliver clear sounds

What We Don’t Like

  • They not come with anchors

More On Bookshelf Speakers

Before the recent advancement in designing speakers, bookshelf speakers has always proved to be the heartbeat of most parties. Bookshelf speakers are known to offer the best speaker options in terms of size and quality, and people who have tried out bookshelf speakers at some point would agree to the fact that they also deliver a good bang for whatever you spend on it. They are reliable for any speaker setup, and being a budget-friendly speaker option is another good reason to settle for these speakers.

So many people are of the idea that expensive speakers sound better, and judging by their various price tags, expensive speakers should provide a better audio performance, because they contain the best components. Sound isn’t the only reason you consider when it comes to speakers, because if you have a small sized room, you cannot have a very large and loud speaker occupying such space. They are too powerful and loud to bunch up all of its sound in a boxed room.

Budget speakers might not deliver the same sound performance like expensive speakers, but in a small room with limited space, they will meet your sound expectation. Not to forget that they won’t use up so much space, and recent technological advancements in recent years has made it possible for budget speakers to provide a terrific and excellent sound performance. This is why budget speakers shouldn’t be written off.

A speaker’s sound quality depends on its cabinet design, tuning, and materials. The technology present in every speaker decides the sort of performance it will off, and cabinet materials having a huge role to play in the sound quality of a speaker is universal by all means. Bearing this in mind, it is wrong for anyone to think a speaker;s sound performance depends on its price tag.

Final Note

Finding a reliable set of bookshelf speakers for fifty dollars will provide users with a good performance, fit for various applications. It doesn’t matter whether you want a cheap bookshelf speaker for your media center or to use with your desktop, what matters is the speakers we have talked about in this guide will get the job done.

This guide has discussed their advantages and shortcomings, so you have a clear picture of what to expect from these speakers. It is better to be realistic when shopping for a budget-friendly speaker, so the speakers mentioned in this guide will deliver the best bang.

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