3 Best Blues Amp For Home Use

Playing the guitar is challenging, fun, and also a rewarding hobby. Even though you need just an acoustic guitar to have a swell time, having a powerful amp and electric guitar will definitely blow you away.

The combination of a powerful amp and an electric guitar tends to blow up sounds, and thanks to guitar amps, you will be open to so many playing options, and your sounds will be enhanced.

Before you purchase a guitar amp, understand that there are various types on the market, but what we are focused on today is blues amp. In this guide, you will find the best blues amp for home use, so stick around and don’t miss out on the information we have to share with you.

The blues guitar has soulful and bold characteristics, and plugging the blues guitar into a powerful amplifier would enhance whatever groove that your guitar is producing. A blues amp has specific differences compared to other types of the amp, and these differences lie in its components.

The regular way of playing blues is to use older valve amplifiers and not new state solid amplifiers. Valve amplifiers, which we also call tube amps, are not so perfect when it comes to transferring sounds from your guitar to your speaker.

The distortion that gets created when transferring sounds from a guitar to a speaker feels creamy and warm. The creamy and warm feeling is every blues guitar characteristic feeling.

When reviewing the blues amp, we have brought to you today, we considered some notable features. Some of these vital features include power, configuration, type, and how you choose to use it.

The type of blues amp you settle for will affect the feel and tone a guitar produces, while a blues amp configuration affects the aesthetic and portability of a blues amp. The volume and range of a guitar will be affected by the power of the blues amp you intend to settle for.

We also considered detailed reviews from past users, so the only thing you should be worried about is the song you intend to play out first using your guitar. We have also added a buyer’s guide for extra convenience, which will simplify your shopping experience.

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best blues amp for home use

Based on some significant components, a capable blues amp is different from all other amps, and an amplifier can either a tube amp or a solid-state valve. Talking about solid-state amplifiers, they use electronic components, and one of its electronic components, known as the transistor, amplifies the signal that a guitar produces.

On the other hand, Tube amps make use of vacuum tubes in amplifying signals, and when amplifying these signals, they are rendered more fragile compared to when amplifying signals by the solid-state amp.

The high price they have to pay for authenticity and tonal vibrancy produced by tube amp is not really a big deal to some musicians. As long as a tube amp gives them what they want, they are good to go.

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Best Blues Amp Review

1. VOX Amplug 2 Blues (AP2BL)

We are opening up our review with the VOX Amplug AP2BL blues amp, which is Amazon’s best product, and what really attracts people to this powerful amp is its improved analog circuit that offers three different modes.

These modes provide blues with three unique voices: lead, crunch, and clean, which serve for a vast classic tone range. We also love this powerful amp because of its nine effects users have to select from for their playing pleasure.

These nine effects also involve reverb, delay, and chorus effects, while some additional features of this amp include an automatic power-off function and an easy-to-fold plug mechanism.

These features make significant contributions as to why users find this amp easy to use and convenient. You can connect with any audio player of your choice using its auxiliary input. If you are looking for a way to obtain serious sounds, the VOX Amplug AP2BL blues amp delivers rich and warm sounds for your audience’s listening pleasure. Its portability also ensures that it doesn’t use up too much space, making it ideal for all guitar players.


  • Brand – VOX Amplug
  • Item Weight – 3.2 Ounces
  • Musical Style – Rock

Key Features

  • Full analog circuit
  • Plug folding mechanism
  • Nine guitar effects

What We Like

  • It is impressive at producing superior bass sounds.
  • Its performance is worth its price tag.
  • When used with a stereo system, this amp sounds really great.

What We Don’t Like

  • No significant complaints

2. Monoprice 611815 15Watt, Guitar Combo Tube Amplifier

The Monoprice guitar combo tube amplifier is yet another highly rated blues amp you will find on Amazon. It boasts having several features that have earned it the second spot in this review and talking about features; this amplifier comes with spring reverb and Celestion speaker that produces flexibility and superior tones.

We noticed this tube amplifier from Monoprice because it has every necessary component, and its reverb section with tube preamps will deliver an impressive punch when needed. You can utilize a foot pedal in turning off and on its spring reverb, telling you how easy to operate this amplifier is.

You can dial in any sound of your choice thanks to its 3-band equalizer, and past users were left impressed with its cabinet’s open-back design. It also comes with a cloth speaker grille, a leather handle for easy transportation, and a well-textured, cream-colored exterior that contributes to its sleek appearance.

Furthermore, the Monoprice guitar tube amp comes with two inputs used for selecting between its full power modes. It also boasts of having a 1-watt application, which comes in handy when practicing at night or for recordings.


  • Brand – Monoprice
  • Item Weight – 31.6 Pounds
  • Color – Cream-colored

Key Features

  • Standard 12AX7 tubes
  • Pair of EL84 tubes
  • Open back cabinet

What We Like

  • This amp provides an excellent tone.
  • It also delivers superb tube responsiveness.
  • It offers so much at an affordable price.

What We Don’t Like

  • An amp with a broken power tube was delivered based on a user’s review.

3. Fender Acoustasonic 15 – 15 Watt Acoustic Guitar Amplifier

If you a performer that is always on the move, the Fender Acoustasonic guitar amplifier is what you need, and this is based on the fact that its compact design makes it convenient to move around with. Its small size makes it fit the hands perfectly, and despite being portable, you can trust that this amplifier will deliver the right sound at all times.

It comes with ideal features that make it produce great tones, while its flexibility and simplicity make it the ideal option for a variety of music. What’s more, combining this amplifier with a basic public address system makes it perfect for use at small gatherings and gigs.

This is the only amplifier capable of producing a Whizzer tone, thanks to its high-frequency response. This amplifier’s primary focus lies in its chorus effect, ensuring that the sounds deliver have shimmer and are ambient.

It features a standard jack for connecting another instrument, while its XLR input allows for connecting a microphone. Weighing just 10.5 pounds, transporting this amp is relatively easy. It is also the best option for use when practicing in your bedroom or when performing for a small crowd.


  • Brand – Fender
  • Item Weight – 10.5 Pounds
  • Color – Tan

Key Features

  • 4 ohms impedance
  • Red LED lighting
  • Molded plastic strap handle

What We Like

  • It is very compact and portable
  • It also packs a lot of power despite its small size.
  • It sounds nice and is very handy.

What We Don’t Like

  • It produces a quack piezo sound.

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Buying Guide

A guitar amps world can be complicated to navigate, and this owes to the fact that there are lots of brands and amp models on the market. These amplifiers have various features, functions, sizes, and shapes, which gives you a lot to consider when you intend to shop for one. Do you think a combo amp will do great for you?.

This is another question most musicians struggle with, and they are also worried about settling for stack amps. Guitar amps are essential when playing blues. Since their introduction in 1940, they have played a significant role, and since then, they have remained popular.

Cranking a tube amp produces an organic and warm-sounding overdrive, which is quite beautiful, and you can also count on tube amps to react when you play your guitar. The guitar volume changes and the guitar dynamics react to, making you play in a nuanced and subtle way.

Some extensions might be made when you add some pedals, which introduces you to various tonal options. Let’s be realistic; having all of this information about blues amp might be overkill, but understanding a blues amp’s characteristics and component is essential.

All of this information put together in this review will help you make the best decisions when shopping, and you will not settle for an amplifier that will not work for you.

Combo Vs. Stack Amps

This is the last aspect of a blues amp we want you to consider. Do you think you want a combo amp or a stack amp? Judging from the tonal aspect of things, a stack amp offers more versatility levels, which you won’t get from a combo amp.

You can also combine the same amp head with speaker configurations and different cabinets to totally alter your tone. Using multiple speaker configurations and a stack amp will offer you more tonal possibilities than when you use a combo amp.

Features To Consider When Shopping For A Blues Amp

An amplifier’s features have an important role in determining the level or amount of output a guitar will produce. When choosing the right combination, you must bear in mind the style of music you will like to play. We have listed some crucial features that you should not overlook when shopping for a powerful blues amp.

Type And Configuration

The type of sound you want to produce will be decided by the type of amp you go for. In terms of configuration, this refers to the way an amp is setup. If you are performing outside a sold-out arena, using a combo amp will definitely get the job done, and a combo amp already has its cabinet and head combined in the same machine.

Going for an amplifier with its sizeable cabinet and head combined in one machine will perform well in a sold-out arena. There are exceptions to this rule, but many musicians have made the most out of using the combined amp because they looked forward to creating a specific effect.

Power And Speakers

In terms of speaker and power, you need to ask yourself how loud you want your sound to get. The general trend is that a prominent speaker requires a powerful amp, and if loud sounds are produced, it will be best for larger venues. If you are an at-home musician, using a 30-watt power amp will do the trick.

You can move up to using a 50-watt amp if you want to perform at a small venue or practice with a band. Only big-time musicians use the 100-watt power amps because they have to fill up a large crowd’s eardrums.

Input And Output

It might be difficult to tell where a signal is coming from and where it is going to, but as long as you are a good musician, you should tell where your jack’s ins and outs are. Following the signal path properly will show you where the signal is going out, referred to as the output.

The input refers to where the signal is coming in from, so before paying for your next amp, ensure you have a clear understanding of where your signal will be going in and coming out from. However, you should also pay attention to the effect pedals you want to make use of, so any amplifier you go for should support connectivity between your amp, the pedal, and your guitar.

In-built Effects

Modeling amps nowadays have in-built effects, and these amplifiers make use of electronic components used in mimicking sounds produced by tube amps. Amps, which come with in-built effects, are becoming popular, thanks to their versatility, and if you want to play a surfer rock, ensure you go for an amplifier with an in-built surfer tremolo effect.


Just with any other product that is being purchased, the warranty period tells you if the product you are going for will last or not. Amps with the best build have extended-lasting warranties, and knowing that your amplifier has protection against mechanical failure can be very comforting.

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