Best Bass Home Theater Under 500

Allow yourself to be swept away by the melody of the music that plays in the background of your home theater gadget.

Getting a list of the best home theater that you can purchase at a very lower price is an opportunity everyone should jump at. You can get to buy one at a very low price.  Below is a list of the best bass home theater under 500.

Home theater gadgets make it fun to watch when friends and family gather together to relax. The home theater enables you to form an outstanding viewing experience in the comfort of your bedroom or even your living room.

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Best Bass Home Theater Under 500

Best Bass Home Theater Under 500

1. F&D F55OX 56W Bluetooth Multimedia Speaker

This type of speaker comes with a black cabinet subwoofer alongside two extra speakers. This type of subwoofer is popular due to its maximum quality bass. In addition, it can give a unique sound output at its highest.

The speaker gives a fun surround system to fit into the viewing experience. Moreover, it does not require linking the home theater gadget because it has a wireless Bluetooth streaming and remote control.

Advantages Of F&D F55OX 56W

  • It comes with maximum quality bass.
  • It has audible and clear trebles.
  • It has a transparent and stabilized sound.


  • It comes with just three speakers.

2. Mitashi HT 5060 BT Home Theater

This type of home theater gives a mind-blowing experience. It produces transparent audio. This type of home theater bass comes in a blue and black design. The subwoofers give an enriching deep bass sound that maximizes the listening experience of the music lovers.

This type of speaker, being one of the best home theaters that come with Bluetooth and is also affordable, allows the speaker to be linked with different devices in the absence of any manner of difficulty.

One of these types of home theater bass features is the operational remote control that allows the users to get maximum playback control despite being Faraway from the sound.

Advantages Of Mitashi HT 5060 BT

  • It gives unique sound audibility.
  • It has great value for money.
  • It comes with a compact design.
  • It offers great power to function.

Disadvantage Of Mitashi HT 5060

  • It has a neat bass system.
  • It comes with an average number of speakers.

3. Jack Martin JM 777 Home Theater

This type of home theater system is constructed in black and blue. It comes with a bass booster as well as a bass driver functionality. This type of home theater speaker gives an enriched bass with a surround sound that can bring out the uniqueness in the listening experience.

The wireless Bluetooth enables one to link and join from multiple devices. For individuals that want their sound not to be too audible, the home theater system features a minimum blaster system that aids in directing the volume while producing an audible audio experience.

Advantages Of Jack Martin JM 777

  • It has an enriched bass booster and a bass.
  • It has an easy system of arrangement.
  • It has a unique surround sound.
  • It has transparent audio and treble tones.
  • It comes with small blasters for minimum audibility.

Disadvantage Of Jack Martin JM 777

  • It has an average Bluetooth number.

4. Phillips IN-MMS6080B/ 94 Speakers

This type of home theater bass is constructed by mixing matte black and a glossy finish. It has an easy arrangement system, and It comes with a subwoofer alongside 3- range speakers. As a result, the home theater gives maximum quality bass tones.

It comes with a top surround sound quality and a bass-promoting ability ideal for gaming purposes. This type of speaker is a multi-channel speaker of 2 speakers and a subwoofer. You can install it on the wall as well as the tabletop.

Just like the majority of the home theater speakers, it comes with a wireless Bluetooth that enables different devices to be connected. In addition, it aids USB drives as well as DVD players.


  • It has more than one input source.
  • It has a creative and long-lasting design.
  • It comes with unique bass quality.


  • The remote control has average battery life.

5. Omeewa Obage ST- 607 Single Tower Speaker

This home theater system comes in an exceptional single tower design and gives a unique audio quality. It gives maximum sound audibility, and the speaker also gives a manner of bass which does not surpass the audio.

This speaker is constructed and designed to enable a lengthened attentive period without tiredness. Therefore, it is ideal for TV sets that do not require audio.

The speaker is perfect for mini rooms with an adequate sound system. Lastly, it is a multi-channel speaker that consists of a subwoofer and two speakers in one tower design. You can fix it either on the floor or on the tabletop.

Advantages Of Omeewa Obage ST-607

  • It has a maximum bass quality.
  • It is ideal for an extended listening period without being tired.
  • It has treble and bass control.
  • It has exceptional sound clarity.
  • It has a great deal of value for money.

Disadvantages Of Omeewa Obage ST-607

  • It is not ideal for audible sound.
  • Its remote control functions averagely.

6. Philips SPA5128B Bluetooth Multimedia Speakers

This type of speaker gives a full surround sound for people who want to use it. It comprises five speakers and a subwoofer.

It can be connected with multiple devices like SD cards and the USB cord. It gives flawless sounding audio with stabilized treble and bass notes.

Advantages Of Philips SPA5128B

  • It comes with a creative design.
  • It comes with numerous source input alternatives.
  • It comes with a great audio system.

Disadvantage Of Philips SPA5128B

  • It does not come with an aux cable.

7. Tronica Super Kings Series Bluetooth Multimedia Speakers

This type of home theater speaker comes with five extra speakers alongside a 4- inch woofer. Therefore, it is ideal for them to be mounted on the wall to enable a transparent audio experience.

It is most appropriate for systems like this to be used in a small room. This type of home theater system is constructed to give clear treble tones. In addition, it can be connected with multiple devices like the SD card and the USB cable.


  • It is long-lasting.
  • It has a great sound quality.
  • It is budget-friendly.


  • It has a gigantic and heavy design.

8. Philips SPA8140B/94 Speakers System

This type of home theater system is a multi-channel system, and it comes in black color. It comprises of 5 sets of speakers. The home theater speaker can give a mind-blowing audio quality. Its size is not too big, neither is it too small.

One of the features of this type of home theater system is the Bluetooth that comes along with it. This Bluetooth makes it easy for multi-devices to be connected to it. Another feature is the input FM tuner that allows convenient tuning into different radio frequencies.


  • It has limited cables
  • It has maximum power and energy
  • It has a unique audio quality despite its low price.


  • It has an average bass system.

9. iBell IBL2045DLX Home Theater

This type of home theater system is one of the best. It is known for the unique design it possesses. One of the features of this home theater system is a blue backlight and a black design.

The popularity of this design is due to the unique surround sound of the maximum transparency that makes the movie watching fascinating. Another feature is the inbuilt frequency modulator tuner and remote control for a stress-free listening experience.


  • It comes with remote control.
  • It has great Bluetooth connectivity alongside an extended range.
  • It has maximum construction and design quality.
  • It has an audible or transparent sound.
  • It has great value for money.


  • It has an average bass quality.

10. LG-LK72B Boom Elastic Speaker

This home theater system comes with an upgraded equalizer, a speaker output, and a bass blast that gives audio transparency and quality. It comes in black and red color and is ideal for placing on the wall. Speakers like this give the tour room a classy look with its unique design.

One of the features of this home theater system is the latest model of Bluetooth. This Bluetooth allows for multiple pairing of devices. Lastly, it comes with a remote control that enables the user to adjust the bass level.


  • It has a robust design.
  • The speaker can be easily placed on the wall.


  • It does not come with any provision to adjust the table.

Conclusion: Best Bass Home Theater Under 5000

Not all home theater bass provides all you need in it. But, surprisingly, some of the home theater brands that are less expensive give a mind-blowing job than the very expensive ones. So all you need do is research the best home theater bass.

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