Best Audio Interface For Voice Over

Shopping for the best audio interface for voice over involves two important variables;

  • Analog to digital converters and digital to analog converters
  • Microphone preamps

After the microphone, the preamp comes next because it is the first stage in every signal flow; therefore, the combination of a preamp and a microphone will make a huge impact on the coloration and quality of any voice.

Improving the power and general voice texture of a voice-over recorder will require the use of an audio interface, and it doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner, professional, or semi-professional. If you have been following the posts, you will find out we have identified the best microphone for voiceovers.

Interestingly, this guide talks about the best audio interface for voice-over. So you can trust this review to show you some of the market’s high-quality and reliable audio interfaces.

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What Is An Audio Interface?

A device with the ability to offer effects, process power, and also handle the organization of a recording device or instrument is an audio interface. So many people regard audio interfaces as external sound cards, and this is because an audio interface has a better sound quality, overall build quality, and lots of power.

Depending on how you choose to listen to your audio or what instrument you decide to use, it doesn’t matter if it is a studio headphone or a studio monitor; many instruments have the required output to handle an audio interface. In addition, there are audio interfaces with the MIDI ins and outs and other controllers that ensure a smooth voice-over recording.

Helping out with the issue of latency is one of the most useful and essential features of an audio interface, and if you have ever attempted a voice-over recording before, or any other form of recording, using a guitar or just vocals, you must have felt some slight delay.

The slight delay you notice might be annoying, and that leaves you with the thought of figuring out the right time to play your gear and ensure work keeps flowing. It will interest you to know that there are audio interfaces with an advanced overall build and internal circuitry that helps in eliminating or reducing this level of lag.

Best Audio Interface For Voice Over – Buying Guide And Recommendation

Best Audio Interface For Voice Over

Now that you have a better idea of what an audio interface is, you should focus on finding the best audio interface that meets your needs. The fact is audio interfaces come in various sizes, shapes, and price points, but finding a suitable one depends on what the buyer has in mind and if the buyer has the answers to certain questions.

The amount you are willing to spend is a question you will battle with, and you will find audio interfaces that sell from one hundred dollars to about one thousand dollars or more. The price of an audio interface doesn’t determine how many ins and outs it will get only, but it also gives you insight into the device’s sound quality.

One thousand dollar audio interfaces guarantee higher sample rates with advanced processors, making them a concern for professional studios.

The type of connectivity you want also plays a role in finding the right type of audio interface for your needs, and there are so many audio interfaces on the market with a USB connection. Other expensive audio interfaces boast of other connection options like Thunderbolt, while there are some with FireWire if you want power and a heavy-duty audio interface.

A computer’s type and operating system also have a role in the type of connectivity an audio interface will have because audio interface ports are compatible with the OS. USB connectivity options go in any direction, making them best used in a home studio setup.

Choosing The Best Audio Interface

How do you go about finding the right audio interface that will meet up all of your needs? The first thought that it should consider is what you need an audio interface for, and you also need to consider every scenario you will undergo.

Furthermore, it would help if you considered how good you are with the device because the best way to achieve good results is to have a good idea of the device you will be working with. There is no point in getting a device that will outsmart you with its technology.

If you need a simple interface, go ahead and buy it, then consider its setup. However, one feature that will work for you is shopping for a make and model that you can trust.

There are so many trustworthy brands on the market, and though they may have different complexities and price points, these models and makes are worth taking a look at. So, considering these few features we have talked about, let us show you the best products we have put together for you in this guide.

Best Audio Interface For Voice Over Reviews

1. Focusrite Scarlett Solo (3rd Gen) USB Audio Interface

The Focusrite Scarlett brand remains a trustworthy brand when it comes to making electrical appliances, and what we find amazing about this device is its switchable air mode which makes sure sounds are clear and bright.

You can plug in your bass and guitar using its high headroom instrument input, and interestingly, it comes with a dual hum-free balanced input for providing clear and clean audio feedback. With this device, mixing and recording are done like a breeze.

And this is why music singers love using this device as it makes the recording process very smooth and easy. Another amazing feature of this device is its splice sound which offers presets, loops, royalty-free one-shots, and high-quality recording.

Finally, it comes with an impressive software tool that helps beginners get started, and with this device, users can be able to express how creative and intuitive they are. It can also connect easily with PC and MAC using a USB cable. For voice-overs, this device ensures recordings are crisp and natural without distortion or clippings.


  • Brand – Focusrite Scarlett
  • Item Weight – 12.8 Ounces
  • Color – Red

Key Features

  • 48V phantom power
  • USB Type-C connectivity

What We Like

  • This device is perfect for recording two instruments at the same time
  • It works great for voiceovers
  • It has a plugin and plays design that doesn’t require the use of external drivers.

What We Don’t Like

  • They only lasted for about one year
  • Its drivers lose connections after a while

2. Steinberg UR12 USB Audio Interface

It is another high-quality audio interface that promises to deliver amazing results when used for voiceovers. Interestingly, the Steinburg UR12 USB Audio Interface boasts of the combination of an extraordinary build, compact design, and a rugged metal casing which makes it durable and ensures you do not return to the market after a short while to shop for another audio interface.

It boasts a unique D-PRE mic preamp and full iPad connectivity, which redefines sound and makes sure every recording done using this audio interface is super clean and natural without distortion. The audio fidelity of this device makes it the envy of so many audio interfaces on the market.

In addition, its D-PRE preamp ensures that all of your recordings have incredible dynamics, depth, and detail, making it the best audio interface for producers, songwriters, vocalists, and guitarists.

Its portability is another eye-catching feature, while its sonic characters are other notable features that users should look out for. This sound set is straightforward to use, and it has all the features you need regardless of the use.


  • Brand – Steinburg
  • Item Weight – 2.87 Pounds
  • Color – Gray

Key Features

  • Extensive guitar amp classics
  • Sweet spot monitoring channel strip
  • REX-X reverb

What We Like

  • It provides great performance for voiceovers
  • Everything about this audio interface works as expected
  • It offers great stability on Windows 10
  • It is perfect for beginners

What We Don’t Like

  • Its setup isn’t as easy as expected
  • It has problems with activating its code

3. GoXLR Mini – Mixer & USB Audio Interface



More On Audio Interfaces

The good thing about an audio interface is it provides users with tools that help with dealing with so many issues. Still, it will be interesting for our readers to know that the audio interface will do the job of voiceovers.

However, there are trained professionals who can detect little changes in the sound quality of various audio interfaces, and this is easy to tell during a voice-over session or recording.

Final Note – Best Audio Interface For Voice-Over

The fact is you will need the best audio interface for voice-over if what you are doing is a high-quality studio, studio-quality production because that is when you would need a perfect result.

If you are hitting the market soon to shop for an audio interface, consider this guide which has provided you with the best products you can trust, and all of the products listed in this guide have all earned good and positive remarks from past users.

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